Brief Summary of Exspiravit's progress

After his death and return as a ghost, Exspira had ran into a roadblock of massive proportions. In his mortal life, he had a rudimentary grasp of Dark Magic and while no means was he anywhere near mastering Dark Magic he could adequately use it to attack or defend. Now he was unable to use his magic, this meant he was vulnerable. The one feeling he despised above all else, naturally, Exspiravit pondered the dilemma for three weeks until the solution hit him like a blessed rosary to the spectral nads. 

Exspira figured out that his new form was unused to the inherent power that all mages have, so he had to relearn how to cast magic from the ground up, fortunately, he remembered the methods used by his old teacher and tossed himself into training for a total of one hundred years. His drive to relearn his magic and never again feel vulnerable the only thing that kept him going. After one hundred years have passed, Exspira found himself more magically attuned then when he was alive.

Fire Magic Spells

Exspira's most used branch of magic after his death and return to the mortal plane as a ghost, this branch of magic was one of the two boons granted to him by his talking sword Charon, Exspira had taken a liking to this magic over his own innate Dark Magic. Even going so far as to fuse his darkness magic and fire magic together and harnessing the resultant dark fire magic with the same lethal proficiency as fire magic. Spells can be used at any range.

Dark Magic Spells

This branch of magic is his lesser used magic, mostly using it as the second catalyst to create his Dark Fire Magic. However, he is still capable of using Dark Magic to his advantage when his Fire Magic isn't the best choice for his situation. Spells can be used at any distance, so long as there are shadows nearby.

Dark Fire Magic Spells

This branch of magic is the fusion of the branches of Fire and Darkness, also Exspiravit's trademark style of magic based combat. Focusing solely on the total annihilation of the enemy and capable of producing nigh inextinguishable black flames, this magic is dangerous not only to the enemy, but to Exspira himself. It is for this reason that Exspira almost always uses his sword Charon as the catalyst for his magic. If Exspira is using Charon, spells can be used from mid to long range without backlash.

  • Dark Nova: Dark Fire variant of Blast Burn.
  • Ebonfire Slash: Dark Fire variant of Inferno Slash.
  • Blackened Rush: Dark Fire variant of Shadow-Haunt.
  • Ebonfire Conflageration: Dark Fire variant of Advance Dark Singularity.
  • Blades of the Ash Seekers: Exspira wills black flames to appear on Charon or the weapons of any one ally, boosting the damage potential and giving what may be a close range weapon some mid-range capabilities.

Ghostly Magic Spells

This isn't really a branch of magic that is learned as much as it's acquired, how one acquires Ghostly Magic is by dying and becoming a ghost.  This was the first branch of magic that Exspira discovered he was capable of using. Spells can be used at any range.

  • Ethereal Conflageration: Ghost variant of Advance Dark Singularity, meant to reduce movement speed by 3/4th's while inflicting crush damage on an opponent.
  • Phase-Lock Storm: Ghost variant of Magma Storm, focusing on 'locking' an enemy between corporeality and incorporeality while an eldritch storm closes in on them.
  • Tangibility Release: Focuses more on avoiding physical attacks by having them slip through him.
  • Body snatch: Focuses on taking control of an opponent's body or body parts, could also include organs, once in control he could induce a variety of maladies.

Bone Magic Spells

Exspira had found himself capable of this during his first fifty years of being a ghost, having had Charon in his possession, he had gone about experimenting to see the benefits that the talking sword granted him as well as relearn how to use magic as a ghost. Bone Magic was one of the fruits of his experiments. Most of Exspira's Bone magic spells require him to be touching his opponent.

  • Skeletal Augmentation: The opening for many other Bone magic spells, focuses on manipulating the skeleton for a variety of different purposes.
  • Skeleton's grip: Focuses on skewering the enemy by grabbing on to an opponent and manipulating their bones to eject bone spikes out of the skin.
  • Bonemolding: Focuses on paralysis by A; Manipulating an opponent's bones to induce Osteosclerosis. B; Manipulating the bones to sever the muscles, ligaments and tendons that allow movement.
  • Skeletal Decrepitating: Focuses on killing by manipulating the opponents bones to rapidly accelerate the production of Osteoplasts and and Osteoclasts or rapidly accelarating the aging of an opponent's skeletal structure.

Physical Attacks

While Exspira may use magic quite often, that doesn't mean he's a slouche when it comes to physical combat, as a mattter of fact he identified that many magicians would crumple like paper when someone actually got into Close Quarters Combat with them. He's also practiced a few combat techniques with his stiletto's for diversity.

  • Blacklight Rakshasa: Exspira grabs a bone stiletto or Charon, there is a half chance he'll fail and injure himself if he uses charon, and coats it in a thin layer of black flames before swinging or thrusting the stiletto in a really fast manner at the opponent. If this technique connects there is a twenty five percent chance of a serious burn being inflicted for each strike that connects. The flames give off the glow that the technique is named after.
  • Phase Shifters palm: Not really a technique, more of a fighting style that takes advantage of Exspira's phasing ability in melee combat. It focuses on timing as one has to unphase at the correct moment to land a kill blow with this. If anyone capable of phasing whom was not a ghost or had internal organs were to try this, they would have to be wary of an opponent trying the same thing to them.
    • EX: Exspira: -phases and thrusts his hand through the dummy's chest, most noteably where a heart would be in a living person before unphasing and yanking his hand out.-
    • The dummy would have a hole the diameter of Exspira's arm in it's chest.
  • Spectral Surge: Exspira delivers four strikes to the chest, Solar Plexus, larynx and neck in rappid succession, channeling his corruptive energy into the strikes. Depending on the force, this attack could rupture organs.
  • Dermal Armor: Bone Force: Exspira manipulates his bones to form a sort of armor underneath his skin, bolstering defenses and increasing the force of his attacks exponentially. Depending on the target, the velocity of Exspira's fist and how dense the dermal bone armor is, Exspira could punch holes through opponents.
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