Fake Tears is a fairly simplistic technique that primarily plays on the opponent's empathy levels.


Without warning, often in the middle of a fight, the user will start to wail; it is not uncommon for users to also sit down and hug their knees while doing this in order to look as upset as possible. This ability at the very least can end up flustering their potential opponent, causing them to drop their guard; it is at this point where the user may suddenly strike back while their opponent's guard is down.

Some users may keep the ruse going for longer, keeping the opponent distracted and preoccupied on the scene while backup for the user arrives, or an ambush potentially happens. Of course, this technique relies on the opponent having at least some level of empathy and/or compassion; those who are cruel enough to attack their opponent even if they are seemingly distressed and no longer appear to be interested in fighting will easily get past the Fake Tears ruse.

Unsurprisingly, this technique is much more effective in the hands of those who are young and cute (and in the hands of females), as some people may find it more pathetic to see a grown adult (especially if they are male) suddenly break down into tears rather than a small child of any gender; this is not to say that the technique still can't distract and fluster the opponent, however, even if it's due to disgust and confusion rather than sympathy.


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The Rank of this technique is somewhat variable, as it depends on a few different factors to be truly effective; as such, it averages out as a C-Rank.

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