"I didn't realize how much Sonic and his friends changed me. I guess they're the reason I learned to smile"

- Evan speaking to trinity. (Finale of Sonic Jamz)

Evan is a 14/15 year old Mazurian American human (It's like African American but instead of Africa it is Mazuri) in Sonic Jamz and is the foster brother to Noah and Issac. He is a professional martial artist and has won only one tournament at the age of 13. He is a major character in Sonic Jamz and is a companion to the Sonic Heroes and the Freedom Fighters. He was born in Empire City but moved to Station Square.

Early Years

Evan was born 14 years prior to the first episode of the series to a family of 6. He had 2 sisters and one brother. When he was 9, his Mother quit her job and his father (Who was an alcoholic) started to not show up at the house. The 4 children all had to find their own food and due to this Evan was tired of his family. He was disappointing with his mother for not caring much about her family and children and he is especially angry at his father for abandoning them. He leaves and heads for Station Square... A city halfway across the world...

Station Square

After a full on grueling 9 months of walking across the world and sneaking on board a cargo ship headed towards Station Square, Evan is caught by the police and is sent to a Station Square foster home. While there, he meets Noah and Issac, two kids who are a year under him. His foster dad (Who is a retired martial artist) shows the 3 kids a few moves he learned when he used to do martial arts. This inspires Evan to learn Martial arts in order for him to be something "big" in the future. After 4 years of training, he is somehow on the level of many amazing martial artists. He entered his first martial arts tournament at the age of 13 and won but due to disqualification in the finale. Later, Noah meets his actual uncle who is a scientist who is looking for a way to link dimensions. Noah begs for Evan and Issac to accompany him on the test of the machine and the chose to join him. This leads into the first episode of Sonic Jamz we're Evan, Noah and Issac are accidentally thrown into Sonic's world.

Meeting the Sonic Heroes and returning back home

After suddenly appearing on the planet Mobius, he blacked out and woke up in Knotehole village. Here, Tails catered for him until he could officially remember everything. After some confusion and after meeting with the new queen of mobius, Sally, Sonic, Tails and Evan all head straight towards Eggman as he is holding Noah and Issac hostage. On the way, the heroes discover Evans Martial Arts skills and he choose's to fight Eggmans new robot: Photon-Bot. Photon proves a lot more stronger than first thought and Sonic helps out and defeats Photon. Evan begins to train on his own in the forest were he finds angel island. Soon however, Evil Sonic shows his face to the group but he isn't strong enough to combat the group on his own. He is even weaker than Evan is. However, after taking energy from the master emerald, he turns into scourge the hedgehog. This form effortlessly disposes of Evan and his friends. It takes Dark Super Sonic to take him out. Soon after this though, a portal accidentally brings the heroes all they way to Earth again. Tails explains that they need to go back somehow due to the possibly merging but for some reason no signs have started and this allows them to stay longer. After this, Chris Thorndyke returns and shows them what they missed as he is now a scientist. Soon he shows them that he has found no data on worlds combining and blames this on Noah's uncle's experiment which has caused portals to randomly generate everywhere. Evan blames this on himself. He begins his first training session when suddenly all the heroes are all gone. After searching around, he finds Sonic who is looking for everyone when suddenly they are attacked by a Robot boy named Rock aka Mega Man. Evan watches Sonic and Mega Man battle when they all end up in an unknown city. To Evans surprise he find out they had just traveled to an alternate universe. Evan attempts to interfere with Mega Man and Sonic's battle but is stopped by another Robotic boy named Lyric. He has dark skin and in a way kind of looks like Evan. The two fight with the obvious winner being Lyric especially due to him being a robot. Right when Evan looks to be losing, Noah returns and this time with some equipment left over by Tails. They all head into the battle but the 2 humans still seem to be losing when the robotic Sonic Heroes attack them.

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After returning to each of their own worlds. Sonic vanishes which confuses all of the heroes.

During most of the Black Arms arc, Evan is in school which keeps him away from the war between them and the Black Arms. He momentarily tells Shadow that his actions during Westopolis were wrong and that Black Doom is using him. Evan is nowhere to be found during the Blaze arc (Sonic Rush). This is most likely due to school.

S.E.G.A. & S.O.N.I.C.X Arcs

Evan was busy during the first few parts of the arcs (Most of the S.E.G.A. arc in fact) but he returns near the end to rescue The President of The USA from the White House when S.O.N.I.C.X. holds him hostage. He later helps out during the raid on S.O.N.I.C.X.

Riders and 06 arcs

After school ends for Evan in May, the all head out to Soleana which is where the Extreme Gear Grand Prix is happening. Evan competes with his own hoverboard (Extreme Gear) created by Tails. However after losing, he gives it up to Issac who had been feeling left out in the group. However, before the group could go home after fighting jet at Babylon, Eggman revealed his true motives and tried to capture the Princess of Soleanna. Evan wasn't around during most of the plot, however he does try to get to Eggmans carrier through Wave Ocean. He's unsuccessful but he is also involved in collecting the chaos emeralds for Sonic to bring him back to life. After this, the events restore (Due to Elise erasing the events when she blew out Iblis) and act how they would if Eggman never attacked.

Freedom Fighters, Secret Rings, Zero Gravity and Black Knight arcs

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Evan wasn't involved or mentioned much in the Freedom Fighters arc. However, during the early portion where they introduce Trinity, Evan and his friends are the ones who have to recruit her so it sports a very funny interaction (Involving Evan getting thrown into a wall). It's not until the Zero Gravity arc were Evan is brought back which is for a brief appearance on when he found the meteor which he gives to Tails which him, Sonic and Knuckles bring to Westopolis (Which has been rebuilt since Black Dooms invasion) in order to be investigative. He finally makes a bigger appearance in the Black Knight arc along with Noah who in the end, receives Excalibur from Sonic in the end. Noah leaves after this. Evan admits that he needs to be on more adventures with the heroes after this.

Unleashed & Colors arcs

He happens to be in Spongonia during the Unleashed arc when Sonic, Tails and Chip fly in to speak to Professor Pickles. Instead of Professor Pickles having a student tell the group about his capture, Evan tells them about it as well as mentioning that he tried to fight Eggmans robots in order to stop them. He joins them for most of this arc as well as Espio who was trying to save the Professor. Blaze is also thrown into the mix midway through. However, when Professor Pickles tells the group that they need to head to Empire City, Evan doesn't want to go but he is forced. Then, he reveals his past and all the bad memories. He absolutely hates the city, all of it's gang violence and all of the bad memories. While going around (During the Nighttime Rooftop Run section) the city, Evan and the group accidentally run into Evans oldest brother Troy who happens to be going to Medical School. At first, Evan is confused claiming that either everyone in his family should be dead and even if they were alive he wouldn't be able to find them considering how big the city is. Troy tells him that his Dad was arrested and so was his Mother a few years later. They all moved in with a friend of Troy who's parents helped pay for his Collage. After this, Evan stays with his older brother for most of the arc. It's not until after this arc that he leaves Station Square.

1 Year passes and Evan in now a 15 year old boy. When Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles all go decide to check out Eggmans new theme park, Evan gets a head start and goes there first. This is why they meet him at Tropical Resort watching Orbot and Cubot catching Wisps. It's presumed that he left the place before Tropical Resort was destroyed.

Universal Tournament, Rush Adventure & Axis arcs

He's given a slightly larger role during this arc. He happens to enter the tournament to stop Axis the Cat from getting his wish if he wins. In the first round, he fights against Lyric (A Mega Man fan character) who he manages to defeat which makes them 1-1. The next round is Axis who he at first seems to be even with but suddenly, Axis pulls out some hidden strength to be the living heck out of Evan which nearly kills him. After this, Evan is usually a spectator. He stays out of the Rush Adventure arc but returns in the Axis arc to help in the fight with Axis.

Free Riders, Nazo & Generations arcs

The Free Riders arc gives more incite on Trinity and her past, however, Evan plays a role in getting Trinity to like everybody in the group. Evan participates in the tournament once again but he believes that Eggman is hiding behind the scenes. Evan doesn't play much of a role in the Nazo arcs however, he returns in Generations at Sonic's party. He is saved by Sonic after completing Radical Highway. Later, Evan is seen cheering on Sonic to beat Eggman and Robotnick with Cheese, Blaze, Trinity and Silver.

Power Hungry, Gula, Lost World arcs

During the power hungry arc, Evan is once again busy with school (Starting his High School year) but he promises that if problems happen, he'll find a way to help. He is also shown watching during Gula's attack on Spagonia.

Trap and Revival of Nazo arcs

During the Trap arc, Evan is back with the Sonic Heroes due to Winter Break starting up. Him and Trinity seem to get close together during the Trap arc due to their similar pasts making them both slowly connect. Evan returns to action when Nazo destroys G.U.N. on his own.

Season 10 and the Sonic Heroes goodbye

During season 10, he was around to help fight and he also tried to find out where the villains would attack. However, when Nazo tries to attack Trinity, Evan defends her by attacking him. He barely succeeds in giving Sonic & Knuckles the time to find the last Super Emerald. He is killed however, when the Earth is destroyed. The other Sonic heroes fix this by using Chaos Control to warp back in time and stop this from happening. Around this time, a lot of portal holes begin to show up (As side effects from the dimensional traveling seen in the opening episode) and Earth and Mobius slowly begin to move into each other once again. Due to this, the Sonic Heroes choose to leave again like they did in the end of season 2 of Sonic X. Evan pleads for them not to go but decides that it doesn't matter because the world would end up becoming just a bad as it did before. This doesn't stop him from slowly sobbing. The final episode (Day without the heroes) opens with Evan, now 16 years old and living alone in Station Square, calling all of his old friends. None of them answer because they are busy now and he thinks about what life would have been for him and his friends if they never met the Sonic heroes. He goes for a walk when he reunites with Trinity who has nothing to do. She challenges Evan to a race all the way to moonside cliff (She wins) where they sit and watch the sunset. Trinity asks if he misses them and Evan admits that he does. They all reminisce on their adventures with Sonic and friends during the entire series (With "My Dear Friend" from Sonic Unleashed playing in the background) and they kiss at the end. This signals the end of the series.


Evan is seen to be sarcastic and unusually tense. He seems to be terrified of being left behind everybody else which is possibly due to his abandonment from his parents.

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He is of Mazurian decent and because of that he resembles an African American. He has a short haircut with Black hair. His build is quit small for a Martial Artist and he finds that weird but he says it doesn't matter. He usually wears a variety of clothes but the one he wears the most of a black windbreaker jacket and a white shirt under it with jeans (Most likely to avoid changing stuff when animating).

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  • "Why Shadow? Why did you do it? Those people can't be brought back? Those innocent lives can't be brought back? Those men, women and children can't be brought back? No matter how many lives you end... It won't bring back Maria..."

- Evan confronting Shadow about his decision to join the Black Arms

  • "I didn't realize how much Sonic and his friends changed me. I guess they're the reason I learned to smile"

- Evan speaking to trinity. (Finale of Sonic Jamz)

  • "Fate is a lie. I was told that a kid like myself would be committing suicide by trying to reach Station Square all those years ago... and look where it landed me..."

- Telling Silver that it is possible to destroy solaris


  • In the english dub of Sonic Jamz, he somehow knows Japanese and this is reversed in the Japanese dub.
  • It's possible that the reason that Evan is kept out of the team for a while between Season 2 and 4 is because they didn't want a repeat of Chris Thorndyke hatebase.
  • He's actually won the childrens martial art tournement of Station Sqaure at age 11. This isn't mentioned much but he also competed in the Martial Arts tournement of Station Square (The one for adults) even though he was only 13. He won by disqalification.


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Season 6-8 [3] (Doppler Stage Violin remix, Mega Man X3)

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