Exodus Gaia
??? (Unknown age) Physically 27
Human/ Overlander/ Ghost
2.2m or 7'2
130kg or 286lb
A rather handsome face with a collection of scars, stark white hair, brown eyes, a athletic build, tanned, muscular arms & torso.
Usually wears a black and white cloak that conceals his face. When he isn’t wearing his clock, he wears a set of black pants and white shirt, with a metal arm brace on both his arms. He sometimes wears a bandanna across his neck &/ or mouth.
??? (Unknown)
Hero (of sorts)
Skills &/ or Abilities:
((Will add later))

"Everybody improves so they can reach perfection, even though it is unreachable to them. I am the one exception."

-Exodus Gaia

Exodus Gaia a oddity in Mobius, as he is both Human/ Overlander and (will find out that he is) a ghost. He is originally from Earth, yet moven to Mobius by an unknown force for a reason the even Exodus doesn’t know, as the event removed most of his memory, whether this was unintentional or not, nobody has the knowledge of that event. He, however, is a warrior of sorts, and will become one of the more powerful ones at that.


Exodus has a rather calm and kind personality, taking the time to take note of the scenery around him and the like. He is a friendly to most of the people he meets, and often takes the time to meet all sorts of characters, no matter if they are interesting or not, he will cherish the time spent with them, even he hates their guts on the inside.

Exodus is one to try and keep the piece in a situation, while keeping his cool and not letting his aggression or sword do the talking. While he has the need to think about something, he mentally blocks out all distractions and you’d need a loud noise or a bright flash of light to wake him out of his ‘dozing and day-dream like state’.

When he is engaged in battle, he ‘former’ personality shows. He is ruthless, and delights in the taste of blood (metaphorically) and will not hold back for a second. He is however, still in control of himself while he is like that, he doesn’t turn insane in a fight and scream random troll like memes at his opponentand is always ahead of his opponent, always multiple steps ahead with a plan of a counterattack in his head, waiting to be used.

History/ Back-story

Exodus, has no major history available to him, other than his past 15 years on Mobius. Upon his arrival in Mobius, he had no recollection of who he was or what was his purpose, the only thing he had one phrase in his mind, 'Exodus Gaia', which he adopted as his name.

He then traveled for a year, or what he called a year, as his sense of time was warped, he took in the sights of the land, whether is was a view of the mountains, the plains below or the amazing beauty of a waterfall. When he was resting in a cave of some sort, he was jumped by two of robbers, both wielding a weapon of some kind, whether it be a knife or a pistol of some sort, they both had one or the other. When they demanded that he handed over his belongings, he declined, then he leapt into action, but being only able take out one, then fell into unconsciousness. After which, he was brutally tortured, leaving his face scarred, which would be a reminder of his weakness. But after a week of being tortured and the like, they suddenly disappeared, and Exodus, (who had been trying to break free of his bonds) had finally broken out of his bindings and then searched the cave.

As he traveled into the cave, he found the bandits little 'stash' of goods that they have pilfered over the years, he found a few things of interest, and small supply of food which would keep him going for a while, a stash of mobiums which could be used for multiple purposes and an interesting sword, interlaced with gold and platinum and diamond embedded in the hilt. It had some properties that he couldn't put his finger on. The sword was about 1.50m in-length or 4'11, but was seemingly light for him, he wondering why the bandits didn't try to use it on him, then he made the assumption that it was to cumbersome for them as it was 50 cm or 1'11 taller than most mobians and/ or it was too heavy. Nonetheless, he kept the sword, and usually practiced with it before going to bed and just after he woke up, at dawn. ((The rest will be written as he is put into more RP's, which will be his history))


Exodus' main power is being able to turn into a ghost, along with other minor powers. The main benefits of his ghost form are;

Ghost Form Powers;-

  • Being invisible to most: Exodus while in his ghost form is invisible to the more weak-minded mobians, using this to his advantage, he can cruise past most of the generic guards on Mobius with-out a care in the world.
  • Increased speed and shorter distance taken: When he is in his ghost form, Exodus is mostly unaffected by gravity, quickening his pace and while his is in the 'ghost world' the distance to one place is shorter than while being on Mobius, and example would be that taking a pace/ step in the 'Ghost World' would be equal to 10 steps an Mobius, therefore, only having to travel 1/10 of the regular distance.
  • Intangibility: The ability to be unable to be touched by most, but some unique weapons are excluded from this group. This ability is useful for walking through solid objects and is used in conjunction with the ability above to walk in a straight path, but if he turns back to normal while going through an object, he suffers a horrible fate.
  • Possession: A ability that Exodus doesn't like to use often for two reasons; 1. It just doesn't feel right to do it, and 2. It costs quite a bit of energy. While it is incredibly useful for serious and pranking reasons, it can't be used on the people who have a strong mind (strong-minded doesn't mean intelligent).
  • Flight: A rather common ability, so I shouldn't have to go into this.
  • Able to see through objects: This is an ability that is very similar to X-ray vision, but can only see through things that don't have a spirit, thought he can see through them, but the amount of visibility depends on the strength of the spirit, the stronger the spirit, the less visibility available.
  • Able to bring people to the ghost world: A rather draining power, he can do this to either protect people from certain attacks or to put an enemy in there to make them unable to attack. The only way that they can return back to the normal world is if the person who put them there is the first place puts them back.

In his ghost form, he appearance doesn't change much, other than he becomes translucent. He doesn't have access to his ghost form as of now, but in a RP, I'll find a way to give him access.

In his Human form, he has a generic power which is;-

Human Form Power;

  • Super-strength: A rather generic power, but useful nonetheless, he isn't as strong as an echinda or crocodile, but he able to match punch for punch with a hedgehog.

Exodus had become an adept swordsman, but is still able to be beaten by a swords master rather easily but giving a bit of a challenge as well.


Exodus will learn techniques in Rps and the like.


I'll add friends/ rivals/ enemies onto the list that have been in Rp's with him.





((Will add later. If you have any ideas for themes, please say them on the talk page.))


  • I didn't JUST want Exodus to be automatically powerful, I want him to grow in his powers and history.
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