This is an article about Evan the Jaguarundi, a character created by Monk the Cat on 09/22/2013.


Evan is a small, ruddy-red jaguarundi. He is only about five years old, and as such is still very small, about 2'6" tall. His fur is short, dense and has a shen, from its water resistance. Evan has white fur on his muzzle, stomach and on his feet. His tail is of average length with possibly a little knob at the end, and is the same ruddy-red as the rest of his fur. His eyes are hazel green, and are rather large for his size. His ears are small, compared to other cats and animals, but are larger than some, like hedgehogs.

Evan wears a pair of basic white gloves, with a stripe on the backhand. He also has a pair of white sneakers that he often takes off to climb. He sometimes wears a pair of black jeans and a bright blue sport coat.


Evan has a very energetic, cheery and innocent personality. He is often very blunt and honest about what he says.He is known for his very kitten-like behavior, such as purring and nuzzling people/things when happy, and pouncing on things like he is hunting. He will also often act very cute and curious, like the kitten he is. He does have a calm and polite side for when his little hyper antics are frowned upon, and can act very civilized... He can also get distracted very easily by things such as yarn or feathers. Due to experiences, he is somewhat scared of reptiles, and has a fear of being eaten.


Evan was orphaned at a very young age, because his parents couldn't take care of him. They left the young kitten in a basket on someone's doorstep, in hopes that he would have a better home. He was found the next day by an adolescent bat, named Shield, who decided to take care of, and raise the kitten. Shield became Evan's new father and thee two have been together, ever since, sharing several fond, and sad memories of each other.

Special Abilities

Being a small kitten, Evan is remarkably fast and agile. He can run at roughly 20 mph, though this might not even be close to the fastest possible, it is still impressive for one as young and small as himself. Evan is also good at acrobatics, and activities such as rope swinging. Evan is also half-way decent at swimming.

Evan also has good hearing, and a strong sense of smell that can often ignore the scents of plants and dampness. His sense of smell may not be that impressive, ethier, but it can be used for basic tracking and identifying. His hearing allows him to listen to tiny sounds, but doesn't really allow him to hear conversations from that far away.


Evan is a very skilled climber, being able to scale tall trees, in usually under a minute. He can also climb up or down, while his face is aimed at the ground, with the aid of his claws. He can also leap from tree-to-tree with ease and style. Evan's other skills include free-running, though he may be too young and small to preform more complicated acts, but he is usually able to clear most of the stuff in his path. Evan is also learning skill with a knife, mainly as a tool. Evan isn't very skilled at fighting but his speed, and sharp little claws can prove a nuisance for weaker opponents.

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