F.R.O.S.T Company Logo

"First into battle, first into war."~FL.Iceheart Leon Trotsky.

The First.Recon.Operation.Special.Troopers, aka FROST Company is the Anti Mobian Army's top reconnaissance and covert ops unit.FROST Company is usually the first into battle and behind enemy lines with very little startup support. As such many of the senior members are adept at covert combat and stealth, as well as melee combat and marskmanship.


Members of FROST Company hail from all over Moebius, from the richest developing cities to the poorest from the days of Scourge's reign. All members of FROST are under the direct of authority of Field Leader Iceheart Leon Trotsky.    his left hand woman Balta Baldrova. The members of FROST Company are very diverse and each indevidual brings his/ her own unique talent or ability to the table. Noteable members include, but are not limited to:

  • Gordan Leon Trotsky (Callsign: Iceheart.) (Leader)
  • Batla Baldrova (Callsign: Silent Killer) (Second in command, sniper.)
  • Marcus Flex Maxwell (Callsign: Goofball) (Light assualt.)
  • Skip the Squirrel (Callsign: Furday.) (Light Assualt)
  • Donald Adrar Tanner (Callsign: Webfoot) (Marinetime exspert,demolitions exspert.)
  • Banner the Bear (Callsign: Big Guy) (Heavy weapons exspert, anti-armor.)
  • Rigshaw Wolf (Callsign: Burstfire) (Light assualt.)
  • Sarah the Robin (Medic.)

Base of Operations

FROST Company is known to be one of the most mobile combat units withitn the AMA. As such they can be found from their main HQ at Siag to the streets of Station Square. For several months now they have been stationed at Outpost Aurora,  a monitoring station created on Mobius by the AMA near Walrus Island in the northern tundra part of Mobius Prime.


After the GUN preemptive attack on Siag which lead to all at war with the prime world,Deraj Bradanka planed to make a special forces team capable of paving the way for the AMA's retalllatory offensive on Station Square. Deraj chose his most loyal and best student Iceheart to be in charge of creating this unit. Iceheart accepted and hand picked the most promising candidates he could find After a successful mission in disabling the GUN defence network Iceheart chose to keep the company active and eventually he became close to this unit. Now they are his first pick for allies in battle,(next to Gicandice and Deraj himself that is.)



  • FROST Company is somewhat based of the 101st Airborne and the Big Red One.
  • It is also based off "FOXHOUND" from the Metal Gear seies.
  • Ironically the name Frost was the tribal name of Iceheart's deceased older brother Frost.
  • Iceheart uses his assistant Corporal Balta Baldrova's telepathic abilities to maintain communication in an contested area.
  • As their name might imply, they are most seen in cold theaters of combat.
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