Fallen the Trollcat

Biographical Information
  • Traitor
  • Ice
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Yellow
  • Eyes: Dark blue
  • Semi-metallic black wing
  • White pants w/ silver belt and gold buckle
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsThe Trolls
  • Generic Troll Abilities
  • Dark Ice
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Fallen the Trollcat is a former hero, who eventually betrayed his allies and joined with the Trolls. Upon becoming one of the Trolls, Fallen became a yellow male recolor of Blaze.


Prior to his betrayal, Fallen was a gruff, strict, somewhat harsh character. Despite this, he used to truly care for his friends, having their best interests in mind. However, Fallen always wanted to be something something greater, and had a lust for gaining great power; it is these two desires that caused him to become an ally to the Trolls.

Upon joining the Trolls, Fallen's personality has become warped. Feeling he has become a "geater being" due to his alliance with the Trolls, Fallen has become greatly arrogant and condescending, believing that those who refuse his offer are "fools who are passing up a chance for something greater, in a big of petty loyalty and friendship". He is now almost religiously obedient to the higher-ranked Trolls, though he secretly hopes to surpass them, in the hopes to take Rageik's power and go from a "greater being" to a deity.

Fallen is merciless to his enemies, even if they are his former friends and allies, with no qualms about killing those who get in his way, regardless of the how little a threat they pose.


Prior to transformation, Fallen was a normal Mobian cat, wearing a black long-sleeved coat with an upturned collar with a dark blue shirt underneath, and matching black jeans. His shoes were black and red, with white soles.

Following Trollification, Fallen became a yellow male recolor of Blaze. He has dark blue eyes, and lacks Blaze's ponytail, the jewel on her forehead, and her eyelashes. He wears no shirt, and his jeans have changed to pure white with a silver belt and gold buckle. His most striking feature is the single large, semi-metallic-looking black angel wing on the left side of his back.


Prior to becoming a Troll, Fallen was an experienced and quite intelligent combatant and tactitian. In addition, he had powerful cryokinetic abilities, which he knew full-well how to use. He also had experience in using Chaos Powers.

Upon becoming a Troll, Fallen gained Troll regeneration abilities, his Chaos Powers were increased and intensified, and he gained superspeed. Fallen's cryokinetic abilities became "spectra-cryokinetic"; dark ice. Ice conjured from his powers has a dark, purplish-black aura glowing inside them, and anyone who comes into contact with the dark ice suffers a severe burning sensation, as if coming into contact with solid acid. If one is stabbed with these ice powers, dark ice emanates from the wound, slowly spready across the inflicted's body until their body becomes solid dark ice, after which they become Fallen's loyal mindless servants. Fallen is capable of using powerful spectrakinesis as well.

Using his wing, Fallen is able to unleash a flurry of feathers that are imbued with either spectrakinetic energy, or frozen with spectra-cryokinetic energy. The wing is also extremely durable and powerful, able to block hits from bladed weapons and firearms, and also capable of sending a person flying with one hit.


The Trolls

Flare the Wolf/both human and wolf sides

Ryushu the Cat

Upon learning of Fallen joining the Trolls, she was both very distraught and very angry, having been a good friend of him while he was still a Hero.

Johnny D. the Fox

After witnessing his betrayal, Johnny has sent him a letter that contains numerous of hate comments against Fallen. He hopes that Fallen, after Johnny has sent a message to him, will become regretful after he has read Johnny's message. Alternatively, he would also threaten to burn him alive, should Fallen reject his message.

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