Eso is a esokinetic cat with a skill of raising Chao. He has a Chao named Angus. He is friends with Kirishima the Snake and has an interest in females.


Eso has purple fur and a badge belly. He has a green right eye with hair covering his red left eye. He has big ears and a black nose with a badge muzzle. He has a black vest and red and yellow Shadow-like shoes. He has a long tail.


Eso is a carefree person usually with a happy attitude, unless coconuts are the only resource of food he has (he hates them). If he encounters a female that sparks his interest, he usually hides away.


Eso was born in a now unknown place. His parents died when he was about 3, and he found out about his esokinetic powers when he raged at the killers. He eventually went to live on Westside Island with a job of raising Chao. He travels from Westside Island to places like Knothole.


Eso has the power of esokinesis (as the name suggests), allowing him to manipulate reality much like Infinite. He usually uses it to make food, but he also uses it for other things.


Eso, like many cats, have supreme agility. He enjoys using it to climb up trees and hide away from romantic interests or crabs. He also uses it to jump on top of rocks so he can see where the nearest source of food is.


Eso studied Judo for a time when he was about 9. He is skilled in it even now, and when faced with a confrontation, he usually uses this to fight.


Eso has a fear of crabs for he thinks their claws are intimidating, although the crabs where he lives are quite friendly. He also has a weakness for women, which he can be easily manipulated by.

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