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is the daughter of one of the generals within the Kine Warriors; a mercenary faction of Mobius. While some jokingly refer to Eva as being "Princess Kine" or "Princess Murphy", the young hedgehog often laughs it off, still trying her hardest to simply fit in with the other soldiers.


With silvery-grey fur over most of her body, Eva has the look of a fairly prim hedgehog distorted by the ceremonial patterning she regularly applies; a relic of her father's youth in a deep desert tribe that she has adopted as part of her personal culture. Thin cyan lines radiate out from the sides of her caramel muzzle; heading off towards and likely along her quills. A second, more prominent cyan pattern protrudes from between her eyes atop her forehead, a shape vaguely along the lines of the third eye in many cultures. Much of Eva's quills and her platinum blonde hair are hidden by her attire, however, making it difficult to make out much beyond that. Her eyes are a pale blue-green in color; though often viewed as shimmering faintly.


One of the key notes about Eva is the presence of a headscarf more suited to desert wear than any religious symbolism. While she and her father both bear similar headress; hers is a faintly mottled desert orange-yellow camouflage held in place with braided leather straps; with sections long enough to pull up and around to cover her face in case of dust storms or danger. The rest of her clothing is similarly more commonly suited to the desert, with multiple layers worn loosely to help keep the sun off. A white shirt serves as the base for the rest of her uniform, with a larger, faintly mottled woodland camouflage shirt worn atop it; her wrists covered by rose-gold rings to keep sleeves sealed in case of sand. She also wears the fairly standard armored vest over the top of all of that, though hers is a sandy yellow with brown bandoleers over the top. A pair of khaki pants and simple black boots round off the outfit, though again the trousers at her ankles are bound in a seal to prevent sand getting into her clothes.



Eva; like her father and his old tribe before her, possesses the genetic ability Restored Barrier; which is in turn believed to be one of the key reasons why the two choose to bear the ceremonial tattoos and patterns. This ability serves as a mental guard; instilling protection from illusions, false affection, taunts and other "worldly" distractions. Similarly, the ability is also noted to provide some degree of protection against being blinded by sand during sandstorms, though it does little to actually quash or protect the body from the hot desert sand or prevent that same grit getting into the mouth; another positive to their desert headgear.

Eva has a growing reputation within the Kine Warriors for her skill and patience when it comes to long-range combat; and her father has spared no expenses when it comes to her weapon, a powerful and rare Auric Pulse Gauss Rifle. Manufactured by Gilded Dagger Industries, this slow-firing rifle functions on an electromagnetic acceleration circuit, allowing for rounds to be thrown further than a conventional firearm at a much higher speed. Eva's skill with this weapon has been shown time and time again, as the girl has been known to hit targets at ranges counter-snipers cannot believe. That being said, however, the rifle is exceptionally fragile, ensuring that Eva cannot even be carrying it if ambushed and forced into close-quarters combat. If the charge systems break, it is highly likely that the weapon will not be repairable without major expense.

In order to work around that, Eva has multiple other methods of combat. On the one hand, she possesses her father's psychokinesis and aerokinesis, as well as her mother's cryokinetic powers. On the other hand, her wrist-binding rings have retractable blades hidden within, giving her two potent slashing weapons. However, much of Eva's strength in close combat comes from prior preparation - while she can switch to her blades at any given moment, she knows techniques designed to amplify her speed or hone her strength for more powerful bursts, each of which requiring a few free moments in combat to set up. Her sniper's glare can also prove to be effective if given free time to use it, allowing the young hedgehog to spot weak points in her opponent's defenses that she can then pierce or slash. This has allowed her to come up with some fairly snide and cheeky techniques, her most well known among the Kine Warriors being Fabric Release; where she lunges forward and uses her two blades to cut into fabric and armor and then force it off the target. While she is routinely chastised for employing it while sparring, other have noted that doing so would set her up for a much more potent follow-up slash by removing the enemy's armor.

Much of Eva's skill with wind is in a very similar format to her hidden dagger-blades, utilizing it over a distance with multiple sharp air blades or hard hammerblow gusts intended to knock weapons from hands. Occasionally; she has been accused of using these powers for mischievous pranks within the base, but she simply makes the excuse of "practicing". In comparison, Eva's command of Ice is much more defensive. She can create large frozen walls to defend herself and her allies, or unleash sprays of icy slush to slip opponents up. To the surprise of many, Eva seems comfortable in colder environments than her desert attire suggests; though some argue the insulation from the heat that she wears must go both ways. Finally; the psionic powers she inherited from her father are just as commonly employed for pranks as they are for combat. Eva possesses great psychic might that she can utilize in multiple ways; which she normally displays through telekinetic displays with a visual illusion of rainbows.







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