"The world is destroying itself."

  • Euphemia the Bat


  • 17



  • Female


  • Bat



  • Euphie(by everyone)
  • My Idiot Sister(by Mildred)
  • Angel Sis(by Amir)

Relationship Status

  • Single


  • White with black spots

Physical Appearance

  • 3'5"
  • 37 lbs
  • White fur with black spots
  • Tan underbelly
  • Cotton Candy pink hair


  • The environment
  • Peace
  • Playing chess with Zexal
  • Skateboarding with Amir




Romantic Interests

Euphemia(Euphie) is a member of The Chaos Arms. She is the twin sister of the evil Mildred, and older sister of Amir. Griffin has a huge crush on her, but she doesn't really see it until he confesses his love to her. She and Amir raise themselves with the Chaos Arms, since Rouge disappeared on a jewel hunt and Henry died in a sinkhole disaster.


Euphie has white fur with black spots with a tan underbelly and a tan muzzle. She wears a pink bow on her left ear, a red tank, jeans, and pink ballet flats. She gets her purple eyes from Rouge, and from Henry respectively. Her and Amir both have purple eyes, while Mildred has red. She also wields a golden jewel bracelet on her wrist from her mother Rouge. It is said to be the key to one of her super forms, Lightning Euphemia.


Euphie is a gentle character with good intentions. She is sometimes overprotective of Amir, but is mostly carefree. She fights for the people who deserve a life, and she can be quite stubborn if someone doesn't allow her to fight. She is described as being Mildred's polar opposite.


Early Life

Euphie was born to Rouge the Bat and her husband, Henry, in Seaside Hill. She was born the younger twin of her sister, Mildred, who was born two minutes earlier. Her mother was a jewel hunter, and therefore was very nomadic, which meant she moved a lot. When she and Mildred were a year old, Rouge and Henry moved to Grand Metropolis, where she spent a period of her life. Her father was a factory worker, and her mother was still a jewel hunter. Three years later, her and Mildred's brother, Amir, was born, and the family was complete. Euphie went to school for her days.


When Euphie and Amir got home from school one day, they found that Henry died in a major sinkhole disaster at the factory. Even worse, Rouge went missing on a jewel hunt. Mildred was in a deep depression. Euphie tried to keep everyone together with her good naturedness, but Amir was giving up and Mildred was slowly turning dark. Soon, Euphie started to lose hope. She needed help.

Mildred Turns to the Dark Side

Mildred's deep depression wasn't making anything easier. Euphie tried to get her twin sister to stand up again, but she was crossed. Mildred betrayed her by tying her and Amir together in the basement. It was then found that she had formed an alliance with Enchantyes, a dark wizard, and teamed up with The Enchantyes Arms, modeled after the Black Arms. Euphie and Amir went on to hate their sister, and were found by Zexal and Crisis the Hedgehog, the founders of The Chaos Arms. Soon, more resistance followers were found, and the society grew to one of the most powerful.



Euphie gained the power of hydrokinesis from Rouge's jewel bracelet. Along with her super form, Euphie can wield power of the waters. This comes in handy when Euphie somehow can't access her super form.


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Theme Song

"Innocent Days by Hitomi Kurioshi"


Sonic Riders

  • "Sweet like a mango!"-A Rank
  • "That was close to a peachy day."-B Rank
  • "Have I dissapointed the world?"-C Rank
  • "That was so not sweet."-D Rank
  • "Rotten mangoes!"-F Rank

True Quotes

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