This is an article about Exspiravit the Ghost Lynx, a character created by Saren the Dark Lynx on 07/30/2015.

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"You know about all those crazy whack jobs who always seem to desire to conquer or destroy the world for what is apparently for sh*ts n giggles? Yeah, I hate being compared to them. I don't want to conquer the world because maintaining some form of singular global government would be too much of a pain to deal with because of the revolts, secret resistance groups and backstabbing politicians involved. I don't want to destroy the world because I live here too, all my cool stuff would be destroyed and I'd possibly end up floating in space for a really long time before landing on an inhabited planet, and that's if I don't choose to willingly fade away!


—Exspiravit explaining some of the variables most would be global tyrants and planet destroyers seem to miss while explaining why he doesn't want to do either.
"You know, I may be dead and all that jazz, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying what the material realm has to offer.. That also includes certain sins of the flesh."
—Exspiravit having one of his moments

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At a first glance, Exspira may seem childish and devious. Which is surprisingly, or unsurprisingly depending one one's viewpoint, true. However, this doesn't mean he isn't intelligent or incapable of being mature when the time calls for it. One might also call him weird or off his rocker because he argues with his sword 'Charon' over various things, such as Charon not telling him the full story on things, or Charon saying things that should not be said at the wrong time, namely when Exspira is talking to others. This led to Exspira coining the term 'cock block' sword whenever he refers to Charon. Something which irritates his talking sword and perpetuates the cycle.

He's usually motivated by his own interests, something which leads to conflict with others because others might have objects that he may desire and are unwilling to hand them over, thus leading to a conflict of interests which most always leads to a fight. That isn't to say that Exspira is incapable of being reasoned with. Infact, he has been known to work alongside the good guys in the face of a greater threat. Or, if an object that he desires is essential to making sure the universe, specifically Mobius, doesn't die off or end up destroyed. Chances are he'll lose interest in said object in a heartbeat. One could also sum his personality as 'altruistic' or 'selfish' if they were to try and explain him using just one word.

However, when in battle, Exspira's personality does a somewhat alarming shift. Actually laughing in the face of pain and his enemies in order to give them incense to hit harder. This is because of his masochistic nature, which was formed from a desire to forget that he's dead. Taunting his opponents is another thing he does, particularly to aggravate the hotheaded ones so they'll hit harder, make themselves more predictable and tire out faster. Thus making them easier to take down.

There are many things that can annoy Exspiravit, fewer that can irritate him. But none more so than being looked down upon or underestimated by those who show themselves to be weaker or less skilled than he is. This was seen first hand during his battle against Lilith the Demonette. The battle had started out like normal, with taunts being exchanged and Exspira gauging her capabilities, he found her lacking and when she started postulating herself as above him because she was a 'higher being' Exspira's demeanor shifted to something more callous and uncaring. Outright belittling her and mocking her as the fight continued, he pointed out that she was a petulant child whom had everything handed to her, also calling her weak and inexperienced multiple times as the fight continued.


Exspira started out as a 'what if' of Saren should he not have made any friends and he had continued on with his life within the children of Ach'Nari. As time went on and I roleplayed as him further, I tinkered with the idea that he could be a counterpart of Saren from a doomed mobius and thus, his anti-thesis. Whereas Saren was a stealthy assassin type. Exspira was an upfront brawling type, preferring to get up real close to his enemies while Saren preferred using tricks and his surroundings to his advantage.

This was further played upon by Exspira being a full on ghost while Saren was a half ghost. His powers had went through several revisions but I eventually settled upon Bone manipulation, which is a form of necromancy, and Black flame manipulation, which was a fusion between the elements of fire and darkness. However, there was still the issue of him being rather OP. So I asked FroZenHybrid if he would be able to use his character Charon, a spirit trapped in an indestructible sword. When i found out that Exspira and Charon's abilities were quite similar to each other I thought 'Why not make Charon the source of his bone and black flame powers.' So I did, I had also added in calcium deficiency as a separate weakness though it would technically be linked to bone manipulation.


Thanks to the sword of Charon currently in Exspira's possession. He has found that his powers have been altered and increased due to the resonance between the two and the rather close synchronicity between the his own powers and the swords powers.

Ghostly Physiology

Exspira is capable of certain things as a ghost, such as intangibility, invisibility, possession and a few more, though he hasn't exactly figured out the full benefits and drawbacks of being a ghost.

Capabilities of Intangibility(Ghostly)

Exspira is able to move through objects and ignore most physical effects in their way, exact means how this is done vary between slipping partially into other dimensions, being able to make their own particles move between other particles, being non-physical being of energy, vibrating their molecules into a new quantum frequency, etc. Regardless, Exspira is able to ignore most attacks, physical dangers and gravity.

Capabilities of Invisibiltity(Ghostly)

Exspira can render themselves unseen by the naked eye and become invisible in visible spectrum. The user can move about an environment unseen by others and act without being observed. Exspira could choose to let certain people see him while staying invisible to others. But he hasn't really used this ability much so it's a moot point.

Capabilities of Possession

Exspira can possess or take over the body of any living being, whether sentient or not, by stealing their motor functions and senses. Since Exspira is a spirita, he is fully capable of using the body for his own purposes.

Spectral Manifestation

Exspira has recently shown himself capable of manifesting spectral skeleton appendages capable of lifting objects many times his weight. These Spectral Manifestations aren't exactly limited to hands and such but those are the most commonly seen in terms of use; he can use them to pull himself to far off objects or pull in enemies who are at a range.

Black Flame Manipulation


Exspira is able to manipulate dark flames, both in nature and color (usually black), which is inextinguishable by normal means. The flames are also far more intense than normal flames, incinerating anything to the point of leaving absolutely no byproduct (not even ashes), and even capable of smothering and "burning" normal fire and water. Dark flames do not just burn, they incinerate everything, even normal flames.


  • Burning
  • Dark Fire Attacks
  • Dark Fire Constructs limited only to simplistic Weapons and Armor,
  • Pain Inducement via black flames burning away at flesh continuously
  • Ultimate Burning
  • Teleportation using black flames as a medium

Black Fire Combat


Exspira can combine dark fire with physical combat to devastating effect, this can include surrounding his limbs in dark fire to enhance the damage in their blows, breathing dark flames or creating tools or items out of the dark flames to use as weapons.


  • Dark Fire Aura, a basic technique done by simply igniting ones own body in black flames.
  • Dark Fire Exoskeleton, a more advanced technique done by changing the shape of the flames and controlling their spread.
  • Dark Fire Generation, producing black flames by his own will or from an already existing source.
  • Dark Fire Infusion, by channeling black flames into an object that can handle the heat without melting.
  • Enhanced Combat, by channeling the raw destructive fury of black flames by using his own body as a medium.

Bone Armor and Weapon generation


Exspira, thanks to Charon's secondary power of necromancy, can form bone armor around his 'body' or  shape it from bones for protection and physical boost, in addition he can create weapons from the bones of others or himself if need be.

Applications of Bone Armor and Weaponry

  • Bone Generation
  • Deflection, reinforced armor made entirely of dense bone
  • Dermal Armor, can be exoskeletal on endoskeletal
  • Enhanced Strength, manipulating the density of the bone armor
  • Natural Weaponry, manipulating the sharpness, length, width, density or other factors and ejecting the bone.

Items currently in his possession


A reaper like spirit trapped in a french Cavalry saber that enhances Exspira's latent magicks with his own. Exspira calls him the 'cock block spirit' because of an incident that happened two hundred years ago that Exspira still holds over Charon to this day. Exspira inherited Charon as a family heirloom but was made aware of the spirit sealed away in the French Cavalry sword after his death and return as a ghost.


A spirit trapped in fingerless gloves. He further enhances Exspira's latent fire magicks. He is a huge asshole and a pain to deal with, probably why Exspira gets along so swimmingly well with him. The gloves can generate a whip made of black fire when Exspira clenches his hands into fists and reopens them. Exspira found out about Burick when he saw a peculiar pair of fingerless gloves in a pawn shop that had been closed for the night, he swiped the gloves and burnt the pawn shop before putting on the gloves and Burick making himself known to Exspira.


A spirit trapped in a pair of old boots, she's the sister spirit of Charon, Burick, Thanatos and Mercury. She grants Exspira increased leg strength. Allowing him to run faster, kick harder and jump higher when worn and she keeps the other spirits in line. Exspira had been searching for her for a while, oddly enough, because Burick and Charon constantly kept arguing in his head. He had been searching in a junkyard at the behest of Burick oddly enough. The two's arguing got worse and he collapsed, unable to take the mental strain that the two arguing spirits caused, his hands touched the pair of boots and the arguing ceased. Allowing him to rest, meanwhile, he had a mental conversation with the spirit herself. When he came too, he found the same pair of boots in much better condition than before.

Jagdkommando Tri - Edge Dagger

The Microtech Jagdkommando is a unique knife that has been milled from a solid piece of stainless steel! The blade's three sharpened edges twist as they come to a point while the grooved faces feature drilled holes that flow seamlessly together. The hollow handle has a waffle texture and threaded end cap.

To house the blade, Microtech developed an aluminum "sheath" cover that screws over the blade. The cover has a belt loop with model, manufacture date and serial number. This is the limited, numbered production version of the popular Marfione Custom.

Believe it or not, Exspira actually bought this weapon online using the credit card of some unlucky passerby who's wallet he stole. When he got it he was expecting it to be useless or a fake, turns out it's the real thing and Exspira was happy with the purchase.


Night vision

Cats have special eyes that allow them to see near perfectly in the dark, Exspira is a lynx, which is a type of feline, need I say more?

Catlike flexibility

Exspira is very limber thanks to his feline ancestry, meaning he can bend and twist his body in a way that most non mobians can't, this flexibility is a double edged sword as a good strike to his back will force his body to seize up. 


Exspira, while not being a genius by any stretch of the word, has an understanding of how he himself learns best, which is through repetition. Thus, when he wants to figure something out or apply something he's learned. He'll try multiple times until he gets the desired result. However, this doesn't mean he'll be able to crack firewalls or hack into anything since that's something completely new for him.


Hand to hand combat proficiency

Exspira has trained extensively in hand to hand combat, similar to Saren except for the fact that where Saren excelled at Stealth. Exspira excelled at fighting up close and personal, preferring to fight like he's dancing around in order to use the flow of an enemy's own fighting style against them. Specifically by avoiding blows and going for quick jabs and palm strikes to an opponent's body. He can increase the effectiveness of these blows by coating his hands in black flame or increasing the density of the bones in his hands.

Novice Swordplay

Exspira, ever since finding Charon, has tried to learn swordplay. Since finding a teacher is rather tough and he's a ghost. He's had to make do with what he had, his 'style' clearly shows that he is self taught and is little more than aggressive swinging and blocking mixed in with his flexibility, reflexes and his black flames. Anyone who has had proper instruction or experience could easily trounce him in a proper sword fight.

Twin Stiletto fighting

Exspira, while terrible with a sword. Is actually highly skilled in the use of stiletto's in combat. His style starting off as being deceptively slow in order to assess his opponents. Only for him to slowly up the speed so he can wear down his opponent and then go in for the kill with his offhand stiletto. Many opponents may find it hard to keep track of two blades coming at them in a vicious flurry at the same time.


Magic based attacks

Exspira cannot phase through any form of magic based attack unharmed, if he were to try. He would take the same amount of damage one would normally take if the attack connected. Regardless of whether or not he was phasing, also, depending on the type of spell that connects with Exspira. He'll take double damage.


Exspira is very greedy, so much so that he is easily distracted by expensive objects, monetary goods and generally any and all shiny objects. This can easily come to bite him in the rear if his opponent is not honorable enough, and in a fight to the death who wouldn't take the opportunity, to not take advantage of him being distracted to score in a surprise attack?


Charon is the source of his black flame manipulation and his bone manipulation, so if Charon is knocked out of his hands then Exspira would be unable to use these powers. That puts him in a severe disadvantage against those with supernatural abilities.

Calcium Deficiency

Since Exspira can manipulate the bones in his body, it stands to reason that he would need to monitor his calcium usage, otherwise his bones will go brittle and run the risk of breaking easier. He uses up calcium based on how much he increases the density of his bones for armor, weaponry or to form new bones. Also, the calcium used would depend on the size and density of the bone he formed or regenerated.


Exspira is a ghost or in more specific terms, a malevolent spiritual entity, this means that exorcisms could banish him from the material plane for good, however, only a really strong exorcist could hope to excise Exspira from the world. Should an inexperienced or weak exorcist try, Exspira would feel a drain in his abilities, leaving him vulnerable to a degree but that would also mean he would focus on killing the exorcist as fast as possible. Exorcism is pretty much the only way to permanently kill Exspira for good. However, this very weakness is the sole reason why he will always move to incapacitate or kill the exorcist first in a fight.

Easily Distracted

Exspira has three other spirits in his head, with one being the peacemaker of sorts. The other two, however, tend to argue a lot. Which distracts Exspira quite often even though he may be staring at an opponent. This distraction, while unintentional does have a tendency to screw the ghost over at times. Making it easier for him to be caught off guard by his opponents. How he manages to avoid fatal blows when distracted is usually because one of the spirits alert him or take possession of his body just long enough for him to avoid suffering a fatal injury.

Chronic Migraines

Ever since Exspira found Burick and Fantasia, he has been dealing with chronic migraines that occur as a result of having three spirits live inside his head, while they aren't too bad normally. When the spirits start arguing however, the migraines go from a minor annoyance to a crippling pain real fast. This can be exploited by really strong psychics and those with pain inducement/nerve manipulation as they could induce the three spirits into arguing or stimulate the pain receptors in the brain to bring about a migraine.


Silver is used as a way to inflict serious damage to supernatural entities like werewolves or vampires or even spirits, Saren counts as a spirit so it'd do some damage to him. Since saren is considered an evil spirit, silver could do some major damage to him depending on how its used.


Salt can be used to render a ghost who is currently intangible tangible, meaning they are susceptible to physical attacks in addition to the regular vulnerabilities to magic. Though Exspira does rely on his phasing quite extensively, not as much as Saren does but still quite often, if one were to toss salt on him they would be able to neutralize his phasing. 

Limitations of black flame manipulation

  • The flames created can be difficult to control, and may cause lethal backfire if not handled properly.
  • Since the flames may be inextinguishable by conventional means, it can be very troublesome to deal with the residual flames.
  • Exspira must be careful when using the flames around comrades, to prevent causing unintended casualties.
  • The flames can be extinguished by holy flames of equal or stronger source and holy water could douse the flames.
  • Can be countered by users of White Fire Manipulation or powerful Holy Water users.
  • Exspira cannot use the flames continuously for long periods of time as the energy cost to use these flames is rather high, should he exceed the limit of his power without dispelling the flames then he would fade from existence.

Limitations of bone armor and weapon generation

  • May be limited to manipulating the bones of others or only themselves.
  • Skin may be torn open in order for bones to emerge, and user may be against over-usage.
  • Causing bones to exude from body or break can be still painful.
  • Bone armor and weaponry can still be shattered if an object hits it with more force than the bone armor or weapon can widthstand.

Theme Song

Saxon - Beyond The Grave

Saxon - Beyond The Grave

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