Eve Magic is a knight from the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, though her name tends to lead people to assume the hedgehog is actually a mage.

Eve Magic

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, with peach skin & blue markings
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Black open-faced helmet with cobalt-blue detailing
  • Dark grey bodysuit
  • Black torso armor with cobalt-blue detailing
  • Black pauldrons with cobalt-blue patterning
  • Black gauntlet worn on left arm
  • Black hip shields with cobalt-blue patterning
  • Black greaves with cobalt-blue detailing
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsNihlic Clan of Nihlus (Knight)
  • Highly trained archer
  • Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat
Other Information
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Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Eve is an eye-catching young hedgehog; though her highly toned and muscular figure often serves to stun those not familiar with her martial background. Most of Eve's fur is deep black, a very similar color to the night black armor that she wears. However, all across her back and limbs are thin lines of blue fur in a complex spiderweb like pattern, which is most striking across her quills. This shadowy appearance is further offset by her short-cut white hair; shoulder-length and helping to disguise some of the blue spidering lines on her face.

Her eyes are often claimed as being sharp and piercing like a hawks; with the deep violet color often catching people off.


As a sworn knight of the Nihlic Clan; Eve tends to dress in a martial fashion; wearing brown light armor vests and shorts while in the safety of the mists. When dressed properly for combat, however, Eve wears a dark grey bodysuit under a set of black plate armored pieces, each made of blackened steel and detailed with cobalt blue trim and finery. While her torso armor, left-arm gauntlet and greaves are pristine black with blue trim, her pauldrons and hip guards are both painted with a webbing-like design very similar to her natural fur patterning. This pattern is also painted upon her quiver, which is worn in the small of her back.



While many expect the Nihlic Clan to be full of exiled elemental clan warriors or those with a hatred of the established system; Eve often stands out as an example of the clan's fighters to not rely on their element - she lacks one altogether. While her surname often leads people to make the assumption that Eve is some kind of spellcaster or magic user; in truth the surname is one she loathes. Instead, she serves as an armored knight in the defense of the clan that will always follow orders; even the brutal ones called by the head knight Sedrick.

Instead of elemental might; Eve instead makes up for it with highly practiced skill, with her training and talents being poured into archery. An expert archer despite her youth; Eve's skill with a bow is already impressive enough to fire at an incredible rate; often firing four or five arrows in the span of a conventional archer firing one simply because her armor allows her to get away with not constantly repositioning. Furthermore, her choice to wield a Stormsplitter pushes that even further. This bow is optimized and enhanced with alchemic means to function as a killer of Electrical fighters, with any arrows fired from it showing very subtle homing effects, altering arc very faintly in order to strike those wielding lightning in much more vulnerable places. As such, it is rare for Eve to be on the battlefield at the same time as fighters such as Nulla, or she will be carrying a more conventional recurve bow in that instance.

If the opponents get too close and prevent her escape, Eve is an experienced close-quarters fighter, capable of fighting with her hands and feet as well as parrying weapons with her bow or stabbing with arrows. Routine training with other members of her clan has raised her skills in this area to a practiced grace; though she lacks the same close-quarters prowess as the specialists among her clan.


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