Faelan the Tiger
[[Image:Faelan tiger fursona chjchjmj|300pxpx]]
An orange tiger with black hair and brown eyes
A red jacket, tennis shoes, a black sweater, and black pants.
(coming soon)
None as of yet
Drawing, painting, gaming, hiding his emotions

Faelan the Tiger is the Fursona of Wh!te$tar.


Faelan's very shy around new people and strangers, but confident and talkative around his friends. Because of this, he loves solitude and being alone. You'll usually see him painting or drawing, in which he tries to portray the world he wants to live in. But he gets mad easily, and for this reason he spends a lot of time around Satan, who he considers his best friend.

Faelan also has a habit of making bad decisions. He tries to stay out of fights, but this doesn't work out and he seems to make things worse. Although he'll defend his views to the death, he hardly ever states his own opinion, and instead chooses sides with someone. For this reason, he can be swayed and manipulated into hurting even his friends, due to his will to defend the views presented to him.


Faelan's best classified as a "mage". What he lacks in physical strength he makes up for with an array of spells, most of them elemental. When he can't use spells, Faelan uses two bracers, armor on his hands to shield attacks and punch enemies. His spells include:

  • Ember Blast: A fire based attack. He can either create a ring of fire or throw large fireballs at the enemy.
  • Tidal Uproar: Water attack. Tides of water emerge from the ground to toss the enemy about.
  • Tempest: Wind spell. Hundreds of leaves are blown around by a twisterm slicing the opponent.
  • Gaia Sheild: A shield to repel attacks.
  • Meteorite: Earth spell. Hurls a large boulder or several smaller boulders at the enemy.




  • Although Faelan is Gaelic for wolf, he was made a tiger because that is Wh!te$tar's favorite animal.
  • Despite being a gamer, Faelan almost never finishes the games he plays.
  • Faelan's favorite food is pizza.



  • Blazing ember flare! Ember Blast! ~ before using Ember Blast
  • Lunar Tides flow! Tidal Uproar! ~ Before using Tidal Uproar
  • Northern winds, follow my will! Tempest! ~ Before using Tempest
  • Astral bodies, lend me your strength! Meteorite! ~ Before using Meteorite
  • Warriors of old, defend my allies! Gaia Sheild! ~ Before using Gaia Sheild


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