Esperanto is dark red hedgehog, who has black business-themed clothing. He also has black cap and glasses.


Esperanto cares much about his occupation as business man. Mostly he is making business trips. It makes him social man, but busy person. It doesn't mean he has no time for meeting people.

Strenghts and powers

Esperanto's clothes are made of fabric, which absorbs heat effectively. It can also turn the heat and the light pointing it into dark energy.

General info

Esperanto owns Coloanian corporation called gregologic. It's mission is to list information about certain cities criminality and eliminate it by informing about it to the local heroes of the town.


Esperanto is responsible man, whose activity and creativity led him found gregologic called anti-criminal corporation. He likes polices, but trusts them too much. It once led him to trust a fake police "Theodore Asparagus", who made a town where Esperanto lives to believe he fights against criminals too. His fondness to law and police work led him to found corporation which lists plans and suggestions on how to get rid of the criminals. His parents ignores him, cause in their eyes, Esperanto was absent-minded and stubborn. Esperanto's other target was to show to his parents, that even stubborn boy can reach for the stars. He ended up finding Amorevole the Hedgehog and volunteered to be the adoptive father of Rico the cat, who had no parents and was jealous that he had no good parents like his wife has. 

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