Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos
Release Date
July 8, 2012

Previously on Dimensional Chaos, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, and Marine the Raccoon, after their brief encounter with Dr. Nega, Volcana, and Metal Blaze, arrived in the past via Chaos Control, and found themselves at the residence of the Chaotix Detective Agency. After explaining the situation to them, all of them (except for Charmy, Vector, and Marine, who had already left before then) decided to head over to Dr. Robotnik’s base in the Mystic Ruins in order to find the clues that they needed about Dr. Nega’s whereabouts. Unfortunately for them, the train that was scheduled to go to the Mystic Ruins had already taken off by the time the group got to the train station.

Luckily, Blaze still had the Sol Emeralds with her, so she decided to use Chaos Control to warp herself and the rest of group somewhere in the middle of the Mystic Ruins. When they got there, they met up with Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, Heavy Heavy, Bomb, Wechnia, and Tikal, who had previously heard the explosion that occurred, and came to the conclusion that the source of it was Dr. Robotnik’s base. Since that’s where Espio, Splash, Silver, and Blaze were also heading, they decided to accompany Knuckles and the others over there.

When the group arrived, they found Scorch storming out of the base in a fit of sadness and rage. When they asked Robotnik about what happened, he replied that Scorch had betrayed him to side with Dr. Nega, not knowing that the person who stole the blueprints from his base was Volcana. After theorizing about what Dr. Nega was up to, Robotnik quickly came to the realization that he’s aiming to create replicas of the EG Experiments, including EG-005/Silvra. He then predicted that Dr. Nega would send one of his minions or associates to the jewelry store in Station Square to obtain the jewels that were needed for the PG Experiments. Wasting no time, Knuckles and company decided to go to Station Square to wait for Volcana, who was already on her way over there, so that they could stop her, as well as find out where Dr. Nega has relocated his base.

Elsewhere within the alternate dimension, the Ringstar Island guardian, Luna ended up stumbling upon that world’s equivalent of the Water Element Gem while she was in the process of double-checking the traps that she had set for the “dimensional invaders”. After meeting Volcana, Luna was aware that the story about the Elemental Goddesses was more than just a legend, and figured that there was a Wave Goddess inside of the gem that she found, so she decided to release her. The latter then introduced herself as Oceana, the Goddess of Waves, and thanked Luna for releasing her, stating that she’s willing to do anything she can to repay the guardian for her act of kindness. Luna then told her that she’s currently preparing herself for the “dimensional invaders” that Nega spoke of, and Oceana agreed to help ward them off.

Now, the questions remain… Do Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company have what it takes to stop Volcana from obtaining the gems that are needed for the production of the PG Experiments, and thus stop Nega’s plans from going any further than they already have? Should the heroes discover the alternate dimension and find out where Dr. Nega’s base is located, will they be able to successfully convince Luna and Oceana that the true enemy is right under their noses? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile, at Dr. Nega’s base…

*Music Cue*

Nega Robotnik: *Working on the Nega Egg Merger*

*Someone knocks on the door*

Nega Robotnik: Who’s there? Come in.

*Luna and Oceana enter*

Nega Robotnik: Ah, it’s you, Luna, and I see you’ve brought a friend.

Oceana: You must be Doctor N. My name is Oceana, the Goddess of Waves. It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. *Politely bows*

Nega Robotnik: Likewise.

Wait, did you say “Oceana”? Ah, so you must be one of the other Goddesses that Volcana told me about!

Oceana: You know my sister?

Nega Robotnik: Yes. As a matter of fact, it was none other than I, who released her.

Oceana: I see, I see! Thank you very much for that, I really appreciate it.

Nega Robotnik: It was my pleasure.

Oceana: So, where is she, exactly?

Nega Robotnik: Well, she’s currently in the middle of running a small errand for me, and she’ll be back in a little while. So, anyway, ladies, is there anything I could do for you in the meantime?

Luna: Yeah. About those “dimensional invaders” you mentioned before… Would you mind refreshing my memory on what they look like? Oceana would like to know, too, since she’s volunteered to help me deal with them.

Nega Robotnik: (Oceana’s gotten in on that, too? Eee hee hee…) Most certainly! *Takes out his handheld Nicole-like computer and displays the projections again*

Oceana: Ah, that’s just what I needed to see. Again, thank you.

Nega Robotnik: Why, you’re most welcome, my dear Oceana.

Luna: We’ll see you later!

*They leave*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! What fools! Those two are indeed, the very definition of “naïve”!

Meanwhile, in the city of Station Square…

*A flash of light appears as the heroes warp into the area*

Wechnia: *Looks around* Hmm, it doesn’t look as if anything’s going on as of yet.

Knuckles: Yeah. I guess we got here pretty early.

Blaze: Indeed, but it’s better this way.

Silver: Now that we’re here, all we have to do is start keeping a lookout for anybody suspicious. By that, I mean Metal Blaze and the blue Scorch look-alike, of course.

Espio: Yes, but something tells me that they’re going to end up using one of Dr. Nega’s shapeshifting devices to disguise themselves, and if that’s the case, they most likely won’t be very easy to find.

Tails: What about you two, Heavy and Bomb? Are your scanners capable of seeing through those kinds of disguises?

Heavy: Unfortunately, they aren’t at the moment.

Bomb: Yeah. If they were, then we would have known right away that the “Robotnik” we faced on the Death Egg III last year was actually Dr. Nega.

Tails: Oh, right. Good point. So, should we go ahead and get moving?

Knuckles: I have no problem with it.

*They start heading towards the jewelry store entrance*

???: Hey, you guys!

*They look in the direction of the voice, and find Sonic, Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy*

Sonic: What’s up?

Tails: Hey there, Sonic! You, too, Shock, Storm, and Mecha Amy! How’re you guys doing?

Shock: We’re doing fine. And you guys?

Splash: Same with us for the most part, other than Dr. Nega coming back and hatching some new scheme.

Mecha Amy: Dr. Nega? Isn’t he that meanie who brainwashed my Metal Sonic last month, and tried to feed those two Chao to that huge, fiery monster?

Blaze: Yes, that’s him.

Tikal: I still can’t believe he actually tried to do such a thing!

Storm: Neither can I, but I guess that was to be expected, since the guy’s a certified nutcase.

Sonic: So, what’s Nega ‘Buttnik up to now?

Espio: Well, you see… *Explains*

Storm: So, what you’re saying, is that some mysterious Scorch look-alike, who’s allied with Dr. Nega, invaded Dr. Robotnik’s base, and stole the blueprints that were used to create me, Shock, and the other EG Experiments!?

Blaze: That’s right. According to Dr. Robotnik and Egg-Robo, Dr. Nega is most likely trying to make replicas of the EG Experiments to use for whatever sinister scheme he’s recently come up with, and since he or one of his associates are most likely going to show up here to steal the five gems that are needed for these copies, we’re going to stop them before they get the chance!

Silver: Yep, so we’re trying to keep a lookout for anybody suspicious, but like Espio said earlier, they may be a little hard to find, since the Scorch look-alike or Metal Blaze may decide to use one of Dr. Nega’s shapeshifting devices.

Sonic: Yeah, that definitely sounds like it’s gonna be tough.

*Suddenly, someone or something grabs Sonic from behind*

Sonic: Ahhhhhh! W-What the…!? Who’s there!? *Looks around*

???: *Giggles* Hi, Sonic! Guess who?

Sonic: Oh, geez! Is that you, Amy?

*Music Cue*

Amy: *Turns visible again* You got it! You know me too well, don’t you?

Mighty: Whoa… So THAT’S the invisibility technique that Slush was telling Ray and Seedra about before! She sure seemed pretty freaked about it…

Amy: What, seriously? She was? I really don’t see why that’s the case. Being able to fly and shoot ice beams isn’t exactly what I’d call “normal”, either. (That reminds me… Speaking of Ray and Seedra, I still need to get to the bottom of that “secret” of theirs that Slush mentioned to me before…) So, anyway, hi, everyone… *In a flat tone* And Shock, Heavy. How are you?

Knuckles: We’re just fine, other than-

???: *From somewhere around the corner* A’ight, blondie! If ya know what’s good for ya, ‘den you’ll hand ovah ‘dat poyse! ‘N’ ya beddah not scream, eitha, or I’ll bussa cap ‘n ya right now, where ya stand!

Knuckles: Wait a minute, that voice… It’s Nack!

Shock: You mean that wanna-be gangster weasel from before, who got arrested? Are you sure that’s him?

Knuckles: I’m positive. I know that voice anywhere.

Sonic: Something tells me that either Bean bailed him out, or he broke out himself. Either way, they really need to get ahold of some better security over there. Not even Ro-butt-nik’s is THIS bad!

???: “Poyse”? What?

Nack: Ya know what Ah’m talkin’ about! ‘Da thing you’re carryin’ around ya shoulda!

???: Oh, this? Last time I checked, it was called a “purse”.

Nack: Wudevah! Just hand it ovah, ‘cause Ah’m about three seconds away from pumpin’ ya guts full o’ lead, since ya wanna be a smartass about it!

Sonic: You know… Speaking of familiar voices, I think I’ve definitely heard the other one somewhere before… But I guess I’ll worry about that later. For now, I’ve gotta go stop Fang! *Runs off*

Nack: One, two…!

???: Alright, already! Here! *Reluctantly holds out her purse*

Nack: Smart choice. *Gets ready to grab it, and stops as soon as he notices Sonic* What ‘da…!? Whadda YOU doin’ here, chump!?

Sonic: You know, I could ask you the same thing! *Notices the blonde woman* Wait a minute… Madonna!?

Madonna: Sonic!?

Nack: Oh, so ‘da two ‘o youse know each uddah, huh? Bah, wudevah. It don’t make no difference ta me. *Snatches the purse and takes off* Sayonara, suckers! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sonic: Hey, get back here! *Chases after him*

Nack: *Takes out his gun, aims back at Sonic, and fires*

Sonic: *Dodges, and continues running after him*

Nack: *Runs around the corner, and comes to a stop as soon as he notices the Chaotix and company* Youse again!?

Sonic: *Speeds past Nack, and gets in front of him*

Nack: What ‘da…!? How’d ‘ju do ‘dat!?

Sonic: What, you mean to tell me you’re actually surprised? I’m not called “Sonic” for nothing, you know. Now, you’d best play it smart and hand over that purse.

Nack: I’ve gotta beddah idea: How ‘bout ‘chu just back off, ‘cause ‘dis ain’t none o’ ya stinkin’ bui’ness!

Sonic: Whenever my friends are involved, it’s ALWAYS my business!

Nack: Have it your way ‘den, chump! *Puts the gun back in his holster, and unsheathes a knife*

Sonic: O-Oh, no! Y-You’ve found my weakness! It’s small knives! Not that! ANYTHING but that!

Nack: HAHAHAHA! Thanks for ‘da tip! *Rushes toward him, swinging his knife*

Sonic: *Starts dodging the swings, and then trips him with a leg sweep*

Nack: WHOA! *Falls over*

Sonic: What, you thought I was serious? I can’t believe you actually bought into that! I guess someone’s never heard of “sarcasm” before.

Nack: *Angrily tosses the knife at him*

Sonic: *Gets scraped in the face, while narrowly dodging* Ghhhh…! *Holds the cut*

Amy: Sonic!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! Howda ya like ‘dem apples!? *Notices Amy coming toward him with her hammer, takes his gun out again, and points it at her* Ya beddah stay put! ‘Dat also goes fa ‘dat rest o’ yas!

Sonic: It’s okay, you guys. I’ve got this.

Nack: Or DO ya!? *Aims at him again, getting ready to pull the trigger*

Sonic: Sonic Wind!

Nack: *Gets caught in it* Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAAAAP!!! AH’M GONNA REMEMBUH ‘DIS, Y’HEAR!? *Drops the purse as he’s sent flying*

Sonic: *Catches it, and hands it back to Madonna as she walks up to him*

Madonna: Thank you, Sonic. You’ve always been someone I could count on. *Kisses him on the cheek*

Sonic: Hey, no problem.

*Everyone looks toward Amy, who’s fuming with anger*

Madonna: *Notices* Problem, little girl?

Amy: You bet there is, missy! Just who do you think you are, putting your lips on MY Sonic like that!?

Madonna: “Your” Sonic? Oh, I’m sorry, and you are…?

Amy: I’m Amy Rose, Sonic’s girlfriend! His future wife, his one and only true love!

Sonic: Oh, brother… *Facepalm*

Shock: *Looks toward Madonna* Don’t mind her. She acts like this towards pretty much any girl who speaks to Sonic. Anyone who so much as faces the same direction he’s in is automatically accused of trying to “steal” Sonic from her, even though the two of them aren’t even dating.

Amy: You stay out of this!

Sonic: Madonna and I aren’t dating either, Amy. She just happens to be an old friend of mine, that’s all.

Amy: Whatever. *Looks toward Madonna and glares* I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

Madonna: *Glares back*

Sonic: Anyway, long time no see! I haven’t seen you since our band ended, back on South Island!

Madonna: Yeah, it’s definitely been a while, hasn’t it?

Knuckles: You were part of a band before, Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah. Vector was part of it, too, along with Sharps the Chicken, Mach the Rabbit, and Max the Monkey. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen those guys in a while, either. Have you, Madonna?

Madonna: I have. Last time I checked, they formed a new band with Mina Mongoose, called the “Forget Me Knots”.

Sonic: Ah, okay. Anyway, you’ve met Amy already, so why don’t I introduce you to the rest of the gang?

*Everyone else introduces themselves*

Madonna: It’s nice to meet you all.

Wait a minute… *Looks toward Splash, Shock, and Storm* Did the three of you say you were Goddesses?

Splash: Yes, we are. Elemental Goddesses, that is.

Storm: That’s right. There are five others like us, who control elements of their own.

Shock: Yeah, but in Silvra’s case, she has the power of seven different elements wrapped up in one.

Madonna: Wow.

Amy: (Pffft, “just an old friend”. Yeah, right. As I always say, I happen to have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, and it’s never steered me wrong before…except once. Like I said, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this “Madonna”…)

Sonic: Are you doing alright, Amy? You seem pretty quiet all of a sudden.

Amy: I’m just fine. Now, with that said, I have somewhere I need to go now. *Walks away*

Shock: …You know, Mecha Amy, I just can’t tell you how hard it is for me to believe that you were actually modeled after her.

Mecha Amy: Really?

Elsewhere in the city, moments later…

Amy: Ooh, that Madonna! We just met, and I already can’t stand her! She’d better keep her filthy hands off MY Sonic if she knows what’s good for her! Same goes for Boobowski, Shock, Elise, or whoever else! *Notices Scorch sitting alone on a bench up ahead* Huh? *Walks over to her* Hi there! You’re…Scorch, aren’t you?

*Music Cue*

Scorch: …That’s me. You must be…one of Splash and Seedra’s friends, correct?

Amy: Yeah. My name’s Amy, Amy Rose. Mind if I sit down?

Scorch: Go right ahead…

Amy: *Sits down with her* Are you okay?

Scorch: I’ve…been better…

Amy: Did…something happen between you and Robotnik?

Scorch: Robotnik? Robotnik WHO? *Crosses her arms, turning her back*

Amy: Well, I guess I’ll take that as a “yes”. If you don’t mind me asking, exactly what happened in order to make you so upset with him?

Wait, I think I know.

Scorch: Hmm?

Amy: You were madly in love with him, weren’t you? But then…he didn’t return your feelings, am I right?

Scorch: That's not what happened...

Amy: Are you sure? I happen to have a sixth sense about-


Amy: Alright, alright! If you say so! Well, what really happened, then? But if you’d rather not talk about it, then that’s okay.

Scorch: …

Dr. Robotnik’s base…it was attacked by some unknown look-alike of me, who’s apparently allied with Dr. Nega, according to what was shown on camera…

Amy: Go on…

Scorch: When I…came back to check on Metal Sonic 3.0 and see how his repairs were coming along, Dr. Robotnik and Egg-Robo…they…they thought that look-alike was me! *Tears start to fill her eyes again* First, I was…scolded by the two of them, and they told me that I “had a lot of nerve” showing my face there again after my so-called “betrayal”. We ended up…getting into a “heated” argument, which eventually…led into me getting thrown out!

Amy: Oh… I’m… I’m so sorry to hear that…

Scorch: *Bursts into tears*

Amy: *Hugs her*

Scorch: I… I don’t understand! How…how could they possibly think that was me!? Aside from the fur and fire color being different, I’ve…I’ve been nothing BUT loyal to Dr. Robotnik all this time, ever since the day he released me! I’ve made it plainly clear that I’d never, ever betray him under any circumstances! What makes him think all of that suddenly changed!? What gave him the idea that I’d side with Dr. Nega, of all people!? I’ve told him several times…that I would always remain by his side, no matter what! I’ve…done things for him that you wouldn’t believe! I’ve cooked for him, I’ve cleaned for him, and many other things that even his own robots probably wouldn’t have done! I did all of this out of my own free will, and THIS is how I’m awarded for it… *Sniffs*

Amy: Again, I’m very sorry this all had to happen. If there’s anything I could do to help, anything at all, just let me know, okay?

Scorch: I’ll…keep that in mind.

Amy: …

Hey, I know! Why not stay with me?

Scorch: You would…really let me do that?

Amy: Sure, why not? It’s no trouble at all!

Scorch: Thank you…

Amy: No problem. It’s the least I could do.

Scorch: *Fire surrounds her fist as she clenches it in anger*

Amy: Whoa! Was it…something I said?

Scorch: Dr. Nega… He and that impostor had better pray we don’t run into one another! I’ll make them both pay! If that’s the LAST thing I do!

Meanwhile, at the train station…

“Scorch”: *Gets off the train* Well, looks like I’m finally here. Perhaps I should have asked Doctor N. how to set the camera’s coordinates, so that I’d automatically land here. That way, I wouldn’t have ended up at the Mystic Ruins, and I would have been here a lot sooner. Ah, well. What’s done is done. Now to find that jewelry store… *Hovers down, rushes out the door, and flies off*

A little while later…

“Scorch”: Well, well! What have we here? This must be the jewelry store that the doctor was talking about, but…it appears to be closed at the moment. Ah, well. Easily remedied! *Holds out the palm of her hand, and blasts the door open, triggering a small fiery explosion that’s heard throughout the city*

Elsewhere, with the Chaotix and company…

Knuckles: That explosion… It must have come from the jewelry store!

Espio: Yes, and there’s little doubt that it was caused by that Scorch look-alike that we saw.

Wechnia: I guess there’s our cue, then.

Sonic: Alright! Let’s blast through with sonic speed!

*They take off*

At last, Volcana has arrived at Station Square to put the next phase of Dr. Nega’s sinister plan into action! Anticipating her arrival, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes have showed up to wait for her. Now that she’s there, and has already made her way to the jewelry store, will they be able to get there in time to stop her from stealing the jewels that are needed for the creation of these “PG Experiments”? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…


  • The scene where Sonic sarcastically states that small knives are his weakness was a reference to a scene from The Amazing Spiderman.
  • In this chapter, Mina Mongoose was given a mention, making that the first time throughout the Elements of Power series that the Archie comics were referenced, followed by Dr. Nega using a very Nicole-esque computer in the next chapter, as well as Metal Sonic 4.0 undergoing a transformation in Part 15c that heavily resembled Shard.
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