Evil Johnny

Biographical Information
  • Same as Johnny
Physical Description
  • Mobian Fox (controlled by Rakumei)
Gender Male (although his voice bears a mixture between Rakumei's and himself)
  • Fur: Brown with white scruffy muzzle and white tip of his tail (with darker tone to it)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Red (Rakumei's eyes)
  • 93 lbs.
  • 4' 9"
  • Same as Johnny (except with a darker tone to it)
Romantic Interest
  • None
Political Alignment and Abilities
Team Alignment Various
Alignment Anti-Hero/Neutral

Evil Johnny is Johnny's second "super form", which occurs whenever he summons Rakumei from within his mind, thus allowing her to take full control of both himself and his pyrokinesis. However, his form is quite different than actually summoning her in-person. This can only work when Rakumei has awakened from her dormancy.


Johnny looks somewhat different than in his normal form; his overall appearance has a darker tone to it, along with his fur and muzzle, as well as his tail and his eyes are like Rakumei's. His voice bears a mixture between Rakumei's voice and his own. When enemies see him, they will also see Rakumei's spirit from Johnny's body, as they would result in paralyzing fear, although heroes do not see Rakumei's spirit. When Demon Rakumei takes place, he grows muscles around his arms and his body and his hands grow claws as they tear away through his gloves as they grow upon transformation.


Unlike his normal self, his personality is a mixture between himself and Rakumei's; he is sadistic, cunning, violent, cruel and somewhat insane towards enemies as a form of intimidation. However, he is shown to be allies with other heroes and despite being in his "evil" form, he is still a hero, but also having a more-or-less neutral side, making him more of an anti-hero. He is also shown to have a softer side with Dismal, despite his appearance, knowing that he would protect him at any cost from anyone who would dare try and hurt him.

Furthermore, he is also shown to have little to no mercy towards even the most powerful enemies, and even make brash insults to them before attacking without warning. However, he may not be able to think straight unless switching minds with Rakumei, most likely because his intelligence may have been slightly lowered prior to his transformation.


Despite Johnny's pyrokinetic powers being his main ability, he also wields Rakumei's Spectramancy (with the exception of her own fire and ice abilities), making it a lethal combination and a force to be reckoned with. He is also capable of switching minds to Rakumei, which enables her to take full control of both his body and his pyrokinetic powers. Like Rakumei, he is immune to Dark Spectramancy, being mind-controlled and any Glare abilities used by enemies, and he is able to go through walls or on the ground for a surprise attack (only for Rakumei). Whenever Demon Rakumei takes place, he gains his ability to fly, despite having no wings. His following abilities are:

Fire/Dark Abilities

  • Nightmare Flame Slash (ナイトメアフレイムスラッシュ): His hands manifests a mixture of fire and darkness, which converts into claws and slashes against enemies, which can also grant additional burn damage against stronger enemies from each slash.
  • Dark Inferno Fang (ダークインフェルノ牙): His fangs are coated with fire and darkness and bites down enemies from behind, dealing moderate damage. This, however, would only work for steath by sneaking an enemy behind.
  • Midnight Draco Storm (ミッドナイトドラコのストーム): Johnny rises his arms, as if summoning things, then releases a small, but deadly showers of dark, flaming meteorites that rain down towards enemies, which explode upon impact.
  • Night Fire Shield (ナイトファイアシールド): A defensive-type ability, Johnny opens his palms facing at an incoming attack, which then creates a vortex-like shield between fire and darkness, thus repelling enemy attack. This shield lasts up to 10 seconds before it dissipates.
  • Shadow Lancer (シャドウランサー): His dark/fire aura becomes a rapier-like sword and uses it for thrusting and slashing, thus inflicting minimal damage to foes with each thrust/slash.

Fire/Earth Abilities

  • Molten Rock Smash (溶融ロックのスマッシュ): Johnny grabs a nearby rock or boulder and becomes molten upon carrying it, and chucks it at a nearby enemy and upon breaking on impact, releases hot, scalding lava, which can inflict great damage to enemies. Small rocks that are converted into molten rocks only inflicts small amount of damage.
  • Fissure Eruption (割れ目噴火): One of his useful attacks, he stomps on the ground with one foot with enough force to crack it open as the cracks approach towards an unsuspecting foe, which then rips open and releases a jet of hot flames that shoots from the fissures before the cracks close itself.

Fire/Electric Abilities

  • Thunder Collider (サンダー衝突型加速器): He coats himself with electricity and charges at an enemy, and explodes upon impact, inflicting the foe with electrical damage. At the same time, additional burn damage is added to the foe while arcs of electricity still surrounds the foe.
  • Lightning Stream Blast (ライトニングストリームブラスト): Johnny opens up his hand and his fire/electrical aura surrounds his open hand before releasing a blast of fire and electricity at a small groups of enemies, inflicting serious damage. This, however, would also use up half of his stamina as this attack may become less powerful, as this is basically a one-hit attack.
  • Fire Bolt Slash (火災ボルトスラッシュ): His hands manifests into a mixture of electricity and fire and slashes at enemies, inflicting both burn and electrical damage. Upon electrocution, enemies will be temporarily stunned before the electricity wears off.
  • Flame Charge (炎のチャージ): Engulfs himself in flames and electricity, thus temporarily increasing his attack and defense power by 5% before redirecting back to normal after an attack was used.

Fire/Wind Abilities

  • Heat Gust (熱のガスト): His first (and only) attack consists of creating wind by blowing onto foes with his breath and, while it does not inflict damage to enemies, it can drastically reduce stamina against foes, and heat stroke is likely to occur if staying within the radius of the hot winds for more than 15 seconds. This can also result in an enemy fainting from the hot winds if being caught within the radius for more than 45 seconds.

Other Abilities

One of his unique abilities is that, since Johnny's driving skills are transferred to Rakumei, Rakumei can control him to commandeer his vehicles and, like Johnny's appearance, his vehicles she gains control also becomes a darker tone to it, with its headlights matching Rakumei's eyes, as well as Dark Magic that surrounds the vehicle. Like Rakumei, she can make Johnny's vehicle she's driving it while taking control of Johnny to drive through walls or onto the ground and reappear for a surprise attack for unwary foes.


Evil Johnny's powers can gradually use up his stamina upon using Fire/Spectramancy attacks, as they become less powerful and useful over time; the powerful his attack, the more stamina he uses up, and thus increasing the chance of becoming fatigued. Also, if he was attacked by a strong ice attack, he will be likely to become frozen solid until the ice encasing him eventually thaws out. Despite being powerful, he cannot absorb fire, or any other kinds of kinetic powers, as fire used by enemies can potentially harm him if he is hit. Also, he is not comfortable with Solarmancy unless if he switches his mind to himself from Rakumei.

Quotes (As Rakumei/Johnny)

Do you want your death to be quick and painless, or slow and agonizing?!

The darkness is the least of your worries, because you're in Hell's Kitchen now!

If you're looking for a death warrant, then you've come to the right place, at the right time!

Trust me, darkness and fire doesn't just kill you. Think of if as a double whammy!

Keep that light away for me, unless you want me to PUNCH YOUR LIGHTS OUT! In a merciless manner, that is.

Hehe, your blood tastes like ketchup.

I will tear you apart, one limb at a time!

Quotes (As Demon Rakumei/Johnny)

Ready or not, here comes DEATH!

You can run, but you can't hide, child, for I am once step closer into dismembering you into pieces!

Hmm... you're hurt. How about I put you out of your pathetic misery?!

Time to die!!


  • He still calls people "child" (with the exception of Dismal), most likely because of Johnny's mixed personality, whether or not his mind is switched.
  • Evil Johnny has the same theme songs as Demon Rakumei and Rakumei the Cat, with the exception of Split Worm Aggressive theme from Silent Hill 3.
  • Despite the name, he is not a villain, but rather an anti-hero.
  • Evil Johnny still protects Ryushu, only if Rakumei tells him to do so.
  • Rakumei still drinks blood from enemies while controlling Johnny, but when he reverts to normal, he ends up experiencing nausea and vomiting whenever he tasted blood after being controlled by her.

Theme Song

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