This is a fanfic made by me. Sonic and company are owned by sega. I do not. However, the following characters are created by me:

  • Lucky the Hedgehog
  • Dia the Hedgebird
  • Demon the Hedgechidna
  • Emerald the Hedgehog
  • Doomtress the Hedgehog
  • Terasan the Stalwart
  • Rivaria the Emotional
  • Flastra the Angry
  • Flurras the Emotional
  • Foranto the Peaceful
  • Garasion the Great
  • Colesta the Cold
  • Zinsal the Quick
  • Gaia the Hedgehog
  • Flame the Hedgehog

With that done, the fanfic will begin... soon. I will include fcs owned by others, but only if they request it. If you wish for them to, then simply visit my talk page and request it.

Chapter 1: It Begins

Lucky the Hedgehog was laying on a roof, minding his own business as usual, when suddenly the power generator of the city exploded. He nearly fell off from both surprise and the wind generated from the explosion. He grabbed the ledge and managed to hold on. He then pulled himself up and looked in the direction of the explosion. "Wow, that was some explosion. Better check it out" Lucky said to himself, dashing towards the source. Once he got there, he was amazed at the sight he say. "Wow! what the!?" Lucky exclaimed, seeing a strange-looking fox. He looked a lot like tails, however, he also had two tufts of hair shaped light lightning bolts coming out from above his eyebrows. His eyes were completely yellow, like yellow mirrors. He has lemon yellow fur, and a white tail tip, muzzle, and stomach. He wore black shoes with yellow strips down the middle, and black jeans.

"Well, well, well... What do we have here?" the Fox said hastily "Hurry up, i'm busy. I need to destroy the city". "Well, you sure didn't try to hide your intentions" Lucky said "Means i don't have to hold back". Lucky then procceeded to click the safety off of his bracers, which were actually grapple launchers that used daggers instead of grapple hooks. However, he suddenly stumbled back as the fox sped at him, at mach 3 no less! "Well, those are interesting bracers you have. what are they?" the fox asked, seeming midly interested. Lucky tried a sweep kick, but he suddenly went forward. His cheek hurt. He started to get up, wondering what happened when suddenly the fox kicked him very fast, the leg cackling with electricity. Lucky screamed as he flew at a wall, due to the electrocution. He was then rammed through the wall as speed that rivaled HyperSonic. He landed on his back, and started a spindash, however he was kicked into a building. He exited his spindash, knowing that it would take a few moments for the fox to get up. He aimed at the hole, waiting. "How is he so fast? He rivals HyperSonic's speed..." Lucky said, trying to figure out how. He then remembered that the power plant used the Yellow Chaos Emerald. "Could that be..." He suddenly saw the fox. He instantly flex his index finger and thumb, and a dagger flew out, scraping the fox's cheek as it ducked to the side. Instinctively, he kicked to the side, and caught the fox in the stomach, sending him through a wall.

"Great! looks like..." Lucky started, but was interrupted by the fox suddenly punching him, knocking some teeth out and sending him to the floor. "Heh. Not bad hedgehog mortal. However, games have to end eventually. Before you die, though, I will tell you who i am and what i am..." the fox started, pulling out a yellow chaos emerald. "I am Zinsal the Quick, and i am the Chaos Beast of Heavenly Lightning!" The fox, Zinsal, exclaimed, merging the chaos emerald to himself suddenly, his body turning into pure electricity as he did. Lucky couldn't believe what he saw. It was unbelievable. "This is my true form. Impressive eh?" Zinsal asked. When lucky didn't respond, he tapped his foot at speeds that made Lucky dizzy. "Well?" Zinsal asked impatiently. "Not very, lightning..." Lucky didn't get to finish because he was suddenly blasted through several wall, even into a building across the street from the one he was in. However, as he went through the wall, something kicked him in the head, sending him to the ground. He landed hard, cracking it. Somehow, he was still alive. But he felt several ribs that were broken. He looked over and saw Zinsal walking towards him. "Darn... how... can i... win?"

"Stone Edge!!!" someone yelled, sending rocks flying into Zinsal, who very quickly backflipped a great distance. "Chaos Control!" The person yelled, stopping time. She ran over to Lucky, and took his hand. "Chaos Control!" she yelled again, teleporting yet again, during which time flowed back to normal. ".... hmph. Oh well. At least NOW i can get back to my mission..." Zinsal said, who reverted to his normal form. He then procceeded to fire bolts of plasma at random buildings.


"Whew... that was close... you okay?" The person asked, who turned out to be a hedgehog. He was now in a hospital in Station Square. "Oh sure, i'm fine and dandy aside from the fact I HAVE TWO BROKEN RIBS AND A BROKEN BACK!!!" Lucky yelled sarcastically, wincing from pain in his back. "Oh please, if I hadn't stepped in sooner, you'd be dead" the person said, whom was a black hedgehog that resembled a female version of Sonic. She wore a black tanktop and black jeans. She wore bracers and shoes like shadows but differently colored. She had purple eyes and red streaks on her arms and quills. "Then why didn't you step in sooner!?" Lucky retorted loudly. "Because if i had, he'd have just attacked me! I had to wait until i could attack while hiding!" the female argued. Lucky sighed. "Fine... whatever. Doesn't matter. What matters is that those... things... are out there... and we need to get them beaten and fast..." Lucky said. "I know... I think I have an idea... I'll have to do some research though. For now, just recover. That's the only incident that's been reported. I think he's the only one awake at the moment" the hedgehog said. "By the way..." Lucky started "Whats your name?". "...." The hedgehog hesitated before answering "Doomtress the Hedgehog".

Chapter 2: The Frostful Battle of Ice Cap

Lucky was walking out of the hospital 5 months later. Currently, Sonic and company were busy dealing with Eggman who was using the confusion cause by the sudden release of the Chaos Beasts to take over the world. He hadn't succeeded but he certainly did act at the right time. However, that left the planet at the mercy of the beasts. He decided right then and there he'd be the one to beat them. He turned to Doomtress, whom was starting to leave. "Hey! How about we join together and fight these guys!?" Lucky yelled after her. Doomtress stopped, and turned. "Why not just split up and fight them?" She asked in return. "... Are you seriously asking that question? did you see how that one mauled me?" Lucky retorted. Doomtress chuckled and walked over. "Fine. You have a point. So where to?" Doomtress asked. "Hmmmmm..." Lucky thought. "How about ice cap? It's the closest place to Station Square" Lucky said. "Alright" Doomtress agreed, and with that the two headed to the Ice Cap Zone.

At The Ice Cap Zone Later...

Lucky stood at the edge of a snow-covered cliff, attempting to overlook the snowy plains that were supposed to be in front of him. All he saw were gigantic mounds of snow, so large they might as well have been mountains. He looked down at Doomtress next to him who had a hand on the snow. "What are you doing?" Lucky asked. "... This land... it's been altered unnaturally... the elemental energies are off" Doomtress said, standing "There's definitly one of those things here". "I see... alright. Then let's go!" Lucky said, jumping down and spindashing down the slope. Doomtress sighed, and jumped down, sliding down using her legs. Once there though, they stopped. Suddenly, a blizzard began. They shielded their eyes, however, the blizzard stopped. "There must be a battle going on! come on!" Lucky said, grabbing doomtress's hand and taking off towards the source of the gusts of blizzards.


A red hedgehog that looked like a sonic recolor with blue shoes instead of red was fight someone on within a cavern of Ice Cap. His opponent, was a female cat that resembled Blaze, but had her hair down instead of in a ponytail. She wore a long light blue kimono with white patterning on it. She herself was light blue but had white hair. She also had a white tail tip. She had light blue eyes as well. She wore straw sandals and white gloves. She stared at him with a gaze that sent shivers down his spin. "Geez... how are you so powerful?" The red hedgehog asked. "Simple. I am a Chaos Beast. the Chaos Beast of Eternal Frost to be precise" the Cat answered. "Huh... and i'm a pyrokinetic so i should have the advantange... darn... you're pretty powerful... i'm willing to bet you'd be stronger if i hadn't nabbed that Light Blue Chaos Emerald at the last second" The red hedgehog said. "Correct. But it is of little concern. I will have it back soon... as soon as i freeze you!" The cat said, speeding at the hedgehog at speeds rivalling sonic, a cold mist enveloping her hand. She then attempted to slap Flame, Which flame avoided, then spindashed her in the gut while enveloped in flames. She grunted in pain as she flamed into the wall, but kicked flames upwards. She then dropped to the ground, and looked up as Flame ran up the wall towards the surface. "Darn... he got away... oh well... I'll find him soon... after all, he IS in my domain" The cat said to herself, turning and delving deeper into the Ice Cap.

The red hedgehog landed on the snow of the surface. relieved, he sighed deeply and sat down, exhausted. "Man, that was a rough battle... if not for my pyrokinesis, i'd be a popsicle by now..." He said to himself, looking at the Chaos Emerald he had. He looked up, seeing a hedgehog speeding towards him. He instantly jumped to his feet, ready for battle. "Wow! Hold!" Lucky said, skidding to a stop. Doomtress was a bit dizzy, however, so she fell into the snow. "We're not here to fight! we're just looking for what caused those blizzards!" Lucky said, trying to calm the red hedgehog down. "Blizzards? huh... well you came a little late. I just got away from her" The red hedgehog said. "Her?" Lucky asked. "The chaos beast of the Light Blue Chaos Emerald" The red hedgehog replied, showing his chaos emerald. "Wait a minute!" Doomtress said, having regained her senses. She got up and took the emerald. "... This emerald is out of power" She said. "What!?" Both Lucky and the red hedgehog said, absolutely shocked. "Yes... i think that those "Things" are the source of the Chaos Emeralds power... i'm not certain but it might be possible... that the amount that causes the Super Form is only half of it..." Doomtress explained "Well it doesn't matter. We need to stop it from causing any more changes to this enviroment. "Yeah... agreed" Lucky said. "WHAT!? YOU'RE GOING TO FIGHT THAT MONSTER!?" Flame yelped, amazed. "Of course. Why?" Lucky asked. "I'm a pyrokinetic, and i JUST BARELY escaped with my life! there's no way just the two of you can fight her!" The red hedgehog said "Unless... we work together". "I agree. A pyrokinetic would DEFINITLY be helpful. Whats your name?" Doomtress asked. "Flame the Hedgehog, at your service!" Flame said, giving a thumbs up.

As the three-man (Well, two guy and one girl) group trekked through Ice Cap, they quickly discovered it was very different. Everything was Ice. Even the snow was nothing more than frozen snow. Disturbed, the continued on. Eventually, they arrived in another large snow plain, and saw their target in the center. "There she is!" Lucky exclaimed point, then yelled "HEY! YOU! WE'RE COMING FOR YOU!" he then procceeded to spindash down the slope. "WAIT DON'T!" Doomtress yelled, however too late as lucky was now speeding at the cat at sonic speed. She groaned and turned on her jet-propelled shoes that allowed her to however towards them. Flame simply ran down the slope, hoping to reach the cat in time. Lucky was about to trip the cat, when suddenly she backflipped. She then punched the ground upon landing, causing massive icicles to pop up in front of him. He slammed right into it, unable to break it. He exited the spindash, rubbing his head. "Ouch. that hurt ><" He complained. "Of course. What did you expect. It was solid ice" The cat replied, charging up energy in her palm.

Flame skidded to a stop, and entered spindash. "Heat Wave!" He said, before firing a wave of intense heat at the cat. The cat turned and quickly fired a beam of ice energy, canceling out the wave. "What's your name?" Lucky asked, just as Doomtress landed next to Flame, who was out of spindash. "I am Colesta the Cold... Chaos beast of Eternal Frost" She said, as she turned and attempted to freeze lucky with a Freeze Palm. Lucky quickly spindashed, tripping the cat. Flame replied with another spindash, this time erupting with flames, and taking off towards Colesta. Colesta turned quickly, hand still covered in ice energy which she concentrated into a ball, she then fire an Ice Beam aimed directly at Flame. "Aqua Ring!" Doomtress said, surrounding Flame in a ring of water that moved with him, which froze from the Ice Beam and shattered by Flame, who them bounced at the last second hitting Colesta with a Flaming Spindash. Lucky then stopped, and prepared a spindash, then took off. Colesta landed on her feet, and then punched the ground, causing massive icicles to come out of the ground near flame, who barely dodged them. Flame then replied with setting his fist on fire, He then tried to punch colesta who ducked. Flame instantly jumped backwards, barely dodging a Freeze Palm. Lucky then hid Colesta in the rib, and then exited spindash and punched her in the face before kicking her into the icicle next to her, causing it to collapse on her.

"Alright!" Lucky exclaimed "We did it!". "Yeah... i can't believe it... we beat her" Flame said, a little non-believing. He went to take the emerald out, but froze. "Ummm... flame? something wrong? you look a little pale..." Doomtress asked, walking up. "Ummmmmm... errrrrrrr... I don't have it anymore..." Flame said nervously. "Wait... you mean... you dropped it..." Lucky started, realizing the horrible truth as they all felt and saw the glow coming from the pile of collapsed icicles. They turned slowely, and saw Colesta float out of it, surrounded completely by a cold mist, the Light Blue Chaos Emerald glowing from her forehead, then melting into it. "... Crap..." Lucky said, before him, Flame, and Doomtress were blown a good 10 yards from the sudden explosion of energy.

Chapter 3: The True Terror of Colesta the Cold

"Gah... darn it!!! Flame, How'd you drop it!?" Lucky asked, upset and scared now, remembering his last encounter with a full-powered Chaos Beast. "I dunno! unless it was when I hit her with my Flaming Spindash!" He replied. "It doesn't matter now!!! We need to find a way to beat her!!!" Doomtress said, knowing the cat power. "She's right... Flame, you got something that might finish this fast!?" Lucky asked. "... I have one... But you two need to keep her busy for 10 minutes! i need some time charging this!" Flame replied, getting on one knee, starting to charge up heat. "Alright... fine. Be careful you hear?" Lucky said, turning and taking off to fight Colesta the Cold with Doomtress in tow. "Heh... idiot..." Flame chuckled, then completely concentrated.

Colesta lowered from her position, landing in front of the pile of broken ice. She now looked similar to a winged metarex made completely of ice with fingers that could bend at any shape. She also had a long tail that ended in a claw that looked like that of a metarex. Her eyes glowed a light-blue color. Lucky and Doomtress stopped a few yards in front of her. "Hmph... so you've come to die..." Colesta stated. "Nope. We're here to win" Lucky said. "Please. I've got a form beyond Super level, possibly even beyond Hyper level. To add to that, i'm at least close to Hyper Level itself. And neither of you have, nor can, power up. How could you possibly beat me?" Colesta stated, very coldly at that. Lucky and Doomtress flinched, both unable to answer. "I see. you never did have any plan did you? you're just here to play hero hmmmmm?" Colesta said bluntly again. "Not play... we're the real thing... we... as close as the real thing" Lucky said. "Yeah. And we aren't just gonna let you destroy the planet!" Doomtress said. "Hmph... enough talk. It's time for you to die" Colesta said, suddenly speeding at them at SuperSonic speed.

Lucky clicked off the safety on his bracers just as he received a punch to the face from colesta, sending him flying a good 3 yards. Doomtress however said "Stone Edge!" Sending rocks up from the earth towards colesta from below her. Colesta however, moved away very fast, only one chipping her check. She then spindashed into Doomtress's gut, exiting and kicking her a good 4 yards away. Colesta then turned, using her arms to block a spindash from Lucky that send her skidding back, Lucky then exited and fired a dagger at Colesta's gut, however, Colesta sidestepped very face and kicked lucky in the face, sending him to the ground. Colesta then walked over, grabbing lucky by his quills and picking him up. She dropped him though and jumped back, avoiding a ghost-like fireball. Doomtress knelt next to lucky and helped him up. "Why bother? you can tell your outmatched. I Haven't even used my full power yet" Colesta said, curious as to why Lucky was getting up. She suddenly stopped, turning sensing Flames high heat energy. "D*** It! This was a diversion!" She was ready to dodge, however, suddenly, she yelped as rocks flew into her back, stunning her"

Flame was now fully charged, he held both hands out in front of him. However, he was sweating bad, and looked exhausted. "This is it Colesta!!! COMBUSTION!!!" He yelled as he fired a very intense, medium sized beam of heat at Colesta, which sped at a fast speed. "Darn... i can't dodge in time... oh well..." Colesta said, hands charging up ice energy. At the last second, she suddenly fired a massive beam of ice. It slowely gained the upperhand on the heat beam, however, Flame managed to overpower Colesta, and a large explosion occurred.

Flame stood there, sweating bad, panting hard. He had pushed his limits. He now couldn't use his powers until his body temp went down. He wiped his forehead exhausted. "Did I... get her?" He asked. "Yeah! Nice job Flame!" Lucky yelled to his in excitement. They had actually beaten a Chaos Beast at full power. Or so he thought. "Lucky!!!" Doomtress screamed as suddenly he was frozen solid when a spear made of pure ice energy his him in the back. "No!!!" Doomtress screamed in disbelief, seeing Colesta still alive. However, she looked pretty bad. "Not... bad... that... really... hurt... but if you... think i'm... beat yet.... then you've got another thing coming!!!" Colesta stated, charging up chaos energy this time. "Darn it!!! Chaos Flames!!!" Doomtress said, firing a small beam of fire at Colesta. She was hit, and her charge was interrupted. Flame speed forward, spindashing into her legs and tripping her. Doomtress then launched another chaos flame, however, Colesta dodged it and spindashed into her, knocking her over hard. Flame attempted to spindash into Colesta again, but Colesta's spindash overpowered his and sent him skidding on his back a good few yards.

"Hmph. Not bad... not bad at all. You've actually damaged me signifigantly. In fact, i probably would've fallen after 5 more of those Chaos Flames. However, you fail to realize, I'm near Hyper-Level in terms of power, and you all combined don't even equal Super Level. You never stood a chance" Colesta stated bluntly, believing she had won. "So... who to kill first..." Colesta pondered. "CHAOS CONTROL!!!" Doomtress yelled, stopping time. She then got up slowely, then limped over to colesta, and place a hand on her shoulder. "Chaos... Burst!!!" Doomtress yelled, creating a small explosion that caused time to flow normally. When the smoke cleared, Colesta was on a knee.

Colesta was silent for a few moments, then suddenly, the chaos emerald left her forehead. She reverted to her normal cat form. She looked at Flame, then the knocked out Doomtress. Lucky was suddenly unfrozen. "Good job, heroes... you have defeated me... I am puzzled how though. You should not have. Perhaps I am more rusty than i thought... or perhaps you all are more powerful than i thought... whatever the case, i shall lend you all my power. Use it well, heroes. A dark force commands us, but we can only be free from it's command if we are defeated" Colesta said, taking the emerald and was then absorbed into it. It dropped onto the snow, and the sun then started shining. Everything was now back to normal, in the Ice Cap Zone.

Chapter 4: Volcanic Activity

Lucky the Hedgehog was panting hard as he walked. He feeling very hot right now, as he wiped some sweat off of his face. "Why does a chaos beast HAVE to be in the volcano?" Lucky complained. "Who knows? maybe it wants to take a lava bath" Flame replied grumpily, apparently annoyed. "Boys, boys, simmer down. Lucky, we gave you a chance to back out. You should've when you have the chance" Doomtress told him. "How was I supposed to know that Red Mountian Zone would be a freaking volcano!?" Lucky exclaimed. They were currently walking through a tunnel within the volcano itself.

"Not our problem dude" Flame replied, apparently unfazed by the high temperatures. Lucky sighed and continued walking. They had been searching for quite some time. They hadn't seen a trace of the "Red Volcano Ghost" of Red Mountain Zone at all. Rumors had it, that the volcano was close to erupting because of this "Ghost". So, wether it was a chaos beast or not, they had decided to deal with it. They also heard of a strange swordsman that was currently searching for the ghost too, even though he himself was basically like one himself. They heard the sounds of battle coming from deeper in. "The ghost! it must be fighting that swordsman we heard about" Lucky said. "Probably" Doomtress said, as they hurried on ahead.


Lucky the Hedgehog skidded to a stop, the entire room was just a giant dome of rock. It was still pretty hot, but at least it was open. In the center, he say a light blue hedgehog whos quills didn't go out or curve out, simply hung there like dreadlocks. He wore shoes that were half blood-red, half sky-blue. He was using a very large rust-yellow greatsword. His opponent was a red female hedgehog that looked like amy, except her quills looked like they were made of fire! She had red fur, and a yellow muzzle. She wore a black leather jacket, red tanktop, black leather pants, black leather boots, and black leather gloves.

The light blue hedgehog blocked kicks and punches thrown by the red hedgehog. He jumped back when she tried a sweep kick. She was about as fast as sonic and as strong as himself. Since he had strength rivaling knuckles, that made the fight all the more difficult. He couldn't seem to find an opening in her attack. Sudddenly, she attempted a jump kick however, he blocked it, she jumped off of the sword into the air. He saw his opening, and he fired a ball of pure energy straight at her. It hit her in the gut and sent her flying upwards, then down to the ground. She landed with a very loud thud, cracking the ground.

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