Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos
Release Date
July 11, 2014

Last time on Dimensional Chaos, the alien-hedgehog hybrid, Black-Hog entered Tails’ Workshop for the purpose of stealing the Chaos (and Sol) Emeralds to use for his universal domination plans. Noticing that the gems were left entirely unguarded, Black-Hog began to get suspicious, figuring that a trap may have been set. After cautiously making his way over to the Tornado Time Twister, Black-Hog accidentally generated a dimensional portal, and he soon found himself at Mt. Frostina in the Lunar Dimension. Shortly after his arrival, he ended up getting acquainted with Frostina, and after explaining his story to her, she agreed to help him return to his own world if he’d help her ward off the “dimensional invaders”. Seeing no other option, Black-Hog decided to take Snow Goddess up on her offer.

Sometime afterwards, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Bark the Polar Bear, and the Ice Goddess, Slush, who were searching for the Lunar/Elemental Emerald in the area, eventually came across Frostina and Black-Hog. After identifying them as the same people that Dr. Nega showed her on the monitor, Frostina engaged Slush in combat, while Black-Hog, out of overconfidence, decided to take on Silver, Blaze, and Bark. The fights ultimately ended in a draw when Luna showed up with Knuckles, the Chaotix, and the rest of the heroes. From there, Luna informed Frostina that Nega was the true enemy and had been using them all along.

With all seven Elemental Emeralds obtained, their search has come to an end, and the only thing left to do is take them to the Hidden Palace Zone. However, things aren’t bound to stop there, since the Mechaotix have been following the heroes in secrecy for quite some time now. Not only that, but the Espio clone, Mechameleon specifically said that he would inform Nega about Hidden Palace’s whereabouts the moment the last emerald has been found! Should things come down to it, the question remains… Will our heroes have what it takes to defend the emeralds from Nega’s evil clutches? If he does succeed in getting them, will the Multi-Elemental Goddess, PG-005/Goldra go down the destructive path that’s been set for her? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

Meanwhile at Dr. Nega’s base…

*Music Cue*

Tornada: Ohhhh! *Picks up a remote control switch* I wonder what this button does?

Nega Robotnik: Tornada, wait a second! Don’t touch tha-

*A beeping chime sounds*

Nega Robotnik: *Picks up* Yes? Ah, so that’s where it is? Eee hee hee! Excellent work! Thank you, thank you very much! I’ll be right there! *Hangs up* On second thought, Tornada, go right ahead… It’s time Goldra has awakened!

Tornada: Okay! *Presses the button*

Goldra: *A purple glow appears in her eyes* …! *Sits up*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! She’s alive at last!

Goldra: And…you are…? Better yet, who…am I?

Nega Robotnik: Welcome to life! I am your brilliant creator, Doctor Eggman Nega, but you can simply call me “Dr. Nega” or “Doctor N.” for short. You, my friend, are my ultimate creation, the fifth and last of my Parallel Goddess Experiments! You are Goldra, the Goddess of All Elements! Codenamed: PG-005!

Goldra: “Goldra”? “Pee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five”?

Nega Robotnik: That’s correct. *Points to the others* This is another of my recent creations, Metal Blaze!

Metal Blaze: Greetings.

Nega Robotnik: This is your older sister, Volcana, the Goddess of Flames!

Volcana: Hey.

Nega Robotnik: The next one is the first of my PG Experiments… Stonia, the Goddess of Earth!

Stonia: Hey, what’s up?

Nega Robotnik: The one you see beside Stonia is my second PG Experiment… Woodra, the Goddess of Flora!

Woodra: Hello, how do you do? Nice to meet you!

Nega Robotnik: Next, we have the third of my PG Experiments… Electra, the Goddess of Thunder!

Electra: Hi, how’s it going?

Nega Robotnik: Last, but not least, the fourth of my PG Experiments… Tornada, the Goddess of Air!

Tornada: Hi there! It’s nice to meet you!

Goldra: It’s nice to meet all of you, as well.

Nega Robotnik: Would you ladies be so kind as to show Goldra around the fortress? While I leave you all to get better acquainted, there’s a small errand I’ll be running in the meantime.

Volcana: Sure thing, Doctor N.

Nega Robotnik: Cyber Sonics! Come forth!

*They come in*

Nega Robotnik: We’re heading to the Hidden Palace Zone. Follow me! *Hops onto his Negamatic Hovercraft and flies off*

*They follow*

Meanwhile at the Hidden Palace Zone…

*Music Cue*

Luna: Finally, all seven Lunar Emeralds have been retrieved! With this place being so far out of range, as well as the teleporter that leads to this place being cleverly hidden, the chance of Nega getting his hands on the Lunar and Celestial Emeralds is slim to none. I can’t thank you all enough for your help.

Knuckles: Hey, don’t sweat it. Helping out a fellow guardian is the least I could do.

Frostina: …

Oceana: Are you okay, Frostina?

Frostina: I’m fine. It’s just…that this all seems so sudden, you know? Who would’ve thought that Dr. Nega, of all people, was a villain all along…?

Heavy: Nega, a villain? Gee, imagine that!

Splash: Must you be so rude all the time!?

Heavy: I just don’t see how it’s in any way possible to not to be able to tell that he’s a villain. For crying out loud, the guy is psychotic!

Blaze: In all fairness, I can kind of see where Frostina’s coming from. While Nega is, indeed, a psychopath, he’s quite manipulative. His façade of politeness isn’t easy to see through if you’re someone who has no prior knowledge of him.

Black-Hog: Yes. Now that you’re all aware, simply take it as a lesson learned that some people aren’t what they appear to be.

Shadow: …You’re hardly any better, so I wouldn’t talk.

Black-Hog: Oh, get real! I’ve lied about nothing since I’ve been here! Plus, we’ve entered into an alliance for the time being, remember? Once agreements have been made, I’m not the type to go back on them. Of course, I can’t guarantee anything after this ordeal has run its course, however.

A few moments later, just as they’re on their way out…

*Music Cue*

???: Eee hee hee hee hee!

*Everyone looks around in confusion*

???: You’ve all done well! I thank you heartily for your valiant contributions!

Oceana: That voice…

Luna: No, it…it can’t be!

*Music Cue*

*Dr. Nega and the Cyber Sonics approach the group*

Blaze: You!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! It’s nice to see you, too, my dear Blaze!

Luna: *Glares*

Silver: How did you even find this place!?

Nega Robotnik: Let’s just say that I had a little help.

*The camouflage Mechaotix turns visible and reveal themselves*

Robotnik: What the…!?

Mighty, Espio, Charmy, and Vector: …!

Wechnia: …!?

Knuckles: It’s them! The copies that we saw at the Newtrogic High Zone days ago!

Robotnik: GRRR… Four-Point Zero… Curse him! It’s already bad enough that he’s gotten ahold of my blueprints for the Green Hedgehog Project, and now this!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! This time around, Ivo, I have to commend you on your inventions! Thanks to you giving Mechameleon the ability to not only make himself camouflage, but to be able to do the same to his teammates, they were able to follow you all to this shrine, entirely unnoticed!

Silvra: So, that’s why my scanner kept going off! They’re the ones I’ve been detecting all along!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! It’s quite a pity you didn’t realize until it was already too late! Speaking of which… *Looks toward Luna, Oceana, and Frostina* The three of you, in particular, I have to thank personally! My plan most likely wouldn’t have gotten this far if it weren’t for you!

*They glare at him*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! Once again, I thank you for your valiant contributions! Using the very tools you’ve provided me with, my dear Luna, I’ll use them to power PG-005! With her power at my disposal, the world shall be my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious!

Vector: You’re outta your freakin’ mind!

Charmy: Yeah! You’re really, really crazy!

*Just about everyone else says something in agreement with that*

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! You don’t know how often I hear that! What some may call insanity, I call pure genius! Especially when one could pull off a charade as flawlessly as I did, with the people in question being so utterly naïve that they’re unable to see what’s right under their noses!

Luna: You know what!? I’m tired of hearing you run your mouth! *Charges at him*

Nega Robotnik: Cyber Sonics! Attack! *Points*

*Music Cue*

*The Cyber Sonics turn on their jet boosters and charge toward everybody*

Luna: *Surrounds her fist with lightning and punches through one of them*

*Everyone else begins fighting them off*

Meanwhile, at the Mystic Ruins jungle…

*Music Cue*

Nack: *Runs up to Bean* So, howdit go? Did ‘ja manage ta get the emerald from ‘er?

Bean: Nope, she gave me the slip.

Nack: Well, one thing’s fa certain… ‘Dat wench is definitely aroun’ here somewhere, ‘cause it wasn’t very long ago ‘dat she went ‘dis way. C’mon, let’s hurry up ‘n find ‘er! We already got ‘dem cops on our tails as it is! *Points his thumb back to Spangle and Spike, who’re heading toward them*

Bean: What the…!? Where’d they come from!?

Nack: Nevahmind ‘dat! C’mon, let’s bus’ outta ‘dis joint! *Runs off*

Bean: *Throws a smoke bomb behind him and follows*

Spangle: Ah, crud! *Coughs*

Spike: Aw, we were so close! *Close*

Spangle: Ya needn’t worry, buddy. They haven’t gotten too far, so if we act now, we should be able to catch ‘em! Since Fang and Bean are so hell-bent on gettin’ those emeralds, and Donna happens to have one on her, then she’s in danger! We’ve gotta get to ‘er before they do!

Spike: …This is about your crush on her, isn’t it?

Spangle: Oh, lay off that, will ya? Had that been any other civilian, I’d be comin’ to their aid, too! This is about us doin’ our job as policemen! You know, to serve and protect those who can’t fight for themselves! It’s our sworn duty to stand up to dirtbags like those two, and anyone else who preys on the innocent and disturbs the peace! Plus, if we’re to be taken seriously at the force from now on, we can’t let that jackrabbit get the credit for Fang’s capture this time! Come on, let’s go! *Takes off*

Spike: *Follows*

A little while later…

Spike: There they are!

Nack: *Looks back* Ah, damn it! I thought we woulda lost ‘em fa sure!

Bean: Why don’t we split up from here? Seeing how much of a maze this jungle is, they’ll have a much harder time tracking us down if one of us happens to find the girl.

Nack: As always, you’re speakin’ my language, bruddah! I’ll go ‘dis way, you go ‘dat way! *Goes to the left*

Bean: Got it! *Goes to the right*

Spangle & Spike (at the same time): I’ll take Fang!

Spangle: I called it first!

Spike: Actually, we both said it at the same time.

Spangle: …

Come to think of it, you’re right. Well, there’s only one way to settle this.

Spike: How?

Spangle: Good ol’ Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Spike: Okay, that’ll work.

Both: Rock, paper, scissors!

*They both form a “rock” at the same time*

Spangle: Let’s do it over.

Minutes later, after multiple ties…

Both: Rock, paper, scissors!

*Spangle does a “rock” hand formation, while Spike forms scissors*

Spangle: Heh heh, looks like I win!

Spike: Aww, man…

Spangle: Better luck next time, eh? No hard feelings, right?

Spike: …No hard feelings.

*They shake hands*

Spangle: I’m goin’ after Fang now. Good luck to ya! *Takes off in Nack’s direction*

Spike: Same to you. *Heads in Bean’s direction*

Again, at the Lunar Dimension’s Hidden Palace Zone…

*Music Cue*

Nega Robotnik: *Approaches the emerald shrine* Eee hee hee! Here they are! All seven Elemental Emeralds, plus the Celestial Emerald! Just to make hauling them out of here a little easier… *Takes out his dimensional camera, aims it at the emeralds, and presses the button, turning them all into one single card*

*Just as Nega turns out to leave, he gets head off by Luna at the entrance*

Luna: Stop it right there!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee… I’m afraid you’re a little too late! The emeralds are already in my possession, you see. *Holds up the card* Now that my work here is done, I’ll be taking my leave, but not before leaving you all with a little going-away present! *Takes out a remote control switch and presses a button*

Luna: Wait a minute… What was that!? What did you just do!?

Nega Robotnik: Oh, you’ll find out shortly…just as you and the rest of those fools get buried underneath the rubble of this palace!

Luna: Are you… Are you saying that you’ve planted a bomb somewhere around here!?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! Yes, that’s correct! Now that I’ve gotten what I’ve come for, this place no longer has any value to me! Speaking of which, seeing how you, Oceana, and Frostina have also outlived your usefulness, I see no further reason for this island to exist, either! So, as an added bonus, I’ll be using the Celestial Emerald to power another weapon of mine, and Ringstar Island has the special privilege and honor of being its test subject! Eee hee hee hee hee!

Luna: YOU SCUMBAG!!! *Throws a punch at him*

Nega Robotnik: *Dodges, causing her to punch through the wall and get her arm stuck*

*An explosion occurs, and the place begins to cave in*

Luna: WHAT!? NO!

Nega Robotnik: EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEEE!!! Again, you should feel quite privileged! Like I said before, my plan wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did had it not been for you! Now, you get to see the fruit of labor in action and share your island’s fate at the same time!

Luna: You… You won’t get away with this!

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Oh, but I already have! As much as I’ve enjoyed this little conversation of ours, I no longer have the time to continue it! It was certainly nice knowing you! Do rest in peace, my dear Luna! Or should I say… PIECES! EEE HEE HEE HEE HEEEEEEEE!!! *Runs off*

Luna: YOU GET BACK HERE! *Tries to pull her arm out*

A little while later…

Nega Robotnik: Mechidna, Armordillo, Mechameleon, Beedroid, Mechadile, Cyber Sonics! It’s time to go! Our business here has concluded!

*They come over to him*

Nega Robotnik: *Holds out the card with the emeralds* Chaos Control!

*Nega and company disappear in a flash of light*

Vector: Ah, crud! They got away! Still, somethin’ tells me we’d better do the same! Otherwise, we’re toast for sure!

*They take off*

Elsewhere at the Mystic Ruins jungle…

Madonna: Great, just great… I have absolutely no idea where I am now. Thanks to that stupid weasel, I probably ended up missing the train back to Station Square!

*Rustling bushes are heard*

Madonna: W-Who’s there!?

Spangle: Don’t worry, it’s just me.

Madonna: …I don’t know if I should be relieved or not.

Spangle: Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?

Madonna: I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I actually am quite relieved to see that it was you.

Spangle: (Ah, man… She’s got the hots for me for sure!) About that emerald you’ve got, Donna… You don’t mind lettin’ me hold onto it for a little while, do ya?

Madonna: What for, exactly?

Spangle: That’s the only reason they’re after you in the first place. In other words, you’re in danger as long as ya continue carryin’ that thing around!

Madonna: Oh, right. That’s a good point…

Spangle: Once Spike ‘n’ I have those two busted, I’ll give it right back to ya. That’s a promise.

Madonna: Alright, here you go. *Hands it to him*

Spangle: Thanks, babe. *Gets ready to take off*

Nack: *Sneaks up behind Madonna, grabs her, and holds her at gunpoint* I wouldn’t go nowhere just yet if I was you!

*Music Cue*

Madonna: Ahhhhh!

Spangle: *Turns around* Fang!

Nack: Let’s have a li’l trade, shall we? You gimme da emerald, ‘n’ I’ll give you ‘da goil! Othawise, Ah’mma hafta pump ‘er guts full o’ lead! *Fires a gunshot in the air to get Bean’s attention*

Spangle: What do you even need the emeralds for, anyway!?

Nack: ‘Dat ain’t none o’ ya bui’ness, y’hear? Just hand it ovah before I lose my patience! Ya’ve got ‘til ‘da count o’ five ta make ya decision, or I’ll make it for ya! One, two, three…!

Spangle: Alright, already! You made your point. Here, take it! *Tosses the emerald*

Nack: *Catches it shoves Madonna in Spangle’s direction* Ya see? ‘Dat wasn’t so hard, was it?

Bean: *Approaches them* Oh? You found the emerald? I guess we’re all set, then?

Nack: Yep! All we need ta do now is get ‘da rest’ve ‘em at the Woikshop, ‘n’ we’ll be practically swimmin’ in cash! Now, uh… Howda do ‘da warpin’ move again? I think it was… Chaos-somethin’?

Bean: It’s “Chaos Control”.

Nack: Ah, yeah, ‘dat was it! *Holds out the emerald* Chaos Control!

*Nack and Bean teleport from the area*

Spangle: Crud! They got away…again! Sorry about the emerald, Donna. I didn’t think he was gonna pull a stunt like that, so I didn’t have a choice.

Madonna: Don’t worry about it. You saved my life. Thank you.

Spangle: Hey, no prob! That’s what we cops do best!

Spike: *Walks up to them*

Spangle: Hey, Spike. How’s it goin’?

Spike: You know that radar thing they were using to find the emeralds? Well, I managed to get ahold of it. *Shows it*

Spangle: Perfect! Awesome job, buddy! This time, there’s no way they’ll be able to hide from us! They’re headin’ back to over to the Workshop, where the other emeralds are. If we act now, we should still be able to catch ‘em! Spike, you go on ahead! I’ll catch up with ya in a li’l bit!

Spike: Okay, got it. *Takes off*

Spangle: *Grabs Madonna by the waist*

Madonna: H-Huh?

Spangle: How ‘bout a quick thank-you kiss before I go?

Madonna: Uh, well…

Spike: *Comes back and grabs Spangle by the back of his shirt, and starts dragging him along*

Spangle: Ah, c’mon! What’s the big idea!? That only would’ve taken a second!

Spike: Yeah, a second for you to get slapped…again.

Spangle: Just leave it to you to spoil my fun…

Madonna: Good luck to you both! Here’s hoping those two finally get what’s coming to them!

Meanwhile, again at Ringstar Island…

*Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company arrive through the teleportation device*

Marine: Blimey! For a second, I didn’t think we were gonna make it!

Charmy: Yeah, same here! That was really, really close!

Oceana: Wait a second, I just noticed… What happened to Luna!?

Knuckles: *Looks around* You know, that’s a good question. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve seen her at all since we were fighting Nega’s robots…

*Music Cue*

Frostina: Surely, she…couldn’t have been left behind, could she…?

Robotnik: Yes, it would seem so. This was the path that she’s chosen. She was determined to protect those emeralds and the palace, even at the cost of her life. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more we can do about it now. The only thing left for us to do is press onward, and see to it that Luna’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

*Cue moment of silence*

Oceana: *Tears begin to fill her eyes* She was…my best friend…

Frostina: *Tears start to fill her eyes, as well* Mine, too… *The tears promptly freeze upon dropping*

Splash: I’m so sorry…

Oceana: I’ll make that Nega creep pay! If that’s the last thing I do!!! *Turns to the others* Frostina and I know exactly where his base is. Follow us, and we’ll take you to it!

*They take off*

Meanwhile, again at Dr. Nega’s base…

*Nega, the Mechaotix, and Cyber Sonics teleport into the area*

*Music Cue*

Volcana: Welcome back, you guys. I’ll take it everything went okay over there?

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee! Yes, they most certainly did! All preparations are in order now! First things first… *Takes out his camera and the emeralds card* These are for you, Goldra! *Transforms the emeralds back to normal*

*They emeralds float toward Goldra and encircle her*

Goldra: What’s…this?

*A flash of light occurs, and seconds later, the Lunar Emeralds are seen on the floor, colorless*

Goldra: I feel insanely pumped up with energy all of a sudden…

Nega Robotnik: Eee hee hee hee hee! Those, my dear Goldra, were the Elemental Emeralds! As I’ve stated earlier, you’re a Goddess that was created to control the power of all elements, based on Dr. Robotnik’s EG-005, who’s also able to do the same. However, your power far exceeds hers!

Goldra: Interesting. So, when do I get to fight this “EG-005” you speak of?

Nega Robotnik: You will in due time. For the time being, why don’t we test out your combat skills in the simulation room? It’s right this way. Follow me, please. *Walks off*

Goldra: *Follows*

It seems things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse for our heroes. In addition to having the hard-earned Lunar/Elemental Emeralds stolen from right under their noses, a bomb was detonated at the Hidden Palace Zone. All of the heroes were able to escape the explosion, with the apparent exception of Luna. Could it be that the brave, heroic guardian and protector of Ringstar Island has truly met her end at the hands of Dr. Nega? Or did she, in a miraculous turn of events, manage to survive somehow?

Now that the Elemental Emeralds’ energy has been transferred over to PG-005/Goldra, she is now making her way over to the simulator to test her powers. Do her abilities truly exceed that of EG-005/Silvra? If so, will our heroes have what it takes to stop Dr. Nega’s deadly new creation if she’s to go down the path of chaos and destruction that’s been set for her? Find out as the saga continues on Knuckles’ Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos!

To “bee” continued…


  • Black-Hog's line about never backing out on alliances was a slight rewording of one of Hiei's lines in the anime series, Yu Yu Hakusho.
    • On a related note, the scene where Frostina began to shed icy tears was a reference to Yukina, the younger sister of the aforementioned Hiei.
  • Originally, SolarBlaze intended for Madonna to be kidnapped by Nack and Bean, and taken to their hideout, where they'd hold her for ransom until Spangle and Spike hand them the emeralds. However, because he feels that those kind of storylines are cliche, he decided against it.
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