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Infested: take Sarah Kerrigan, and replace her with Eva

Not Infested: Blue Jeans, Black Shoes (with light speed attachment), Red Fur, Hazel Eyes, Red Hair, Black Shirt


Not Infested: kind, loving, caring, determined

Infested: Harsh, brutal, determined to have the overmind assimilate everything into itself and rule supreme


before becoming infested when a infested Terran Battlecruiser crashed into Crisis City, she was raised by abusive parents, and was then saved by Jayhawk The Hedgehog. the two have been girl and boy ever sense. when Eva became infested, Jayhawk took the blame on himself and gathered small pockets of resistance to combat the Zerg. now in danger of being hunted down by one of Jay's old time rivals, she will do whatever it takes to see the world become one with the Swarm


Not Infested: Flight (wings come from her back), Chaos Energy, Chaos Control

Infested: Psionic Abilities, Enhanced Chaotic Powers


Infested: Kinetic Blast (gets into ones mind, and blows a cluster of minds all at once)

Not Infested: Hell's Angel (makes all chaos emeralds, and rings surround her, and make her power levels through the roof, enough to level an entire continent)


none at the moment


seeing Jay 'working for the bad guys', seeing her parents again.

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