SCAN0001 (1)

Sketch. I intend to have his work set soon.

Biographical Information
  • Looks: 20
  • Actual age: unknown
  • None
Romantic Interests
  • None yet
  • God of Trolls
  • God of Nothing
Team affliction
  • Troll Kingdom
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog, Troll
Gender Male

(Shell form)

  • Fur: Dark silver
  • Hair: Green
  • Chest fur: Darker silver
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Muzzle: Peach/Tan

(True form)

  • Coming soon

(Shell form)

  • Black with red trimmings, leather jacket coat
  • Black army pants
  • red and black combat boots
  • White combat gloves

(True form)

  • Coming soon
Abilities and forms
  • Coming soon.
  • Whatever can be used.
Super Forms
  • Hyper troll mode.
Theme Song
Dark Techno

Dark Techno

Theme song and encounter song.

Instrument Profession
Created by

Flashfire212/Memphis the light

Evil, also known as Evilagram, or Evil, God of Nothing is the supposed God of Trolls, and the ancient enemy of The Elemental Gods.


A cruel being who takes pleasure in causing harm to other mobians and users alike. He has no real alliances nor any real friends. He simply inhabits the world to cause as much trouble as he can. His history to users old and new make him well known and has earned him the title of "God of Trolls" and the "God of Nothing" Ever since the reveal of the undercover User Memph. The Troll king has made his reappearance and has taken the form of the hero Solarestro the Cosmic and altered his appearance to become his official anti-mobian. So begins the reign of the "God of the Trolls" once more.

Notable Abilities

Coming soon.


Cruel, sadistic and lacking any real human compassion. The troll makes his mark on peoples' lives by wrecking them. He loves the terror that he instills in all those who stand around him. For they know that be they friend or allies they will feel his cruel acts a sadism. Be they on his good side or bad, so long as he is in the mood to cause you harm either mentally or physically; he will do so and relish every second of the pleas for him to stop. In battle he uses anything he can get his hands on to batter his opponent. A specific trait that he holds in battle is the fact that he will make sure to pick on any weakness that one may have. If the opponent tries to run away, Evil will stalk his prey until he finishes them off. He does this to such a professional degree that any survivors of the encounter are mentally broken end up suffering from severe paranoia. If a female mobian can get close and kindle a romance, it will be an interesting sight to see. But the troll is very picky about how his girl looks and acts.


  • I SUCK! GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD! *wild laughter*
  • I just want to watch the whole world burn around me. Is that so wrong?
  • Simple my job is to cause users and their stupid creations as much pain as I can.
  • You trying to stop me just makes me L..O..L..
  • I make look like another average troll but I am a hell of a lot more smarter than you.


  • Evil is based off Evilagram, the self-pronounced "God of Nothing", dubbed by the users of the Wiki after the Troll war (Where it took 15 blocks to actually block the guy) as the "God of Trolls"
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