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Ethelia is a reoccurring villain in Splice The Hedgehog. She was one of the leading scientists in the Elemental Rings Factory, assigned to work and discover a way to make a stronger line of Elemental Rings. She is the twin sister of Avarice, the head of the Elemental Rings Factory. Unlike her brothers, her quills are far shorter and a little more natural looking. She wears two Elemental Rings on her wrists; A deep blue one for Water, and a shiny cyan one for Ice.
Despite her appearance, she is the one of the highest-ranking members of the Black Rose Orphanage's gang, just below the bosses themselves. She is the lead scientist in the Elemental Rings Inc. and is almost fully in charge of the operations in the Ocean Laboratory--the company's main research facility.

After her crushing defeat in Splice The Hedgehog, she disappeared into the night. Her whereabouts are unknown, and nobody ever heard from her again.

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Ethelia Staff
Ethelia Sprite3
Ethelia is a black furred hedgehog with dark skin. Her hair parts away from her lavender eyes in sets of two bangs. She has short, regular shaped quills, much unlike her twin brother.

She has two outfits she wears; one is a brown shirt with black pants, blue shoes with either black studs or a black patch on the top, and brown socks and belt. The other is a completely white outfit, with a long labcoat. She always wears two Elemental Rings on each wrist, one is water elemental and the other is ice.


Ethelia is a very enthusiastic, hard worker who always tries to put all her effort into things. She is very smart and calculative. She's always planning ahead, and likes to take initiative. She is easily angered and gets very defensive if her work is judged. She feels that her twin brother looks down on her, and doesn't quite realize her full potential. This is the main reason why she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in order to achieve her goals, hoping that he'd notice her brilliance. She actually caused a number of the conflicts occurring in Splice The Hedgehog, due to both trying to prove herself to him, and to get the better of her ex-coworker whom she believe betrayed her.

Deep down, she may not actually be a bad person at heart.

Strengths and Powers

Ethelia Sprite2
Ethelia is an intelligent inventor, who is skilled at creating weapons. She forged her Ice elemental dagger, which she keeps by her at all times. In the same laboratory, she created an even more powerful weapon after she learned of a threat to her plans. She created an elemental staff/gun fusion. Fusing the powers of both water and Ice elemental rings into it, as well as power from the Gemblade itself, she is able to use said elements as
Ethelia StaffTwirl

Ethelia twirling her staff

ammunition to fire as a gun. She can also cast spells in a similar manner to that of the Gemblade's magic, or strike an enemy physically with the two elements at work.
New canvashuiyuiyuiuoi76uytrdgdryge by daft punk girl2-d75khbu-1-

Ethelia wielding her staff. (By Daft-Punk-Girl)

Ethelia is actually surprisingly strong, as she can effectively wield the large staff with one hand. She is a vicious fighter who shows little mercy to her enemies. Being powerful and quick, her ability to use long, spear length weapons is remarkable. Between dishing out major damage by slamming people with her rod, and attacking from a distance with its elemental prowress, she is indeed a dangerous foe.
Ethelia Aero Mech
Ethelia machine Sprite
She is also capable of creating and operating machines, especially ones used for battle. Most notable are her machines used to fight against Splice and co; one being a large, crab-styled walker mech, and the other being a small, flying ship that controlled several smaller units that assisted her in battle.

General Info / Backstory


Contains Spoilers for the fangame, Splice The Hedgehog!

Ethelia Labcoat

Ethelia in a labcoat, by Daft-Punk-Girl.

Ethelia was a lead scientist in the Elemental Rings factory. Her superior position was partly due to her being the main boss' twin sister, but she had the brains to back it up. She supervised an entire crew of scientists, situated in the corporation's Ocean Lab. In her spare time, she worked on various personal projects as a sort of freelance inventor. Her main research, on the other hand, was dedicated to discovering how to further improve their products, the Elemental Rings, in order to release more powerful versions out into the market. However, even Avarice himself struggled to make it past the rings' third stages--which were already powerful enough as they were.

When she learns that her ex co-worker, before resigning, had hidden the fact that he'd discovered an even higher stage of power than they were able to obtain, she quickly grew angry and jealous. When he refused to share his secrets to Avarice, the latter tried to blackmail him back into employment. While he was forced to work for him again, he lacked the one-of-a-kind materials to make any stronger Elemental Rings. Because of that, they had him work in the shadier parts of the organization.

Ethelia resented him for hiding information from her, as they used to work together in the past. She hated to think that he had surpassed her, and thought he was greedy for keeping power to himself. Since then, the majority of her inventions were made in hopes of surpassing and getting back at him.

Years later, during the events of Splice The Hedgehog, she discovered some notes left in Burn's office in the factory, detailing exactly how he was able to make stronger elemental
Ethelia Staff2
rings. It turned out that he sought out the help from Kyle Tyris the third, who used the magic of the legendary Gemblade to enhance the power in the elemental rings. Except, he only made one; An ice elemental ring. With this new information, she set out to find this sword--and claim it for herself.

After successfully stealing the sword for herself, she gets straight to work on figuring out how to use the sword's power. However, she barely had time to get a good look at it before the real owner came barging in. After the big fight broke out, she managed to escape, but only with the gems. The blade itself made it back to Kyle in the end. She continued her research back in the Ocean Lab, rather than the Elemental Rings Factory.

There she had far more time to study the gems. However, progress still went slowly. It took her some time before she was able to successfully and safely extract the power from the gems. Excited, she quickly made a set of fresh new elemental rings using their power, and even went so far as to make herself a new weapon; a long, white and blue rod that harnessed the power of both water and ice elements. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after Kyle faced her again and reclaimed the gems when she realized that, for whatever reason, the new elemental rings were no more powerful than what they had already been producing. Her reaction was not pleasant.

Still, she continued her research in hopes of finding some way to give her an edge. It was then when she remembered the freak lab accident years ago, and how they managed to create a negative elemental ring with frightening power. Using the rings she created through the Gemblade's power, she began to look into how to create negative elements.

In the midst of her research, her subordinate researchers attempted to reenact the incident from long ago using regular, weaker Elemental Rings. The results were still the same, yet to a non-lethal extent. Ethelia was furious when she found out, but fortunately the situation had already been contained by the time she did. She didn't have time to scold them, however, as yet another pressing matter had arisen; The very same negative ring they created years ago, which had escaped into the possession of a young swordsman not long after they sealed it away, had finally been found.

Waiting for this opportunity for several long years, Ethelia had a weapon prepared to destroy it for good. Unfortunately, it lacked all the power it needed to fully eradicate the abomination, but time was short. The man who possessed the ring, whom had been stranded at sea for a time, was already close to making it to shore. She went below the Ocean Laboratory into the submerged facility below, dedicated to creating and operating said weapon. There, she surfaced her ultimate weapon in the works: The Elemental Cannon. She began making the preparations to fire the weapon, even if the blast would strike the island her target was landing on.

Ethelia core defense
Before she could do it, however, Splice and friends emerged with the intention of stopping her. Even though her actions would save lives, Splice argues that sacrificing innocents to save more is the wrong way to go about it. He vowed to deal with things his own way. His group also told her that someone was already there, attempting to stop the menace himself. As far as Ethelia was concerned, everyone on that coast was probably already dead due to the ring's frightful and berserk nature. After a fierce battle, her plans were ultimately thwarted, leaving her to return to
Ethelia Crab Mech
her research on the Negative Elements. Eventually she discovered a safe method of creating these negative elements, and now possesses the first and only set of Negative Elemental Rings in existence. She powered up her weapon with the ability to switch between Negative and Positive energy, laid down the finishing touches on her Crab Walker as well as a new deadly machine, and set back out to catch up with everyone else.

Finally, she finds Splice and co. travelling a frozen tundra, and challenges him to a final battle. When questioned why, she declares that this has nothing to do with the Black Rose or the destructive ring they were after.

She fights them with everything she has, from the Crab Walker to a new
Ethelia Leviathan
mech she dubbed "Leviathan", and finally faced off against them in hand-to-hand combat. The battle was personal to her in that she desperately wanted to prove herself; to Burn, to Avarice, and to herself as deep down she was beginning to doubt herself. Splice evidentally defeats her, and upon learning that she and Burn were once friends, explains the true reasoning behind Burn's actions. Smash then explained to her that the Black Rose gang was defeated, and the Elemental Rings inc. was shut down for good.
Now knowing this, she began to question the worth and morality of her actions against Burn. She began to believe that they were truly the only ones who could destroy the negative ring and defeat the man holding it.

With nothing else to work toward, Ethelia stayed sitting in the snow of Midnight Freeze zone, at a loss of where to go from here and what to do with herself. This was the last time she was ever seen.

Ethelia's Defeat



Contains Spoilers for the fangame, Splice The Hedgehog!

It's difficult to say exactly how I came up with Ethelia. First off, Kapus and I had mentioned that we needed a reoccurring boss in SpTH. Since you only fight Daz once or twice before he joins you, I figured that wouldn't work. Then later on, Ethelia came along, and ended up filling the roll quite nicely.

On the other hand, Ethelia was never intended to be the reoccurring boss in the first place. In fact, she was supposed to be a regular enemy. Not even a boss, but just a plain ol' enemy you fight in a random encounter. Of course, she was grouped with the gangsters from the orphanage; I was in the process of making a variety of random encountered enemies for that gang. She was the last one I made, and the only one who used Elemental Rings, so far. However, somewhere along the lines I tried fitting her on a big machine, as if she were going to be a boss battle. I don't really remember what I was thinking around that time; I think it was an experiment.

It was somewhere around then, (not entirely sure when exactly,) when I realized how strikingly similar she looked to Avarice. Eventually, I decided to make her more than she seemed. Now she starts out as a regular enemy, and graduates to a serious boss. Just to reflect upon her creation.






Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)~ As an important villain, she shows up many times as a reoccurring boss.

Relationships with Other Characters


Avarice The Hedgehog

Avarice is her twin brother, and a main villain in SpTH. He owns the Elemental Rings Factory, where she works. She looks up to him, and constantly tries to prove her usefulness.

Gladius The Hedgehog

Gladius is her younger brother, and the owner of the Black Rose Orphanage. He and Avarice share the position as "Boss" of the gang, yet the orphanage is their main hideout. Ethelia cares for him, yet tries not to get on his bad side at all costs.


Splice The Hedgehog

She didn't really know Splice at first, but he constantly showed up and ruined all of her plans before they reached fruition. It eventually got to the point where she decided to drop everything and try to kill him, despite him being busy with something else at the time.

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