Fake is a high-tier genetic ability, and the signature ability of the Moldest Family of Sky City.


There are two different forms of use of this technique. In the first, the user creates a perfect doppelganger of themselves, and uses this doppelganger to take a hit for them. As such, it makes an effective distraction, by faking their own death with the substitute body. However, the sheer amount of energy required to create what is essentially a solid-state hologram like that means that the user cannot activate either form of Fake for at least three minutes after it's use, making this form essentially a one-shot technique in most forms of combat.

The second form of this technique is the creation of extra body parts, ranging from wings and tails to bladed joints, claws and extra quills. These items last for roughly ten minutes, allowing the user to maintain their use throughout a fight. However, activating the first form will force these body-parts to dissipate.

However, despite the advantages of this technique, there are also a number of downsides, with the most major being the strange reactions to Soul Energy, the element superior to Chaos in the small elemental triad. Due to the bioenergy construction of these abilities, a small portion of the user's soul is used to bind it to them. As such, Soul abilities often create a painful "tearing" sensation when they strike a construction from Fake. An even more disturbing side-effect is from soul removal techniques. Should the user trigger the first form of Fake while being struck by a soul removal technique, their soul will not simply be removed from their body, but instead transferred inside their assailants. As such, most beings are semi-conscious inside their attacker, and often turn their own body systems against them, until either the assailant dies or the two confront each other through meditation or the infusion of either a Demon or Celestial's blood.


  • Scott the Power Hedgehog - the former head of the Power Hedgehog Inquisitors, Scott was renowned for his use of this ability until his death via. Soul Removal at the hands of his nephew. However, due to the reaction between the Soul Removal and Fake, Scott remained trapped within his nephew for years, attempting to set the teens bodily systems on him until a demon gave a blood transfusion to the youngster, leading to Scott being converted into a new personality within the teen.
  • Lance the Power Hedgehog - Scott's son, and one of the two Power Hedgehog Reapers assigned to tracking down his father's killer.
  • Chantrea Moldest - Scott's cousin, and the former second in command of the Counter-intelligence branch of the Inquisitors. Due to her love of close-combat, the second form of Fake is a favourite of hers. However, after her move to Mobius, many inquisitors have begun to monitor her in case of requiring to eliminate a threat to their people.



Ability Rank

The ability does not currently possess a letter-rank, although it is described as high-powered.

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