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Falalala-Stu Ruth Echidna
Typical attire for Falalala-Stu
Fa-La-Stu (preferred nickname), Sad little royal girl (nickname her butler gave her when she was little), Falalalalalala(Droget teasing her when they were little), Unproper princess (What her parents called her),Stu
17 (August 19)
Dark purple fur with twisted, braided, curled, and ponytailed hair (with typical sonic Echidna dreadlocks).
Usually a black cloak of some sort
Ganamy (father), Palan-ku (mother)
Romantic Interest
Net the Warthog (Previous boyfriend)

Krinkinko (Missing loved one) Droget (For a bit to try to fill the void)

Frederick the Rabbit (Crush)
Training, Helping people, The stars, G.U.N.
Failing to protect people, Distrust of GUN, being reminded of the past,
Is fluent in several languages, Melee fighting, Powerful Chaos abilities
Droget, Krinkinko, Frederick the Rabbit
"A prodigy? Feh, so what if you're a prodigy. You couldn't save one boy. You don't deserve to rule a kingdom. You don't deserve anything you spoiled brat."
—Falalala-Stu talking to herself in the mirror.

Falalala-Stu or  commonly just Fa-La-Stu is a young female Echidna who is a digilent agent of GUN. She trains hard and wishes to one day make the world a better place by making sure no one gets left behind and expanding her kingdom in hopes to annex poor nations that are struggling. Like her friend Droget the Frog she is always glum but her sorrows are masked behind her emotionless and uncaring façade. She used to be the ruler of Four Castle Kingdom but due to her failure to save a friend's life she renounced her title as princess feeling herself unworthy. She is living self-induced exile until she believes she is worthy to serve


Very Early Life

When Princess Fa-la-Stu was born she was a happy baby always following the rules her parents had given her. She learned how to talk earlier than most children. It was when she began to walk not too long after her birth when it was revealed she was a prodigy. It wasn't until sometime around her 5th birthday when she realised that she wasn't able to act like other children. She then became very saddened at the fact that she didn't have the freedom of normal people. Her butler seemed to be the only one to perk her up. Her parents had no idea why their daughter was so upset and began investing a lot of money for doctors to examine her. At around five years of age her dad told her that when she cries it could revive the newly fallen.

Early life

At age eight Fa-la-stu went on vacation with her parents to a far off jungle . Their plane crashed and when she awoke she was all alone. While exploring the jungle she was attacked by a green hedgehog. She punched him in the air and when he fell down she was attacked by a frog . After an all out brawl the elder of a frog village broke it up and they all introduced themselves. The hedgehog claimed that he was a frog named Krinkinko much to her confusion. With nowhere to go she joined them and stayed at their village for two weeks. Once she was located her parents told her that she needed to return home. Due to her resistance royal guards dragged a kicking and screaming Fa-La-Stu away. She briefly managed to get away and gave Krinkinko a half of an enchanted forget-me-knot that made sure that they would not forget eachother and she kept the other half. Her father later steals Krinkinko's half of the forget me knot in hopes everyone in the jungle would forget about his daughter. Years later Krinkinko and Droget make it to the center of the jungle and remember their friend.

The Chase: Krinkinko the Hedgehog's Story

Years later she stood in her castle looking at a hand painted portrait of Krinkinko and Droget eventually succumbing to tiredness wishing she could live a normal life. She woke up to wailing sirens discovering both her parents have been brutally and mysteriously murdered, their bodies turning to ash at her touch. It is then revealed by her butler that a mysterious cloaked man came in and rendered defenses useless via mind control.  The man appears and controls her, stripping her of any emotion and forcing her to return to Twerunka Jungle. She soon finds Krinkinko being attacked. She tells him to run and fends off the spider. She was overjoyed that she got to see him but wondered why she didn't seem to care about him.

When she returns home she is advised to aid Princess Sally Acorn due to the assailant attacking royalty. During her brief time with the princess, she learns that there are perks to being a princess. The man appears again, removing his hood to reveal the face of a chimera. Fa-La-Stu engages in battle but as soon as she gains the upper hand he flees. After chasing him for a bit she detects Krinkinko and Droget's location and decides to buy flowers for them. Swhen she finds him, she gives Krinkinko the flowers and reminds him of her name, shocked that he doesn't remember.

Back on the hunt, she follows the trail of the murderer which leads her to the GUN base which she successfully infiltrates. She fights the man and wins. Wounded the man cryptically states that he needs her powers to succeed then vanished. GUN then recruits her for almost apprehending someone they've been trying to track for months. She then visited Krinkinko who wasn't far away and promised they would be together in a week. The next day she endured harsh missions to get the wires to make a de-emotion overider just in case she ran into the murderer again. She then saw Droget at the G.U.N. lounge. She told him all about her missions and he promised not to tell Krinkinko because he would rush after her.

A few days later she heared about Krinkinko fixing the jungle and through telepathy congratulated him. She returned to her kingdom where she sees a small fraction of it in flames. She soon finds the murderer choking her butler and manages to free her just barely living butler. As he mocks her she throws away her robe revealing more casual attire determined to finish him of. He revealed his true identity as Trunikujin.

She takes of her over-rider and declares that she doesn't care about anyone and she won't fall under his spell any longer. She is transported to a hellish dimension where she must not grow attach to anyone or she'll be destroyed. Once Krinkinko tries to contact her she angrily states that she doesn't care about him. She then defeated a giant Trunikujin with sheer will power.. She then found herself transported to a cliff were she saw a bright light. She treks to the origin of the bright light where she sees a dead Krinkinko who risked his life to safe Station Square. She cries causing him to be revived through her tears. She then heads to Twerunka Jungle with Droget and Krinkinko.

Post Krinkinko the Hedgehog's Story

With Krinkinko and Droget she had many journeys under GUN. Wherver they were she wasn't too far behind but there were instances where she'd have a solo mission. There were also the times when she would have to tend to problems in her small kingdom relatively far from the Station Squre GUN base. Princess Fa-La-Stu loved Krinkinko but was too embarassed to ever express this and Krinkinko was utterly clueless. Once Krinkinko began dating a cat named Mint Fa-La-Stu felt really sad and decided to date someone named Net to try and fill the void. She thought he was sweet but too sweet and even then missed Krinkinko. She began to really tire of him once Krinkinko was availbable but soon Krinkinko find another girl. Eventually she begins dating Gale the Hedgehog after she dumps Net. After a confusing string of events Timeswarp, the watcher of time enters the fray and tells Gale he'll be able to go back to his previous love, Stepani and to leave Fa-La-Stu since the only reason she dated him was due to the smilarities to Krinkinko. After Gale reluctanly calls it off with Fa-La-Stu she reluctantly goes back to Net. It should be noted that Fa-La-Stu allowed Net to live with her due to him not having a good home in her eyes and during this time NEt was technically prince. Making matters much worse Gunnar the Echidna and his sister Lu-Lu arrived at her castle, claiming they were from the future and they were her and Krinkinko's children. Gunnar and Lu-Lu did not like their mother being with Net would often get into conflict. Fa-La-Stu's only salvation from the chaos was when she was at GUN with Krinkinko and Droget.

The Death of Krinkinko

One day over a year ago Krinkinko embarked on an important mission with Frederick the Rabbit. After five days of no contact a GUN member returned with a badly beaten Frederick who had no memory of what occurred during the mission. GUN declared Krinkinko a prisoner of war and sent highly skilled agents to retrieve him but he was nowhere to be found in the enemy prisons. He was then declared missing in action. A week later they found a small trace of his blood and fur and declared him killed in action. Princess Falalala-Stu was devestated and after Krinkinko's funeral she resigned from GUN before returning to her castle and having a mental breakdown. After berating and belittling him, she broke up with Net. After weeks of moping and eating ice-cream the princess knew what she had to do. Falalala-Stu then stepped down from princess and elected her daughter Lu-Lu to take her place as ruler. She then banished herself, living in self exile. She then joined GUN again in hopes she'll be able to climb up the ranks and in twenty years time she'll be worthy enough to return to her kingdom and will be able to make sure none of er comrades fall.


As a child Fa-La-Stu was obsessed with being normal and she would always sigh and look out windows longing to be a normal girl. As soon as her parents died anytime she returned to her kingdom she would wallow about them but since she was with her friends she was happy. Around her friends she was cheerful though not nearly as goofy as her two friends, acting as the voice of reason to combat Krinkinko's antics and Droget's passive nature. She was a stern motherly figure to her more immature friends. She wasn't as outgoing as Krinkinko and wouldn't openly seek new friends but without Krinkinko or Droget she did tend to make small conversation. She found it hard to express her feelings and as a result was never able to tell her friends just how much they meant to her.

After Krinkinko's death Fa-La-Stu became  extremely stoic. She has little interest in people and only cares about the missions GUN gives her. She considers GUN her only friend and trusts them without question. She has very little self worth and hates her reflection and her voice. The only time she feels alive is on a mission or on the battlefield where she feels she is making a difference and saving lives. The only people she truly cares are about are Droget andFrederick.

She is shown to be always calm and rarely ever loses her cool. She is very blunt and never really seems to express her feelings. She speaks and monotone and her voice has been said to sound like a robot.



Butler-A close confident and the only person she trusted as a young child. He would sympathise with the young echidna and was the one who made sure she got what she wanted. At her request he began training her in hopes it would better her life. After Krinkinko's death Fa-La-Stu appointed him to Captain of The Royal Guard. 

Krinkinko the Hedgehog-In her own worlds "the only boy [she'll] ever love". She met him at a young age and he was the only thing she though about when she returned home. She was embarassed about her feelings and never got around to confessing her love for him. Though he could get on her nerves Krinkinko charmed her like no other. Even with Net or Gale she would always think about Krinkinko. After his Death Fa-La-Stu was devastated and this is what led to her change in personality.

Frederick the Rabbit-After Krinkinko's death and after she began to care more and more about G.U.N., Fa-La-Stu quickly began to respect and admire Frederick for his discipline and power. She sees him as the most competent person in the world and tends to follow him around like an excited puppy.She often accompanies Frederick on missions and cares for him deeply on the battliefied. Fa-La-Stu makes sure to "protect" Frederick from Rachel because she sees the goat as slime that will only corrupt her "perfect" Frederick.She can relate to Frederick due to them both being failed prodiges. Even though she doesn't admit it, the former-princess has fallen in love with Frederick.

Droget the Frog-Besides Krinkinko Droget is Falalala-Stu's best friend in the entire world. When they first met as Fa-La-Stu fell for Krinkinko, Krinkinko fell (though not as hard) for Fa-La-Stu Droget fell for Fa-La-Stu. Like her, he never could admit his feelings but was perfectly fine with just being her friend. The two seemed more compatible than her and Krinkinko but Droget's mass of phobias did annoy Fa-La-Stu. After Krinkinko's death Droget finally confessed and Fa-La-Stu dated him to try and fill the hole in her heart. Eventually they broke the relationship and ever since they've been estranged. She does sometimes visit him to give him comfort, mostly at The Elder of Frog Village's request to calm him down after he announces he will try to kill himself again.

Princess Sally Acorn-When they briefly met Fa-La-Stu greatly admired the princess for her knowledge and was relieved due to her helping her with several problems in her life.

Net the Warthog-After Krinkinko got his first girlfriend Fa-La-Stu began seeing Net in hopes of getting over Krinkinko. Long story short, it does not work out and eventually they are legally bound to eachother. Fa-La-Stu never tells Net to leave her alone since she was too nice and didn't want to hurt Net's feeling but after Krinkinko death Fa-La-Stu lost it and forced Net out of her kingdom and told him she'll kill him if he ever returns. Selenia the Darkened Star-Princess Falalala-Stu the Echidna is cousin to Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight Hedgehog. Their fouth grandfather Downfacker the Echidna had a brother named Upcomer the Echidna. In about their twenties they got a note asking them to rule a far off kingdom. Downfacker refused because he was worried that the power might go to their heads but Upcomer decided that he was going to rule it no matter what. They argued for 5 years until they cruelly split apart. Upcomer went to rule the kingdom and had children. He only let them breed with other echidnas. It kept going on for generations now the current ruler is Princess Falalala-Stu the Echidna. Downfacker's generations kept going and now the current ruler is Lightning "Selenia" Blisslight and her siblings.


  • Trunijin
  • Rodney
  • Suprano
  • Rachel the Goat-Fa-La-Stu despises Rachel with all of her heart. She feels that Rachel hasn't changed and her personality is just a facade to try and woo Frederick. Even though Rachel has only been nice to Fa-La-Stu since Krinkinko died, Fa-La-Stu makes sure to act as nasty and bitter as possible whenever she crosses paths with the kind goat. She is afraid Rachel will try and take Frederick away from her and uses Rachel as the sole person to take her anger out on.


Falalala-Stu was a princess and as such at a young age she was forced to study the world and its species and as a result she is very knowledgeable and unless she is on a foreign planet, it is very hard for her to be lost at least on a geographic scale. She also was trained in various martial arts but wasn't succesful in any of them so the best she can do with most martial arts is identify them. After throwing away the title of princess she began training by herself and adopted Krabi-Krabong as her fighting style and has been shown to be quite deadly with it. She could speak to others close to her telepathically but ever since Krinkinko's death she apparently isn't close enough to people to use this. Fa-La-Stu's main weapon of choice is a  which she creates of of chaos energy and appears to pull it out of he stomach. Rarely she will use a pair of Dha made of chaos energy which she appears to pull out of her temple.

Her family's history traces back to a time when her ancestors infused their recently deceased infant with chaos energy in hopes to revive her. It worked and each of her offsprings had had powers as well. After about seven generations the chaos gene became dilluted but descendants would ocassionally be born with high levels of chaos energy. Princess Falalala-Stu just happened to be one of these individuals. As a child she was not able to use her chaos powers, at least not offensively. Feeling weak Fa-La-Stu secretly requested her butler, who studied chaos energy to train her in hopes to bring out her chaos powers. It was succesful and as a result princess Fa-La-Stu knows a vast list of chaos abilities. Overusing it though can put a serious strain on her heart and lead to serious injury or death. She also has the ability to revive newly the recently (up to five days) deceased with her tears, it is unknown if this is somehow related to her chaos powers. She used to be afraid of fast things but after Krinkinko's death she convinced herself to suck up her fears and after getting her driver's license, bought a extremely fast motorcycle which is her mode of transportation. She is also fluent in multiple languages. She is generally knowledgeable and if not training, she will be reading an encyclopedia

Chaos abilities

Please note that unlike most other Chaos Users Fa-La-Stu has a clear limit andd due to not having a Chaos Emerald she must rely on her own energy to execute her Chaos Abilities. While it is true that her Chaos Energy is more abundant than most Mobians she still will run out quickly if she isn't careful and if she uses Chaos Powers after she's run out of Chaos Energyshe will ahve to use her own life force as a replacement and if she wastes all of that she will die. Chaos Fire- A green flame made out of chaos energy. It is easily Fa-La-Stu's most common attack due to it not requiring a lot of Chaos Energy. Fa-La-Stu can control the size of the flame but it takes more energy to make a bigger flame so she usually sticks to small ones.  The flame burns everything it comes in contact with except the user. Once it comes into contact with the ground it begins to spread very quickly. Fa-La-Stu can control the flames but once it grows too large it becomes difficult to do so. 

Chaos Fireball Barrage- Fa-La-Stu "tosses" several green fireballs into the air where they follow their target to create a dome around them. After the dome is complete, Fa-La-Stu snaps causing the fireballs to home in on their target, creating a small, painful explosion. This is also another common attack of hers.

Ultimate Chaos Shield-Through months of rigorous training, Fa-La-Stu was able to refine her Chaos abilities until she discovered her strongest move yet, The Ultimate Chaos Shield. As the name suggests, The Ultimate Chaos Shield or UCS is a green transluscent barrier of chaos energy that is completely inpenetratable. Due to the ludicrous strength of the shield, it takes an alarming ammount of energy from the user and as such, is not a very practical ability to use in combat. Even with the shield up for one second, Fa-La-Stu experiances a sharp pain in her skull and horrible fatigue. Five seconds gives her a splitting headache and causes her legs to grow weak, after ten seconds she falls to her knees, her vision begins to blur and she coughs up blood, if she lowers the shield after fifteen seconds she passes out and after twenty seconds she falls into a coma. Due to the risks of using the shield, Fa-La-Stu only uses it in bursts shorter than a second.

Chaos Lightning-Fa-La-Stu sends a deadly streak of green lightning from her middle and index finger. Due to the speed of the attack an opponent will be fine one second then severely burned the next. If she so wills it, the ligtning can branch off to hit multiple targets though it should be noted that the strength of the lighting streak is determined by the total number of branching bolts (ex:if there are five branches, each branch will be a fifth of the power of a single bolt). As a child, Fa-La-Stu could not master the deadly Chaos Lightning due to it requring her to abandon her emotions. Since Fa-La-Stu does this on a regular basis now, she can use this move without batting an eye. 

Chaos Bow & Arrow-With this move Fa-La-Stu takes out a bow made out of Chaos Energy from her abdomen , creates an made out of Chaos Energy from her forehead and fires it at her target. The arrows a considerably small but have been known to pierce even the thickest of targets. Creating arrows takes up Fa-La-Stu's energy so the more arrows she summons, the weaker she gets. Due to this Fa-LA-Stu has been training in archery so she needs to use as little arrows as possible but she is still far from being a dead-eye.

Chaos Drain-With Chaos Drain, Fa-La-Stu can suck a small ammount of Chaos Energy from other chaos manipulators to use for herself. The move drains no Chaos Energy from Fa-La-Stu and is used by grabbing the opponenet then taking their energy. Alternatively, Fa-La-Stu can fire a small thread and wrap it around the oppopnent to siphon their energy but when used in projectile form, Chaos Drain uses a small sliver of Chaos Energy.

Chaos Lock

Chaos Pulse

Chaos Fireworks

Chaos Snap-Also known as Chaos Control Alpha is a move similar to Chaos Control. Instead of using a Chaos Emerald, the user snaps and teleports instead for easier use. Due to the lackk of a power source, Fa-La-Stu must use her own energy and travelling over a large distance means forfeiting her Chaos Powers. She can use it n quick sucession over a small area before her power begins to ebb however.

Chaos Ground/Chaos Crash-One of Fa-La-Stu's strongest abilities. She lifts her leg over her head, a small but bright flash of green light is briefly seen on her leg then she crashes her foot on the ground creating a large shockwave then sends her opponent to the shaking ground where they quickly begin to lose their energy. Fa-La-Stu cannot use the move for long lest she either runs out of Chaos Energy quickly or she risks breaking her leg due to being at the epicenter of the vibration. This move has been known to topple buildings.

Chaos Kiss-Possibly Fa-La-Stu's deadliest move. Fa-LA-Stu grabs the opponent and begins to kiss them passionately. Chaos Energy is in her very blood, veins and saliva and if she so chooses, she can amplify it to lethal ammounts, making her fluids deadly to any outsiders and thus, the concept of Chaos Kiss was born. Fa-La-Stu sends soothing images into the victim's brain, making them less likely to try to escape Fa-La-Stu's hold of them, all the while sending her poisoinus saliva in the victim's mouht where it will enter their body and quickly eat away at them. After ten secinds of the kiss, the victim can sill be saved with serious medical help but after twenty-five seconds the victim will be dead. Thi is easily Fa-La-Stu's strongest ability though luckily it is also the move she will never use due to its cruel nature.


Ever since Krinkinko's death Fa-La-Stu has abondoned almost all social interaction and in her she spends her free-time training, and slowly perfecting her fighting style, causing her to lack in many weaknesses. Her main weakness is running out of chaos energy, which is rare considering how conservative she is with it. Her other weakness is fast moving enemies being unable to counter after a certain speed is reached and being almost completely diffenseless that point on. If pushed to her limit Fa-La-Stu chaos energy will being to "leak", causing her to quickly grow weak before passing out.

Appearances and Roleplay

Roleplay:The Wal-Mart Wars In this roleplay she appeared alongside her friends walking inside of the store in slow motion which she thought was stupid. They were there to wreck walmart but she went against this but her friends didn't listen. When Kink picked a fight with one of the workers she sneaked to the back of the store reading a book. But when she saw Krinkinko getting beat up she stepped in and fought with him. She then chaos controlled her and her friends out of Wal-Mart. She reapeared the next day urging Krinkinko to apologize to the workers. She finally appeared looking for Krinkinko when he was kidnapped by K-Mart.

Roleplay:Island of Enigma She came looking for a way to reverse the effects of the flood in Station Square and she met a red cat named Beat. It is assumed she reversed the effects.

Roleplay:Sonic and the Black Knight Her ancestor, Stu-La-Fa was in love with sir Craig but Madame Fulicia was in love with him too. They argued on and on about who was better until Sir Craig decided to marry them both.

Roleplay:Surviving on a Deserted Island Here she makes sure everyone was in check and fed. She is one of the few responsible refugees.

Roleplay:The Royal Party She attended the royal party since she was a princess. Due to her knowledge she checked Artixunio's royalty for him and she was able to spot Krinkinko and Droget as the plumbers.

Roleplay:Beast Legends She appears along with Droget and Krinkinko on a mission to stop the beast who took down a G.U.N. ship. She asks for help but she doesn't get any and tries to negotiate but in the end fails her mission.

Roleplay:Memory Trouble She appeared assisting Krinkinko and Droget in trying to capture Temporal but ended up failing her mission.

Roleplay:Memory Trouble She appears trying to get penny to spill the beans about Caulder but ends up getting escorted out leading to a failed mission.

Roleplay:The Troll Chronicles She appeared in Roleplay:The troll chronicles first trying to retrieve Dismal frrom the trolls (and Banshee). She then hangs out with Dismal at the GUN base but grows bored of him very quickly.

Roleplay:Mobius Basketball Tournament She appeared in team Dream.


"I prefer the moniker Fa-La-Stu."-When telling people to use her nickname.

"I am no princess."~When referred to as princess.

"That girl is dead."~In regards to her old self.


  • Fa-La-Stu wears purple contacts due to honor Krinkinko, who also had purple eyes. Her actual eyes are green.
  • Due to her ears it's possible that Fa-La-Stu isn't one-hundred percent echidna.
  • Her favorite food is sushi.