A very highly trained falcon who is both a bounty hunter and an F-Zero Racer. He is the mobian version of the well known Captain Falcon, however their personalities differ.


Biographical Information


  • Captain Falcon(Human version)
  • The Blue Flash
  • Falco
Romantic Interests Raine Featherhawk(possibly)
Physical Description
Species Falcon
Gender Male
  • Skin: Blue
  • Hair: ???? (Possibly Blue or Blue/Black)
  • Eyes: ??? (only shows white)
  • Wings (as hands)
  • Race Jumpsuit
  • Orange Gloves
  • Helmet
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Himself, Racing, Team Falcon
Weaponry Race Car, Fists
Super Forms Flaming Falcon
Other Information
American V.A. David Wills
  • Ryô Horikawa
Japanese V.A. Hideyuki Tanaka
  • Ryô Horikawa
Theme Song(s)
  • Falcon's Main Theme [1]
  • F-Zero GX Theme Music [2]
Original Creator User:Famotill(Based on Captain Falcon)
Falcon was raised by his father and mother to be a tough man and to never show fear or doubt. He was tough to fight, to race, and do other "manly" things as masculinity was a must for males and females in his family. At sixteen he was sent out into the world. He stumbled upon a gang and got into trouble often. He spent many years committing crimes. He was eventually incarcerated for these crimes. After meeting a heroic police officer, Falcon took up working for justice. He became a bounty hunter to track down villains and take them out!! He also took up racing as some of his gang members reformed. He wanted to uphold his family name. He did so as he became known as The Blue Flash.


He is an eccentric racer who feels himself to be the best. He is a very capable person, and has a strong sense of justice despite his means to take it. He believes he is the best racer that has graced the planet and isn't afraid to show it!! He is a fierce competitor as well as a poor sport and can some times become annoyingly cocky. He is idolized by billions and isn't afraid to show it. He is also a very good leader and is known as a macho man.



While Falcon is a strong character he has limits. For one Falcon has known to become taunt people causing a distraction and giving the enemy a chance to strike. Also Falcon has extreme speed, but doesn't have highly abnormal strength he is only a little stronger than normal. Also using fire abilities incorrectly can hurt Falcon as well as tire him out. Falcon will also lose focus if he is bored in a battle. Obviously Falcon has a weakness to water and hates it completely (unless he has to race on it).



  • Susanna the Falcon (Mother)
  • Leonardo the Falcon (Father)
  • Raine Featherhawk (Teammate and possible love interest)
  • Desmond Cortez (Teammate)


Blue Falcon

This is Falcon's prized possession The Blue Falcon or as he likes to call "her" baby. It is a very fast car with pretty good handling as well as top notch strength. It is believed that Falcon burns his energy into the vehicle while racing giving it a flaming aura. Falcon spends a lot of time fixing it up as well as giving new mods. It is believed to be one of the fastest cars in the world. It was passed down to him from his father who got from his grandfather who was a famous racer (Falcon's father never pursued racing)


RP:The Ultimate Race

Falcon appears here as a well known racer looking for cash and the trophy for the first race in Everchange City. He soon encounters Jet and his group as well as Team Trinity, and Voltrex. He and Voltrex get into a small scuffle as Falcon later delivers a falcon punch to his gut. Falcon soon enters the city.


  • Falcon resembles Captain Falcon.
  • Falcon has a strong instinct to protect fellow birds.
  • Falcon is based on Captain Falcon.
  • Technically speaking Falcon's government name is Falcon the Falcon
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