This is an article about Ezra "Greyscale" Arno, a character created by Awkwarddingo on 01/10/2015.


Greyscale is a badger of only two shades: black and white. His back is a mix of both black and white fur while his belly is nothing but pitch black. His head and face has a pattern of vertical black and white stripes running down the face going from the top of the forehead to his muzzle, which is a white/gray. His eyes are the only colorful part of him, being a vivid green

His outfits differ on what kind of work he is doing at the time. He has military suits for any occasion:

  • Urban Warfare: Gray digital camo top and pants along with black boots, gloves flak jacket. Night-vision goggles included
  • Forest Warfare: Camo Ghillie-suit with matching gloves and boots. Also includes hood and night-vision goggles
  • Desert Warfare: Tan/brown camo jacket and pants with brown boots and gloves. Did you know he likes Night-vision goggles? Because he has some for desert warfare, too.
  • He also wears any suit a certain faction is paying him wear while killing people.


He is, by all means, not very complicated. He shoots things, gets paid, looks for another job involving shooting things, rinse, and repeat. He treats his work like a day at the office, joking about stabbing someone through the neck like a guy at a desk job telling a story about the antics of a few coworkers. When he is not looking for a job or working, he spends his time at bars, drinking away a past he wants so much to forget, watching the latest dramas involving either drugs, zombies, or people dying on TV, or playing Solitaire on his computer. When he fights alongside others, he is like biological warfare. You send him in an area like a living bomb where he does his job showing not the slightest case of wanting to know the other sides' stories or reasoning. His monotone speech and nonchalant manner has earned him the nickname "Greyscale".

When conversing with others, he has no sense of what an analogy or a metaphor is. He is literal when he speaks, and gives a simple truth, which has made him the go-to bearer of bad news. He doesn't care for the crying wives of the men he fought alongside. It's just another job to him



Over the years, Greyscale has learned how to use any sort of firearm available to military personnel, including everything from rifles to pistols to prototype weapons like a handheld Gauss rifle. He can also operate military vehicles, air, land, and sea. He has a lot of experience with lethal equipment like grenades, C4, and even more experimental tech.

Other than skills with ranged weapons, Greyscale is adept at close combat. With a knife, he can turn a bunker into an underground ghost town, with bodies stashed behind crates, underneath pallets and machinery, and duct-taped to the ceiling. It is also rumored that he can stand tall against Mobians with superpowers using a mixture of skill and tactics.

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