Eternity Park
Game Sonic Dreams
Played As Sonic
Acts 3
Level Theme Carnival
Boss Egg Carousel

Eternity Park is an island-based theme park featured in Sonic Dreams, and it fits the typical Casino theme for the game. It is the fifth level in Sonic's story, the third level in Sonata's story and sixth in Tails story.


Having obtained the Rune Edge with Rouge in Frosty Bunker, Sonic returns to Vectopolis to Tails, Sonata and Shadow (who had obtained a Star Shard in the Trench Cave).

While Rouge and Shadow work on splitting the Star Shard, Sonata asks Sonic about where to find the Chaos Emeralds. He asks why she is searching for them, and she explains that they always end up having something to do with Eggman's plans, and that it would be a better idea to claim them herself than to allow Eggman to in any case. Amy then arrives, begging Sonic to help her rescue Cream from Eggman's goons in the Eternity Park. Both Sonic and Sonata decide to help, reasoning that Eggman must want Cream for some purpose or another.

Sonic and Amy end up splitting of from Sonata and find Cream under attack from the Egg Carousel and Dr Eggman. They rescue her together and chase away Eggman. Cream explains how she and her mother were attacked by the Egg Hydra in Eternal Forest. Sonic and Cream head to Radiant Bastion to investigate while Amy stays behind to help Shadow and Rouge with the Star Shard Fragments.

Sonata ends up getting slightly lost inn the park, but eventually finds Dr. Eggman escaping from his encounter with Sonic and Amy. She gives chase along the Roller Coaster, but he escapes by using the dream energy to manipulate the structure of the ground she was chasing him on. Though this has the unfortunate side effect of allowing Sonata to Spin Dash up to the shuttle to the Egg Battery.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Act Name: Balloon Night
Level Number: 5
Areas: 2
Assist Character: Amy Rose
Boss: Egg Carousel
Previous Stage: Frosty Bunker
Next Stage: Radiant Bastion

Sonic's level introduces more complex uses of Dream Shift to progress through the level, and it is one of only three storyline acts other than the tutorial to require it's use. Compared to his other levels, Eternity Park is quite slow, but also relatively open; there are a number of different ways to reach the level's numerous set pieces, particularly if one abuses the physics engine.

Sonata the Wolf

Sonata the Wolf

Act Name: Carnival Night
Level Number: 3
Areas: 2
Boss: Dr. Eggman (boss)
Previous Stage: Sunken Palace
Next Stage: Egg Battery

Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower

Act Name: Crisis Carnival
Level Number: 6
Areas: 1
Boss: Egg Carousel
Previous Stage: Tempest Forest
Next Stage: Crazy Engine


Eternity Park is fairly standard carnival level fare, if taken to the physical extreme. Glitzy neon lights are almost everywhere, decorating the bins, the pathways and even just the sky. The decorations appear to follow a tropical resort theme, contrasting with the artificiality of... well, everything.

Unlike most carnival levels in the series, Eternity Park has a clear function as a theme park. Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels and Flume Rides are among the attractions present in the level, and most of them have some part in the level - mostly due to Eggmans experimentation with Dream Energy on Vectopolis.

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