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Cquote1 Kill that punk Twister? HELL YEAH!!!! Cquote2
Evil Twister

Evil Twister is one persona of Twister, he is a gangsta' (gangster) who's ambition is to rule the world and marry the most wives in the world but he isn't strong enough to do that yet so he joined Team Wing along with his sidekick, Little Chooey.

Origin and Personality

It's unknown how exactly Evil Twister came to be,it is known that he is Twister's dark side that somehow escapped his head and began to wrek havoc on the world. His goal is to have at least twenty wives and ultimately rule the world.



  • Luma the Flying Squirrel
  • Little Chooey (Pet Chao and partner in crime



  • Twister (well DUH he IS an evil persona)
  • Anyone who stands in his way of world domination.
  • Anyone who stands in his way for his quest to kill Twister


Most of his moves are variations of Twister's.

Flame thrower - Evil Twister fires a flamethrower fire at enemies in unsion with RMG-24 burning them badly.

Override - Evil Twister and RMG-24 override a robot enemy's circuit and take them over.

Black Smoke - Evil Tister makes black smoke appear, causing breathing trouble for other and making them not able to see.

Evil Twister barrage! - He grabs an enemy then slaps, punches,kicks, and tosses them about then he fires a small laser at them. This does major damage.

Road crusher Twist - Evil Twister twists an enemy then crushes him but this takes a long time to charge up.

Final Combo- A 1000 hit combo.

Evil Babble- He babbles about Villains and Evil beings thus boring the opponent.



"Kill that punkTwister? Hell yeah!"—when he finds out he can kill Twister with any destroyer.

"You dare call me, A PUNK!?!"—when someone tells him he's weak.

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