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Eve in Furry Doll Maker (Note: The gloves aren't meant to be fingerless.)

Biographical Information
  • 14 (Current)
  • Nightshade the Twili (Mother)
  • Dus-Kalos the Universal (Father)
  • Trinity the Twili (Half-Sister)
  • ???? (Twin brother)
Romantic Interests
  • Zelve the Cat (Master)
  • Evy. (Pronounced Ee-Vee.)
  • White Omega
  • Zelve
Biological Description
Species Half Twili, Wolf
Gender Female
  • TBA
  • Anemia
  • Depression
  • Possible DiD (Dissociative identity disorder)
  • Cryokinetics
  • Cryomancers
  • Lunarkinesis
  • Lunarmancer (Sometimes)
  • N/A
Super Forms
  • Full Moon Spirit
Voice Acting
THE IDOLM@STER 2 Marionette no Kokoro Takane

THE IDOLM@STER 2 Marionette no Kokoro Takane

Japanese V.A.

Theme Song
Evanescence- Field Of Inoccence lyrics HD

Evanescence- Field Of Inoccence lyrics HD

Main Theme - Field of Innocence (Evanescence)


Eve the Omega is the 14 year old fursona of Nyxilia. A shy girl, she is quite unusual. Her parents are Nightshade the Twili and Dus-Kalos the Universal.


  • Full Name: Amelie Eve Amethyst Night.
  • Age: 14. (10 May.)
  • Japanese VA: Yumi Hara. (The voice of Takane Shijou from The IdolM@ster.)
  • English VA: Nyxilia(?)

History of the Omega

This is about the roleplays/talkplays Eve gets involved in, for her background, see her biography.


Early life

Eve is the sole daughter of Nightshade and Dus-Kalos. Not much is known, but Nightshade always kept Eve close, in fear of losing her. Dus-Kalos and Nightshade only had Eve for three years until she was taken into care.


A devastating time-space event caused by the time lord, Midnight erupted in the city that Eve lived in. Although Nightshade and Dusk tried their hardest to get away from the city, Eve was caught in the main rift and it damaged her mind and physiology. She could feel time going through her mind, the earth turning around her and it nearly sent her insane. So, Midnight took Eve into his care to repay for what he caused. He lowered the effects with a seal, which can't ever be removed, otherwise she would be erased from existence.

First Love and a Close Encounter

In her days of school, she met a male cat who was about 2–3 years older than her called Zelve. He was new, and he defended Eve from a bunch of school bullies. Zelve kissed her in order to get Rachel - Eve's archrival - away. Both Eve and Zelve stated it was their first kiss and Zelve was happy to have had it. He then was guided through the school by Eve.

A few months after meeting, Zelve and Eve's relationship had been known throughout the school. Zelve had gotten back from a last lesson to find Eve in their dorm. He flirted with her and they kissed. It went too far though and Zelve almost lost himself. He realised Eve was underage and quickly stopped himself; feeling guilty. Eve, however, had no clue what just happened.

A Sudden Twist in Fate

When Nightshade and Dus-Kalos found out about Eve's 'close encounter', they were mad. They wanted to deal with Zelve, as Nightshade classed it as Zelve taking advantage of Eve and she wasn't happy. They found out Zelve's location out of the school and with Eve, they went to find him. They arrived at an abandoned mansion where they found Zelve, but he had changed. He was darker. Nightshade attacked him but missed. Dusk soon arrived at the scene and exclaimed how mad he was at Zelve 'touching his baby'. Nightshade called him "a person who uses those younger than them for their own pleasure" and, to her surprise, Zelve said he could do much worse. Nightshade and Dusk fought him, but Dusk was taken out first. Nightshade protected Eve the best she could, but due to a time ability, she was knocked down. Eve was then grabbed by Zelve. To her parents' shock, Zelve jumped out the window of the mansion, taking Eve with him.

New Person, New Purpose

Eve was taken to a warehouse and she was tied to a desk table. Zelve said that he wanted to test something out on her. He seemed to be working on a device, to which Eve questioned. Zelve didn't answer, but instead knocked her out with a sleeping substance. When she woke up, she found the device placed above her chest. Zelve pointed out it was a mind control device. But, it didn't work at first, to Zelve's irritation. He decided to put her in cryostatis, which gave her body new substances and abilities, as well as changed her appearance. This was so that Zelve could have time to figure out what went wrong.

After a few days, he figured it out and let Eve out. Eve was shocked to her sudden change and went to hit Zelve. The device started to work and she stopped on Zelve's orders. The device brainwashed her and she is now currently a servant/slave to Zelve.



Eve was confident, happy, adventurous and excited about everything around her. She always wanted to try new things. Although, there was a bit of self-doubt in her and shyness, but it hardly appeared. She also self-harmed slightly. But nevertheless, she got on with life well, despite the Aevitas-Caelus incident.


Eve is now quiet, very self-doubtful and has a 'depression' issue. She also self-harms when Zelve isn't around. But, she puts Zelve first - although this could be due to the device - and never considers her own health. She doesn't remember anything due to the device, thus she is distant and quite negative. She is said to have a personality disorder, but what it is, is unknown at the present time.

Appearance and Physical Traits


Eve was born with black fur, dark cerise highlights, and purple eyes. Her hair was wavy, and quite long. Due to Aevitas-Caelus, her eyes changed to a split blue and dark pink color. Her skin tone was fair and she was average weight and height. She loved wearing bright colors.


Eve, now due to the cryostatis, has stark-white fur, very wavy hair and light purple eyes with a golden tint. Her skin tone is very pale. She is slightly underweight and is occasionally sick due to her depression, which Zelve doesn't like. She wears dark clothing, mostly with long-sleeved shirts or jackets due to there being cuts on her wrists. She also wears clothing that hides the device above her chest.

Friends, Neutrals and Enemies


Powers & Abilities

See Eve the Omega/Abilities...

Weaknesses & Fears


Fire is a strong weakness and fear to Eve, especially now due to her cryostatis. It can badly damage her body, knock her out for few days and even kill her depending on how powerful the flames are and/or how much fire there is.

Super Forms



  • The Post-Capture Event is similar to that of Jill Valentine from RE5.
  • The term 'Omega' for a wolf is from the film, "Alpha and Omega."


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