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Etugen, the Earthen Guardian, is a deity of the Earth Clan of Temblor.

Physical Appearance

A true behemoth of a beast, Etugen stands almost twenty feet tall at the shoulder, and is forty feet in length from snout to tail tip. Her weight is massive too, being about 737,085 lbs, which is a little over 368 tons.

She is a quadrupedal creature with a large and brawny body, a short neck and a relatively large head. Her limbs are short and thick, and bear large, blunt claws of iridescent, immensely hard crystal. More crystals cover her bulky frame, particularly on her back and shoulders, forming a sort of spiked shell on her body; she also has partially spiked crystals covering her considerably bulky forearms.

Her snout is short and broad, with crystal spikes jutting from her lower jaw like overgrown teeth, and she has thick, crystal horns as well, which extend over the sides of her head and neck like shields; she also has some crystals on her chin and lower jawline. She also has a thick, relatively short tail, which has more crystals running along the top of it.

Her skin is ochre in color, with an earth yellow throat and chest. Her eyes are also Tufts blue in color, with black scleras.



Early Years

Beast Legends


Base Stats
SpeedVery poor
ReflexesVery poor
Other Stats

Etugen is the epitome of a tank, as far as deities go. Boasting defenses in the extreme, her crystalline armor is harder than diamonds; bullets, swords and even missiles won't leave a scratch. Even her skin is difficult to pierce, as it is quite thick, even thicker than the skin of an elephant or rhino. She also has incredible stamina, able to last for a long time in a fight. She has little need for food and water, as she absorbs energy directly from the earth itself, through her crystals.

Her massive defenses are backed up by immense physical strength, able to plow through nearly anything that stands in her way, such as trees, boulders and tanks. She even has the strength to topple a good-sized concrete building with one strike if she so desired. One of her most devastating attacks is when she rears up on her hind legs and simply slams the foe with her sheer bulk, although this attack is very telegraphed.

Being so in-tune with the earth, she is able to detect the smallest of vibrations through her crystalline claws, and can sense when natural seismic phenomena like earthquakes and rockslides are gong to happen nearly two hours in advance. She can also detect anything moving beneath the earth within a two-mile radius.


Etugen is resistant to the Elements of Earth, Light and Inferno. Her incredible durability allows her to shrug off most physical attacks, and she can easily withstand explosions as well. Her sheer strength can allow her to overwhelm other melee combatants if she lands a hit on them, especially if they're considerably smaller than her.


Etugen is weak to the Elements of Water and Darkness. She is pathetically slow, unable to run faster than seven miles an hour, and has virtually no reflexes to speak of, therefore she has no choice but to endure every attack that comes her way; her poor reflexes also cause her attacks to be fairly slow, making it very easy for decently agile opponents to dodge them.

While she does have some ranged, energy-based attacks in her arsenal, they are considerably weaker than her physical ones, so she is overall at a large disadvantage against ranged opponents. Her massive weight would also cause her to sink like a stone in water.

While her resilience is still formidable, it still pales in comparison to her godlike durability; she also has no way to nullify energy-based attacks.

Friends and Foes






Etugen is a beast of simple desires, with her primary one being to protect the land she lives on, as well as all of its inhabitants. While slow to anger, she nevertheless has little qualms in getting rid of people she believes to be a threat to her territory, often via force. She is gracious and gentle to the people she protects, and there are many tales stating how she protected an ancient village from a rockslide by using her body as a living shield.

Positive Traits

Negative Traits

Neutral Traits



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