Platinum The Echidna appeared out of nowhere. She simply fell out of a gaping hole in the sky, and crashed into Station Square. With no memory of who she is, Platinum is completely vulnerable. And a mysterious old enemy plans to take advantage of this opportunity. With the help of Lazuli, the hyperactive mechanic, can Platinum discover her hidden strength in time!?

Included Characters

Platinum The Echidna

Lazuli The Rabbit

Chapter 1

Platinum was dead. Definitively gone. Not a trace left. At least, that's what she thought. She felt like she was falling, which, in fact, she was.

'Why is it always falling?' She thought. 'I guess that really is what it's like. It kinda sucks that I'm dead-' And then the world ended. Or, that's what it seemed like to her.

Actually, what really happened was that, in a flash of light and lightning, Platinum fell from a portal in the sky. After a while, she hit the ground and her head.

"Hello?" Asked a blue rabbit standing over her. "Ohmygosh, are you okay!? You fell from the sky, and, like, crashed on the ground! Are you an alien!? Aliens are awesome! See?" The rabbit pointed to a ivory-colored creature floating next to her. "His name is Inazuma!"

Platinum took a moment to process what she just saw. "What?" She asked, slowly getting up. "Who are you?" Platinum was still slightly disoriented from the fall.

"Me? I'm Lazuli The Rabbit, legendary mechanic!" Lazuli shouted, striking a pose with her shovel.

"Uh... Cool! I have another question, though." Platinum was still quite convinced that she was dead, and the hyperactive pastel rabbit was not helping.

"Ask away!"

"Who am I?"

Meanwhile, an old enemy was plotting...

"What!? The echidna lives!?" Dr. Waru was pacing. "How!? Oh well, I guess I'll have a perfect target for my new creation! You may live now, Platinum, but not for long! WA HA HA HA!"

Now, back to the heroes...

"I know!" Lazuli said cheerily. "You should come to my house! Maybe I can build something to help your memory!"

"Eh, why not?" Said Platinum. All of a sudden, her quills flattened, and changed from silver to blue. "Whoa, maybe she could build something to help me fight better!" After that, her quills pointed straight up, and turned red. "Ooh, that would be so cool!" With a flash, the pendant hanging around her neck glowed, and her quills returned to their messy, silver state. "That was... Really weird."

"Whoa, you can change shape!? So cool! Teach me!" Lazuli stared in awe.

"I can't change shape! Or can I? I'm not sure... I can't remember anything!" Platinum was quite frustrated. "But I think I know my name-" She was cut off by a part-robot man standing next to a strange storage capsule.

"Platinum The Echidna! It is I, Dr. Waru! Duh. And I am here to destroy you once and for all, blah blah blah. Anyways, pointless introductions out of the way, it is time for you to meet your demise!" Yelled Dr. Waru.

"What? Who are you!?" Platinum looked at the strange man, confused.

"Oh, ha ha ha. Is that supposed to be a jibe at me, since I've never beaten you!? Well, rest assured, you'll remember me after this!" He smashed a button, and the capsule opened in a hiss of steam.

"I don't even remember my own name!" Platinum said.

An echidna walked out of the steaming capsule. She was black, and her hairstyle was almost the exact same as Platinum's.

"Behold!" Said Dr. Waru. "The Anti-You, Obsidian The Echidna! Many have failed with Anti-Clones, simply making a clone of your opponent, but EVIL! However, Obsidian is different! She is the perfect opposite of you! Your weaknesses are her strengths! Obsidian, destroy her!"

The black echidna gave Dr. Waru a disinterested look. "I can't." She stated.

"What!?" Waru spluttered. "Why!?"

"Because you're an idiot, Waru." Obsidian said, monotone with every word.

"How so? You better answer wisely, or you might end up in the place where my failed experiments end up!" Waru was beginning to get annoyed.

"Well, all her weaknesses are my strengths, but all her strengths are my weaknesses. Therefore, since she has more strengths than weaknesses, I am weaker than her." The echidna said.

"Uh..." Waru's eyes widened when he realized the mistake he made. "Darn you! I'll be back, Platinum!" He hopped into his car, and sped away.

"Do you wanna go to my house now? Please please pleeeaseeee??" Lazuli begged.

"Okay... It's not like today could get any stranger!" Platinum said, following Lazuli to her house.

Platinum had no idea how wrong she was.

Chapter 2

Meanwhile, a gold and white cat got a call on his phone.

"The trap failed, Hikari. We'll have to try again later. This is our only chance to stop her, we must hurry!"

"I understand," Said the cat, apparently named Hikari. "Don't worry, I'll stop her for sure..."

Back to the heroes...

At the same moment, Platinum had run into another problem. As she was walking to Lazuli's house she was interrupted by a multicolor hedgehog. He looked like someone coated him in a pack of melted crayons.

"Heh heh..." He said. "We meet again, and right on time..."

Lazuli cowered in fear behind Platinum, already spooked.

"Who are you?" Platinum asked.

"Fuwa The Hedgehog... Don't you remember? Maybe THIS will jog your memory!" The hedgehog shot a strange ball of energy at Platinum. It changed from white into a goldish color, then hit her forehead. It seemed to have no effect.

All of a sudden, Platinum turned red again. "What kinda wimpy attack was that!?"

Fuwa seemed surprised. "You really have lost your memory... This could be interesting..." He began to disappear. "Let's make a deal, you remember," All of a sudden, Lazuli appeared next to him. "or she goes bye-bye. Ufu, ufu, ufufufufufufufu!"

"Ahhh! Help me!" Screamed Lazuli, disappearing into the shadows.

"What!?" Platinum was simply shocked. Her quills turned a deep cyan. "There's no way we'll beat him! Without her memory, Plat-" The cyan Platinum suddenly stopped. "She cannot remember. Right, Red?" Her quills turned red. "You're right, Blue! Not a chance!" The red Platinum shivered, seemingly knowing something that Platinum's silver form did not. With a glow from her obsidian pendant, Platinum returned to normal. "What was that?"

A figure walked up to her. "I can tell you..." He was a dark green fox, his fur a ruffled mess.

"Why should I trust you?" Platinum asked. The fox seemed suspicious to her.

"Because, I am the only one who can help. The name's Kikojak. Kikojak The Fox." He put out his cyan-gloved hand.

"Platinum The Echidna." She tentatively shook his hand. He seemed as if he knew her too. Why did everyone know who she was except her!?"

"Follow me. We shall use your recent acquaintance's house to go the only place where you can get help." He began walking.

Platinum looked ahead at a greenish house, lighter than Kikojak's fur, but still not too vibrant. Did that house have a propeller on it!? 'Oh, never mind...' She thought. "Anyways, where are we going?" She asked the mysterious fox.

"Planet Wisp, of course!" He walked into the green house. And yes, that WAS a propeller on top of it.

"This day is getting stranger and stranger..." Platinum walked inside.

To Be Continued... (When I stop being lazy and come up with a good RP)

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