Ewan the Hedgelion is the son of Cyo the Lion and Bonnie the Hedgehog and grandson to Ayah the Lioness and Umeme the Lion. He makes his debut in the one shot story called Cyo and Bonnie's son by ScottishArtGuy.


He looks like a skyblue mobian lion but has two hedgehog spikes on his back to show he is part hedgehog.

He wears yellow and red shoes and gloves with golden rings.


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Powers and Abilites

As of being a hybrid of lion and hedgehog, he inherit both abilites from his parents, including:

  • Super Strength: Ewan is strong to lift a full grown man with one hand and even bend metal and punch through glass without injury.
  • Stealthiness: Like his parents, Ewan is very stealthy and can sneak around without being noticed and moves quick in combat.
  • Agility: He is very agile and can leap long distances and jump really high.
  • Roar: As of being part lion, Ewan can roar very loud, so far as 5 miles away the roar can be heard. The roar also work as a shock wave blast to stun enemies.
  • Retractable claws: Like any lions, he can pull in or out his claws to either use them in battle or to get a better grip.
  • Spindash: As being part hedgehog, Ewan can also spindash though he rarely uses it.


He has been trained in combat by both his parents, Sonic and even by Rosie the Echidna at some point. His grandfather Umeme even taught him how to throw a spear.


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