ExtremeSpeed is a high-speed physical attack with great power.


It involves the user moving at speeds so fast that they are invisible to the normal eye. The sheer speed of this move makes each impact on the opponent immense, and the move is actually capable of slicing through large enemy numbers.


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Species Users


  • Quick Attack: A weaker & slower variant.
  • Mach Punch: Like Quick Attack, but involves striking the foe with a fist instead of performing a tackle.
  • Aqua Jet: A Water-aligned variant of similar strength to Quick Attack.
  • Flash Strike: Kyle Tyris' special skill involves this. By using the power of the two gems in the Gemblade, Lightning and Wind, he is capable of moving faster than a blink of an eye, allowing him to strike the enemies multiple times and appearing behind them. Delayed reaction hits then ensue, as if someone were only just then attacking them. Kyle is only able to do this with the Gemblade's power, and only for a set amount of time before he slows down, which is not very long at all.

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