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Ethix is an Anthrophormic White Wolf created by Mr.gameandfight. He is the second halved Fursona in Mr.gameandfight (The other being Genja). 


At the time of Achella's rise to power, he was trained under the art of soul power, an art that controls the soul under the user's free will. Achella was then told that releasing a soul could be able to bring full power and potential but at high risks. Achella then released his soul into two halves know the cost at hand affected onto himself. The two soul pieces were then composed of Positive and Negative. with the gypsies retrieving the souls and easily manifesting them into beings, Ethix was created along with his Negative Counterpart Genja.

3 Days after manifestation, both side stayed with the gypsies for tending to what they needed to be full beings before walking the planet. Afterwards, Ethix and Genja split up and Genja Tricked him and Ran away. Ethix was then alone and live in a penthouse due to his lack of money. after 4 Weeks, Ethix was lead into a Trail of light made by a Mobian named Yin and easily fell madly in love with her.

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Ethix is very sentimental, cries or loses his temper in moments of emotional stress. He is easily frightened, timid, emotional and clumsy. Unlike Genja, Ethix is mostly afraid of everything (As proven in a moment he ran away from a blooming flower). He is usually running away from something when any of his friends are not with him. Ethix also has a horrible habit of coming up with unorthodox excuses which is possibly stemed from him being corwadly. He would rather run and hide than fight, but becomes more courageous when others are there to support him.

Ethix also will easily fall in love with a girl that has highly exposed mammaries or exploited clothing he comes by (Such as Lemon, Akai, Yin, etc.). This can be easily pointed out due to Ethix's Etremely fast blushing and he starts to shiver more than usual. 

He tends to be too forgiving of the people who are close to him an example would be when Genja was hurting after pranking him back. He also tends to be very guilty after doing certain things such as offending someone or taking consideration to battle.

Powers and Abilities

Snow Abilities

Ethix can create, manipulate, summon, or restore Snow and Hail. he can use them to create mountains, snow, days, blizzars, etc. He could also be able to make Snow-Barriers, projectiles, and potential light armor. his snow abilities can undergo to temperatures to -130 Degrees Ferenheit. His barriers and abilities are hard to counter and destroy them. His Snow Abilities can also be able to weaken someone and make them lose conciousness by sapping their own body heat. By transforming into snow he can easily be able to hide out safetly in snowstorms or blizzards. He can also use his powers to trap, move, or attack his enemies more quicker than expected.

Leadership Skills

Ethix has good Leadership Skills and is capable of pulling together good strategies and plans on his own. an example would be Ethix putting in sacrifices or attacks for someon he cares about like Genja (When Rose, Speed, or Chelsea tempting to attack Genja).


As a Snow User, Ethix could let physical attacks pass through his without injury and could only get wounded with the use of Fire, Lava and Heat. His attacks could also be stopped if his body was broken apart before he could execute his attacks. Ethix is also a coward and doesn't try to be prompted to do different. He would usually run away from his opponents if brought into combat. Ethix is also very clumsy a reason would be at times where Ethix will tend to slip and slide around on a day of heat, or when he is tempted to engage in violence. Also due to sweating and melting, Ethix gains a horrible case of low traction and will have hard times stopping and braking.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 8
Attack 2
Spcl. Atk 3
Defense 9
Spcl. Def 7
Speed 5
Reflexes 8
Spcl. Ref 6
Psyche 4
Intellect 7
Total 64/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Above-Average


Major Battles

Ethix vs. Nathan (Numerously Interuppted)



"H-Hello... Th-there...."


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