(This is my first fanfic, fyi). This story shows that Tails had a brother, C.J., when he lived on West Side Island. When Robotnik attacked, he was presumambly killed in the fire. Instead, Robotnik took him in and turned him into a cyborg. A few years later, he awoke from cryo sleep and went to find his brother. This story takes place in a universe that is a combination of Archie Sonic and Regular/Game Sonic. For example, there may be the characters of Archie, but the setting of Regular/Game.

Included Characters

C.J. Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower (GreenKnight24's Universe)

Sonic the Hedgehog (GreenKnight24's Universe)

Knuckles the Echidna (GreenKnight24's Universe)

Sally Acorn (GreenKnight24's Universe)

Rotor (GreenKnight24's Universe)

Bunnie Rabbot (GreenKnight24's Universe

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (GreenKnight24's Universe)


All Tails could hear and see was fire. Everywhere he went, there was fire. The buildings were on fire, the trees were on fire, and even other people there were on fire. But from the fire, a hand reached out. "Miles, we need to go, now." Tails grabbed the hand and was being pulled along by his older brother, C.J. Prower. Burning trees collapsed around them, blocking every escape route. Suddenly, Tails was lifted into the air by his brother. "Stop looking down, and fly!" His brother's sudden yell broke Tails out of his trance, and started flying with his two tails.

Below Tails, all he could see was fire. They flew over to where their house was. That was destroyed in the fire, too. The whole island was in chaos because Dr. Robotnik was searching for the fabled chaos emeralds. He promised the residents there that he was going to do the search in peace, but with every body's guard down, he engulfed the whole island in flames. Most of the island's denizens were killed in the attack, with the rest being taken captive by the ruthless doctor. Only Tails and C.J. remained. 

They were trying to reach the coast where they could hopefully find a boat and sail away to one of the neighboring islands. Just when they could see the ocean, a bolt of energy came flying at the brothers. It struck the flying bat in the right wing, and sent him plummeting down into the hellish forest below.

Tails flew straight down to see if he was alright. He found C.J. lying on the ground with both his wings broken. He ran up to the injured bat to see if he was ok. "Oh my gosh, are you alright?" Tails asked with worry.

"What does it f***in' look like!?" C.J. yelled out. Tails fell on his back with a fearful look in his face. C.J. immediately realized his mistake and quickly fixed it. 

"Hey, I'm sorry I yelled at you. I'm just pissed right now." 

"Are you okay? Can you get up?" 

"Maybe, but I think my wings are broken. We'll have to make the rest of the trip on foot. The coast isn't that far from here." 

But right as C.J. said that, a burning tree was about to collapse on them. C.J. pushed Tails out of the way and tried to dodge it himself, but was to late. The tree fell on him, breaking his left arm and right leg, as well as scarring his eyes and ripping his right ear off. Tails looked in horror as he saw his older brother, who protected him for all his life, die right in front of him. 

Between the coughs of blood coming out of his mouth, C.J. told Tails to see if he could lift the tree off of him. Even with their combined strength, they couldn't even make the tree budge. Off in the distance, metallic parts clanged together, signifying that Robotnik's troops were coming closer. With the badniks almost on top of them, C.J. yelled at Tails to get out of here. Tails merely looked at him, clearly still shocked from the whole ordeal. 

"Miles, you need to get out of here. Don't worry about me, alright? You know me, I always get out alive..." However, Tails knew C.J. wasn't coming out alive from this one. As the badniks were getting closer, C.J. pushed Tails away from him. "Run, Miles, run!"

Those were the last words Tails ever heard from his brother before he was presumably killed in the fire that scarred Tails forever.

Chapter 1

It was evening when Tails woke up from his deep slumber. He was working on an EMP for the others so they could disable the badniks and fell asleep in the workshop. He got up out of his chair and stepped outside for a moment. He admired the beauty of this angelic island. Nobody really knows how it came about, not even Knuckles. But for all its mysteries, their glad its here. Without it, they would have nowhere to go, and would have likely been captured be Robotnik.

Tails looked at the mountains on the far side of the island. He only went there once, but it was a beautiful moment. Snow covers the top of the mountain like icing covering a cake. It was a moment to behold. No one ever goes to the top of the mountain, so their snow capped tips remain prestige.

Tails walked to their base of operations, which was in a hill not far from the master emerald's altar. When Tails walked inside, he found the place to be empty. Strange, he thought, its usually full by now. Tails walked around the base, looking for any sign of life. On the far end of the room, adjacent to the door, is a super computer Tails and Rotor made. Its the most powerful computer on the planet, rivaling and perhaps even surpassing Robotnik's.

As Tails walked around a little bit more, he heard a ruffling outside the door. It swung open to reveal a messy haired squirrel carrying two cups of coffee.

"Hey, Sally," Tails said with a croaky voice.

"Hey, Tails. I brought you some coffee, thinking you might need it after you spent all day yesterday and today working on that EMP."

Tails took the coffee and gave it a sip. "Thanks," Tails said. Sally smiled as a response.

"Where is everybody?" Tails asked, looking around the room yet again.

"There was an emergency in the Mystic Ruins, and everybody had to go and check it out." Sally rarely ever goes out into the field. It's not because she doesn't know how to fight, but she's a better commander than a fighter, and that's saying something. "You were already asleep, so we just let you be."

"You do realize you not even wearing any shoes, right?" Sally said, pointing down to Tails' feet. Tails looked down and was surprised. "I don't remember taking off my shoes..." Tails said quietly. He walked up to the reflective screen of the computer monitor and looked at himself. Half of his right ear was bent inwards and his bangs went every direction. He saw that he had bags under his eyes from working on the EMP for two days straight. He looked like a complete mess.

"Well, I think I'm going back to sleep," Said a washed out Tails. "Do not tell anybody to wake me up, alright?" Tails added, placing an emphasis on the word "not". Sally nodded as her reply.

When Tails finally got to his room, he sat down on the bed and looked at the pictures on his desk. One was of Him and Sonic standing in front of the Tornado, and another as one with all of the Angels of Freedom. However, one picture always stood out to him. The picture was taken 5 years ago, and one year before Robotnik attacked. It was of him and his brother, C.J. The only memory that picture brings, besides C.J., is of fire and pain and death. But, he still keeps it because its the only remaining item Tails can associate C.J. with. Tails finally went to bed, but not before thinking about that picture and what it brings.

Chapter 2

In the far outskirts of Robotropolis, an abandoned building stood. No one has set foot in it for four years. To the average person just walking by, it will appear to be just a regular abandoned house. However, this place holds a secret. Deep in the basement, there was a secret laboratory that housed a cryo pod and a computer, nothing else. Inside the cryo pod, a figure stirred. 

Cool air rushed out of the pod when the lid opened up, and the mysterious finally woke up. He grabbed the side of the pod so he could lift himself out. When he tried to walk, he fell down as if he did not know how to walk. It took him a while before he could regain his balance.

As he got up, he looked around the room, trying to figure out where he was. On the other side of the room, he spotted a computer, and walked over there to see if he could access it. When he finally got to the computer, he powered it up. However, only one item was on the screen. He clicked on it and a video popped up.

"Greetings, I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik. If you are watching this, then that means you have woken up from your cryo pod. Your memory might be a bit off and you have no idea what has happened recently, so i will give you a quick breakdown. An image of Robotnik's empire popped up. "I rescued you from a fire that Sonic the Hedgehog started in his quest to find all seven chaos emeralds. During that quest he amassed a group of people that share the same goal: destruction. An image of the Angels of Freedom popped up. However, one person stood out from the rest: a tow tailed fox holding a wrench.

All of a sudden, memories of his past hit him like a bullet. He suddenly remembered everything that happened before before Robotnik's attack. He knew the doctor was lying, but decided to listen on. Maybe the video will tell him what he did to C.J.

"I took you after you were attacked by Sonic. You were badly damaged, so i nursed you back to health. Your left arm and right leg were beyond repair, so i just replaced them with cybernetic versions. You were also blinded permanently, so I replaced your eyes with enhanced versions of them. I also replaced your right ear. Now, what I'm most proud of, though are your wings. They are made out of a light weight but immensely strong material. They are practically indestructible."

"I also studied your ability to absorb energy, and made that possible in your robotic hand, too. However, I couldn't unlock its full power. You would have to do that yourself."

"I programmed the pod to wake you up four years after I placed you there. Now, you are to head to Robotropolis ASAP so we can destroy that hedgehog once and for all!" The video then ended.

I got a better idea, C.J, thought. On the computer, he looked up where Sonic currently resides and found out about the Angels of Freedom, and that they currently reside on Angel island. From there, he set off to find this mysterious island.

Chapter 3

Robotnik was sitting in a chair when a message on his computer monitor popped up. He opened it up to reveal that C.J. has awoken. Perfect, now to exact my revenge, Robotnik thought. He pressed a button on his chair thet brought up a map with a blinking beacon. "There you are, my assassin,"

Robotnik noticed that the beacon was moving away from Robotropolis. "What are you doing!" Robotnik yelled out loud. He eventually calmed down and settled back down in his chair. "No matter, I will get him... eventually," With that, Robotnik devised a plan to find out how hw would capture his prized assassin.

Chapter 4

Sonic, along with Bunnie, Rotor, and Knuckles, were out in the Mystic Ruins to respond to an emergency that appeared in the afternoon. When they got there, they found out that badniks were trying to pry into a temple of an ancient echidna tribe. Knuckles was extremely mad about this, and wanted to bash every robot into oblivion. 

Sally, through communications, had devised a plan that would require two teams; one led by Sonic, and one led by Bunnie. The two teams would attack at the same time at different angles to maximize its effectiveness. When the two teams were in their positions, Sonic gave the order to attack.

As the two teams were closing in, the ground started to shake. A giant worm-like robot jumped up out of the ground and landed between the two teams. The mouth of the robot opened up to reveal a laser beam that was pointed at Sonic's team. The other badniks surrounded the two teams by forming a circle around them.

As the A.o.F were rounded up, they all took a fighting stance, ready to fight to the last breath. As the giant robot worm's laser beam was charging up, a cloaked figure jumped off the top of the temple and onto the giant robots back. He placed his hand on the robot and a green glow was emitting from it. After about ten seconds, the worm-like badnik fell to the ground. On the robot's back, the figure stood up. All the other badnik's weapons were pointed towards him. You could hear their energy beams charging up. Sonic and the others just stood there, perplexed. When the badniks opened fire at the strange attacker, a green light erupted from the stranger. All of the energy bolts thet were fired at him simply vanished. The stranger raised his right arm and released a barrage of green energy beams at all of the badniks, destroying them almost instantly.

The stranger stumbled down from the robot and fell face down. Sonic and Bunnie ran over to check on the stranger. He was wearing a cloak with a hood on. As they helped the stranger stand up, Bunnie asked who he was. "Geez, are you okay, hon?"

The stranger brushed the dirt off his cloak. "Yeah... I'm fine."

"Well, what's your name?" Bunnie asked.

"That's... not important... right now," said the dazed stranger, taking heavy breaths.

Rotor walked up with his tablet in his hands. "I was detecting major energy readings from you when you destroyed the robots. Can you manipulate energy?" He seemed very interested in his power.

"Sort of... I can drain energy from almost any source... and use it as a weapon... but I can not make it appear... out of nowhere," said the stranger, clearly tired from the whole ordeal.

"Can you tell us your name now?" Sonic asked.

"Hey," Bunnie said, chastising Sonic, "If he doesn't want to tell his name, then he doesn't have to,"

"No... it's... fine. My name... is..." and with that, the stranger passed out.

Chapter 5

The stranger awoke to find himself in what appears to be an infirmary. When he tried to get up, he fell on the bed again.

"Hey, take it easy." Sally Acorn was sitting in a chair adjacent to him. "You passed out down there after defeating all of Robotnok's bots single-handed."

"Where am I?" the stranger said in a deep, gravelly voice.

"Your in an infirmary on Angel Island."

"Wait, you're the leader of..."

"Yep, I'm Sally Acorn, leader of the Angels of Freedom, also called the A.o.F." She held out her right arm, wanting to shake hands. The stranger accepted.

"So, if you don't mind that I ask, what's your name?" Sally asked.

"C.J.," he said.

"Well, C.J., I'm sure the others would like a formal introduction. Here let me help you out of bed..."

Sally and C.J. were walking towards the main room, having a conversation. "Rotor seems pretty interested in your power. What can you do exactly" Sally asked.

"I can absorb energy from any suitable source and use it as a weapon."

"Hmm, so, not to be rude, but why did you save the others?" C.J. stopped walking.

"I want to kill Robotnik for ruining my life, and I thought my best chances were with the A.o.F."

"Oh, I'm sorry for asking..." 

"It's okay," C.J. said as he resumed walking.

"Well, if you're joining us, then we have to evaluate your combat skills. It may be impressive to destroy a few robots with stolen energy, but we need more than that."

"That's fine, i just need to rest a little more, and I'll be ready for the test."

"Excellent. Alright, were almost at the main hall, right through here." Sally pointed at two doors.

When they walked through the doors , they found the majority of the A.o.F in the main hall. They all came over to check if he was feeling better. C.J. told them his name and why he saved them. After that, Rotor came up to ask if he could do some tests with his powers. 

"Rotor, not right now," Sally said, "he needs to rest..."

"No, Sally, it's okay. It will probably help speed up the recovery process." C.J. said.

Sally looked at him with a puzzled look. "Okay, fine, but I want to supervise."

They followed Rotor to the Science/Engineering Lab. "This is where Tails and I spend most of our time."

At the word "Tails", C.J. suddenly remembered why he was here in the first place. "Where is he?" C.J. asked.

"Who, Tails? He's asleep in his room. He's working hard on a new device that could potentially shut down Robotnik's bots."

Rotor gave C.J. a battery and asked him to use his power on it. C.J removed his glove and drained the energy from the battery and gave back to Rotor. "So, it seems you drain through physical contact only?" Rotor questioned.

"Yes," C.J. said, "however, I can't control when I do it. It just happens."

"That's why you wear that cloak all the time," Sally said.

"Do you have anything with more power to it? I don't feel too well." 

Rotor looked around for something he could give to C.J. He found a car battery and gave it to C.J. After he drained the energy from it, he said he can start the evaluation tomorrow.

Chapter 6

It was late in the morning when C.J started his evaluation. Sally and Sonic, being the leaders of the A.o.F, watched over him.

"Today," Sally said, "we will evaluate your combat skills to see if you can aid in the fight against Robotnik. You will have to fight our two best martial arts agents: Bunnie Rabbot and Knuckles. Then, we will see if you can join us. Are you ready?"

C.J responded by nodding his head. "Then, let the evaluation begin!"

First, C.J had to fight Bunnie Rabbot. She had cybernetic limbs, so that made her extremely strong and agile. Along with rockets in her legs, her robotic arm could also extend. Sally rang a bell to start the fight.

When she rang the bell, C.J. revealed that the cloak was a pair of wings and unwrapped them, revealing that he, too, was a cyborg. Everybody was shocked at this reveal, and C.J. took this time to strike. He leaped toward Bunnie and kicked her in the stomach. He then proceeded to pick her up and slam her into the ground.

When the dust settled, everybody saw C.J standing over a defeated Bunnie. Everybody was shocked because of C.J.'s real form and how easily he beat Bunnie. He walked up to Sally and Sonic who were still shocked. Knuckles was the first one to break the silence, "Well, that explains why he was so heavy."

C.J. wrapped his wings around him, saying, "I'm ready to move on."

Sally said, "Well, that was unexpected. Alright, then. C.J. now you have to fight Knuckles. Begin." 

As C.J. and Knuckles squared off, C.J. unfolded his wings and dashed toward Knuckles. Knuckles countered with a quick uppercut that sent C.J. flying. C.J., because he was a bat, stayed in the air. He dive-bombed down to the echidna with such force that the ground shook. Knuckles dodged and tried to kick his head, but C.J.'s wings protected him from the blow. He then did a swift punch to Knuckles' stomach and then a swift kick to the head. He took those blows with full force, yet shrugged it off. He then grabbed the bat's wings and threw a powerful punch.

The blow knocked C.J. on his back and was clearly dazed. Knuckles stood over the cyborg with a triumphant look in his face. Sally claimed Knuckles the winner. To get revenge, C.J. did a swift kick to knuckles legs that brought him down on the ground.

Chapter 7

Sally and the others were contemplating on whether to allow C.J. to join them. "You saw how brutal he was, we could really use him," said Sonic. "With him, this war could go a lot easier."

Rotor chimed in as well, "His powers of energy absorption could prove really useful. You all saw how he defeated those badniks."

"Hell, he could even teach me a few tricks," said Bunnie.

However, Sally wasn't to sure. "We know nothing about him, nothing about his past, or how he got those cybernetic parts. He could prove detrimental to our cause."

"Sally, we may know little about him, but we do know one thing: he wants Robotnik dead. And we need that kind of determination. Only one other A.o.F has this much determination, and he's..."

Sonic just realized that he hasn't seen Tails all day. "Where is Tails?"

Sally said, "He should be asleep, last I've seen him, in his room."

"He missed out on a lot today," Rotor said.

"I'll go wake him up," said Sonic.

Sonic opened Tails' door to find his room a complete mess. Papers were strewn across the room, clothes were everywhere, and it looked like a tornado came through here. He found Tails on his bed and decided to wake him up. "Hey, wake up, we got a visitor."

Tails looked at him with a stare that could make Robotnik scared. Sonic didn't pay attention to it and told him about the visitor, "He said his name is C.J...."

At the name, "C.J.", Tails abruptly leaned forward and startled Sonic. "What is it, buddy?" Sonic asked.

"I...I know that name."

Sonic had a puzzled look on his face. "You don't know who C.J. is, do you?" Tails said. Sonic shook his head. "C.J. was my brother when I lived on West Side Island, before I met you. He died in the fire that Robotnik caused in his search for the chaos emeralds, or, at least I think he did." 

"Well, the new guy's in the S.E.L. if you want to see for yourself." said Sonic.

"Alright," Tails said.

As Tails was walking towards the S.E.L., he was thinking about what to say if it is actually him. He was so nervous, he felt like he could throw up any minute now. As he walked up to the doors to the lab, he paused for a moment before finally opening the doors.

Chapter 8

When Tails opened the door to the lab, he spotted a cloaked figure sitting on a chair. He stood up and took off the hood revealing his face. "Is that really you?" Tails asked.

"Told you, I always come out alive," C.J. said. Tails ran up to him and gave him a hug.

"Oh my god, I missed you so much," said Tails, sobbing. He looked up at him with tear-stained eyes, "Where have you been all these years?"

"If you would get off me, I would tell you." Tails reluctantly let go of his older brother.

"I was captured by Robotnik after I told you to run. He replaced all of my broken and burnt body parts with cybernetic versions. After that, he placed me in cryo sleep for four years before I woke up. And when I did, I decide to find you, and here I am."

Tails hugged his brother again, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Tails repeated. 

"Yes, oh my god," C.J. said, teasing Tails. 

"So, Miles, how have you been all these years that I was gone? Tell me what happened."

Tails Told C.J. about how he met Sonic and how the A.o.F was started. He even gave him a brief breakdown of each of the agents.

"As you know, Sally Acorn is the leader of the A.o.F. She rarely ever goes out into the field, as she is a better commander and tactician than a fighter, which is saying something. She has a very sweet and nice personality, but will get serious if the situation needs it."

"Sonic is the fastest thing alive, and the one who co-founded the A.o.F. He can be cocky, but he means well. He likes to pretend that he's in charge of the whole thing. but he just does that because it pisses Sally off. Those two have a weird love-hate relationship."

"Knuckles initially didn't want his island to be the base of operations, but after seeing the horrors of Robotnik, he allowed them to stay. He's the strongest out of all of us, and the best martial arts fighter. He may not be the smartest, but he means well."

"Rotor is the team's mechanic, along with me. We usually spend most of our time in the S.A.L. He has a jovial personality and a bright sense of humor. We quickly became good friends."

"Bunnie Rabbot is another cyborg, like you. She was going to die if they didn't replace her limbs and some of her organs with cybernetic versions. Next to Knuckles, she's the strongest of the team. She cares for each of us like we're her family."

Tails hugged C.J. one more time, "I'm just glad you're okay," said Tails. C.J. finally hugged his brother for the first time in four years.

Chapter 9

C.J. has been living on Angel Island for a month now, getting to know the people who inhabit it. He has made good friends with Sally and rivals with Knuckles. He decided that he would take the night shift from Knuckles, since he said he doesn't sleep a lot. He spends most of his time in places where there are not a lot of people, like the S.E.L. He has not been out in the field yet, as Sally believes He needs more training. So, he has been sparring with Bunnie and Knuckles outside the Main Hall.

In the morning, the A.o.F. learned of an attack from Robotnik's robots. Sally believed C.J. was ready to go out in the field, so she asked him if he wanted to go.

"Really?" C.J. said, "if you want me to go, I'll go." He said. As Sally was taking towards the altar, he asked who normally goes on the missions. "It's usually Knuckles, Bunnie, and Sonic. If its a big problem, then everybody goes." Sally said as they reached the altar. "I'm curious about how you guys get off the Island," C.J. said. He always wondered about this, as he has never witnessed them leaving or entering. :You'll see," Sally said as they came up on the altar

Sonic, Bunnie and Knuckles were already there, gearing up. Sonic was putting on goggles and headphones around his neck and steching his legs. Bunnie was putting on her trademark leather jacket and fedora, while Knuckles was adjusting the spikes within his gloves. 

Bunnie walked up to C.J. and shook hands. "Well, are you ready to go?" she said in her southern accent. C.J. nooded his head. "Alright then, just come with us and we'll be there before you can say diamond back rattlesnake." 

C.J walked up to the altar with the other three and all stood next to each other. Knuckles started chanting. "Oh great emerald, master of the seven chaos, grant us your divine power so we may decend from this Angelic Island." With that, a gust of wind began circling around them, eventually turning a bright green. A bright flash of light shone from where they were standing, and then just like that, they were gone.

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