Estrella Marina [エストレージャ]
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Estrella Marina [エストレージャ] is a 18 year old genetically enhanced anthropomorphic hedgehog that was created by a scientific organization that was shut down after their experiments caused a world wide catastrophe. After the incidents regarding her background, Estrella was planning on residing in Station Square, but after being saved by Thunder The Hedgehog and his brothers, She now resides in Green Flower City.

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Estrella is a light pinkish hedgehog with long, flowing, rose colored hair that matches her fur and goes below her waist. She has beautiful, deep sea blue eyes, and is often seen wearing a pair of flower shaped hair decs on both sides of her head. She also tends to wear earrings; two on the top of her right ear, two on the side of her left. Her main outfit consists of a short, light blue-ish purple jacket with long sleeves, no shoulders, and stops to bare her midriff. She wears a similarly colored skirt, pair of gloves and boots.


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General Info

Estrella currently lives in Greenflower City. It's currently unclear where exactly she is living, but it's possible that she is in the western district. Though it would make more sense if she were in the eastern side, as she would be a lot closer to Thunder, her boyfriend.

She currently sails alongside Thunder, wanting to share their adventures together. She also owns a matching sailor's uniform, making the two look more like a pair.



Smash, here. I'll be giving some notes and comments on this character in Captivation's place, since I've mostly adopted this character's page. Rather, I basically have free reign since I'm in charge of the series. Still, Captivation can revise or add to this whenever.

To be perfectly honest, there's a lot about this girl that I really don't know about. She only had one major role in a single roleplay (that technically didn't finish but got far enough to be wrapped up and called an episode.) and a minor appearance at the beginning of the Mystery of Skull Cross. So, as far as history goes, I can't really delve too much deeper than the Voyages of Thunder.

Originally, she was an escaped lab experiment from a Mobian Experimentation Facility--the first of its kind in the whole series. Whether she was a kidnapped mobian or an artificial hedgehog was kind of unclear at first, but the first paragraph of the page kinda answers that one. We got a bit of backstory on her, such as how her little sister died in the experiments at the lab. But as far as the whole background on the organization goes, there wasn't a whole lot to go by. They were attempting to make an artificial hedgehog about as close to Sonic as they could, for reasons unknown. But they were somehow affiliated with Dr. Eggman. I'm sure you could fill in the rest, but nothing was really set in stone. Especially since sometime more recently Captivation and I discussed a potential revision to the history of that organization. Affiliation with Eggman is gone, and their goal has been changed to be more of a "Creat the Ultimate Mobian"-esque thing. But what really concerns me is how the organization went crazy in trying to kidnap mobians from all over after Estrella escaped, thus implying that Estrella was their successful "ultimate mobian". (or in hindsight, the perfect Sonic Clone?) Does she have some hidden power that even I don't know about?

My personal theory, all revisions considered, is that Estrella managed to survive all of their horrific experiments and showed some massive potential to be their "ultimate lifeform". But before they could give her all the genetic enhancements that would make her super powered, she ran away. Since she was their ace in the hole, they needed to get her back. In the meantime, they went all out trying to find a substitute in the off chance that they couldn't capture her. So technically, Estrella is normal...but may have some hidden power from previous experiments. After all, she's special. She had to have been the "chosen one" for a reason.

After the Voyages of Thunder, Thunder told Estrella about his life goals in exploring the world. That's when Estrella asked him to join him in this journey. The roleplay pretty much ended with him saying yes, but that was the last we'd seen of her until her brief appearance in The Mystery of Skull Cross.

I took the liberty of expanding on her role in the series after the episode, in making her an official member of Thunder's crew. Gave her a matching Sailor uniform, too. This makes it easy to explain where she's been and what she's been doing all this time, and also gives her a free ticket to appearing in any episode where Thunder is relevant.

I'm also thinking that, given the fact that Thunder's crew is actively seeking out the Mobian Experimentation Facilities, Estrella would have to learn how to fight so that she doesn't become the load. At the very least she should carry some sort of weapon or have some means of defending herself with. She's certainly brave enough to make a stand, so I'm sure she'd make a fine fighter if trained.

I've got a lot to discuss with Captivation.


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Episode 26: The Voyages of Thunder The Hedgehog: Her debut in Smash and Co.'s Roleplay Series. Thunder and his brothers return from a voyage at sea and rescue Estrella from a group of human thugs trying to kidnap her. They part ways, only to meet up again later that night when the thugs come back. After rescuing her a second time, Thunder decides that it would be best to let her stay with them for the time being. But the main thing that bothers them is why they want Estrella...

Episode 31: The End of the World?: Season 1 finale. Estrella is with Thunder for the most part.

Episode 38: Thunder's Mission: After learning the dark secrets of the organization after Estrella, Thunder made a vow to shut them down for good. It's after this when she settles down in Greenflower City.

Episode 67: The Mystery of Skull Cross: Showed up for the meeting and stuck with the gang since.



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Not much is known about her family, other than her little sister whose life was lost to the scientific organization's experiments.





The scientific experimental organization that has facilities set up all across the globe. At first she wanted to simply get away from them, but after Thunder made it clear that he wouldn't stand for anything less than completely wiping them out, she decided to turn against them entirely.

Other characters


Thunder The Hedgehog
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Thunder and Estrella

Thunder and Estrella have a rather tender relationship. She was at first shown to be rather flirty toward him, but his shyness around girls lead to some rather awkward moments. Though Thunder does care for her a lot, and is a bit protective toward her due to her being hunted down when they first met. Eventually, as they came to understand each other's feelings better, they warmed up to a more playful, yet caring level in their relationship. They often tease each other and goof off, which is a bit unlike Thunder as he's more of the serious and hardworking type. Estrella softened him up a little, and he enjoys taking time off to spend with her.

Estrella is officially part of their sailing team now, and even has a matching uniform to Thunder.


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