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Extreme Gear, sometimes known as EX, is a mode of transportation in Earth/Mobius. They are capable of allowing their rider to fly, or at least hover, at high speeds, and can reach speeds of 200 to almost 400 miles-per-hour. Originally, they had to be fuelled by air, but, thanks to the discovery by Orez Yt-Ivarg, the need of air was dropped. The EX World Grand Prix and International Extreme Gear Competition are both tournaments for Extreme Gear racers. The Prix is held at Metal City, while the I.E.G.C is commonly held annually at Megalo. Notable EX producing companies include Accevive Corporation (As mentioned in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity), NONAgear created by Delani the Rabbit and its rival Triple X.



Racer Extreme Gear
Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Star, Blue Star II
Jet the Hawk Type-J
Miles "Tails" Prower Yellow Tail
Wave the Swallow Type-W
Knuckles the Echidna Red Rock
Storm the Albatross Type-S
Amy Rose Pink Rose
Cream the Rabbit Smile
Rouge the Bat Temptation
Shadow the Hedgehog Darkness, Black Shot
Dr. Eggman E-gear
Silver the Hedgehog Psychic Wave
Blaze the Cat Flame Lance
Vector the Crocodile Hard Boiled
Metal Sonic Metal Star
E-10000B E-gearR
SEGA All-Stars
NiGHTS Night Sky
Ulala Channel5
Amigo Rhythm Machine
Billy Hatcher Power Egg
Avatar (Xbox 360) Avatar-M


Racer Extreme Gear Note
Flash the Hedgehog Green Lightning
Butterfly the Rabbit Coral
Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog Fast Fashion
Alexis the Fox Flower Frenzy
Michelle the Cat Show Stopper
Bella the Bandicoot Hot Pepper
Dragonfly the Rabbit Legion
Wreck the Weasel Purple Predator
Kori the Squirrel Sam
Nikki the Hedgehog Beautiful Flare Created by her friend Starlight the Hedgehog
Natalya the Raven Sharpshooter
Bladez the Hedgehog Sky Blade Built by Lewis the Fox
Stinkfly the Rabbit Swift
Dash the Falcon Type-D
Mystic Monkey Aeroga
Nack the Weasel Marvelous Queen
Grace the Squirrel Ice Inlines

Built by Uncle Chuck with assistance from Tails; sketch provided by Grace herself

Will the Echidna Fine Line Built by Kyle Prower
Sunshine the Rabbit Solarbeam
Destiney the Hedgehog

Time jewel

J.J the Hawk Type J.J Built by J.J the Hawk
Stardust the Cat Type S Built by J.J the Hawk
Boulder the Falcon Type B
Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) Orange Astro Built by Tails

Patricia the Skunk

Black Skunk

Built by Tails

Tynic The Hedgehog Ty-Strike
SEGA All-Stars
Jacky Bryant Crimson Flash
Ristar White Comet
Vyse Sapphire Moon
Alex Kidd Sukopako v2


Company Extreme Gear
NONAgear Cloud
Cream Dream
Green Comet
Purple Moon
Triple X XXX
Accevive Corp./Accelovice Majority of canon Extreme Gear.


Sonic Aero Riders

In this game it will be possible to actually make custom made Extreme Gears using pre-existing parts of other board, bikes and yachts you unlocked or purchased in the game. Extreme Gear will come in 3 major parts. The front, the stand or seat and the engine. Once the parts have been chosen the Extreme Gear can be coloured and decorated with patterns. Afterwards the player can add 3-5 gears, primary gear and 2 or 4 secondary gears that can be unclocked and switched during race. Depending on what parts and gears you use may cause the Extreme Gear to transform during racing, such as from a board to a bike, though non-board Extreme Gears can also be made. After an Extreme Gear is made you can name them and write a description for them. Custom made Extreme Gears will be used by everyone (except Dr. Eggman who can ride custom made bikes). It is undecided if Skate or Wheel Gears will be reintroduced.

  • Also, "Yacht" Extreme Gears are now scooter like and handled like waterskiing.
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