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It was about noonish as the sun rested high in the sky. Moonpool, a small settlement town named for a large lake that's shape resembled a cresent moon, was buzzing with activity. Compared to other settlement towns in the badlands, it had a lot going for it. It was located quite some distance away from the Haven, and thus spared of any excess amount of propaganda from the Haven's tyrant. The most you would hear is radio advertisements and the more than frequent television commercial sponsoring hyper-tech industries.

Yet at the same time, it was close enough to the Haven to make bandits think twice about messing with the town. It was also one of the earliest settlement towns established on New Mobius, and would be reaching it's tenth anniversary in just a few weeks. The calm and rather upbeat atmosphere was quite a contrast to how the rest of New Mobius was, making it almost easy to forget just how dangerous New Mobius could be. The only real reminder was the occasional patrols that came through to collect taxes, tributes, and keep an eye out for trouble.

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