Eve has a few abilities, which are listed here:

Attack Skills


Ice Beam

Due to Eve being a manipulator of ice, this is one of her main attacks. She creates an orb of ice between her hands, (occasionally spins around once) and fires the orb as a beam at her opponent. Due to her ice magic not being too strong, it will only freeze an opponent, depending on: the environment, her current status (if she's injured or not), whether she has the Ice Crystal and her emotions.

Ice Claws

A common ability; Eve's hands change into that of solid ice claws. This can last until either Eve gets rid of them, or if she suffers from high temperature (i.e. a strong fire attack hit her, or the area is too hot.)

Ice Doll

Eve uses this to create clones of herself made from ice. It isn't noticeable that they are clones at first, but when they are struck, the part that was hit turns to its icey appearance. On her own, she can create two clones of herself. With the Ice Crystal, she can create four. However, in the heat, the clones appear identical to Eve, but it is visible they are made of ice, as they have the icey appearance and they are translucent.


This ability is one that Eve can only use when she either has the Ice Crystal with her or if she's experiencing high emotions. Eve creates an ice orb between her hands and spreads her hands to the side in a quick motion. As she does, a wide blast of ice hits her opponent. If used without the Ice Crystal and she is not experiencing high enough emotion; the attack will not work and/or she will suffer fatigue and/or an after-effect (like a sudden drop in her temperature.)


Defence Skills



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