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Esmeralda Vida is a short hedgehog with short, greenish-blond hair and green spikes. She wears a traditional kimono and carries around a fan with an emerald on it. She wears traditional chinese sandels. She carries around a dark green almost emerald parasol that has a emerald stenciled into it that glows when her Final is ready to use and it hides her sword and she can use the parasol to block enemy attacks

In LL2 and 3, Esmeralda adopts a green yukata as her formal wear and has 2 bladed green fans tucked into the yukata sash. Her parasol is longer and a shade of green darker, representing the shadow side of her. In Arena Mode, she changes into a green qipao that was an alternate costume in LL1's Arena Mode. Esme also keeps her sandals from LL1.


Esmeralda is at first a shy and quiet girl who keeps to herself, not letting people to know her for who she really is.

She comes out of her shy, quiet self when Leon goes to protect her from Dr.Natas's Doom Strike, taking the force of the attack head-on. After that incident she gained a crush on Leon and starting speaking, learning to control her powers a little each day.

During the second in the seven part series, Esmeralda faces her shadow self, who is dressed in just a green bra and panties and her shadow self tells her that both of them were manufactured but, she was the ruling personality.

During LL3 and 4, Esme becomes more outspoken that she starts to ramble on when chatting and as said by Marie, "Esme can keep a conversation going on from dusk to dawn and she isn't even tired."


Esmeralda was born in the slums of Seaside Park and lived with her mother and father with 4 other siblings (2 moved out by the time the series started). The first of her oldest siblings left to start his own company when she was 5, the other left when she was 12, so currently Esme is the oldest in the family. She gained he power of healing at 7 when the local school she went to was attacked by a poisonous cloud shadow that killed off most of the students and teachers. She was the last one targeted by the being and after unconciouslyy absorbing the monster, she gained God's Eternal Touch, an ability that allows her to heal the sick and cure the blind. She was shunned by the people there and so she turned into a shy, quiet girl and developed the ability after witnessing her dad's death.

She worked in Angelo Weaponry to raise money for the household and joined Leon when he protected her from outraged citizens who blamed her for the death of many long ago when she went to the memorial and her friend, Pearl the Cat, died that day trying to protect Esme.


God's Voice: Allows her to take control of an enemy but, if she uses it in excess, she gets weak and exausted.

God Speed: Allows her to heal teammates but at the cost of 1/9th of her health


She gains the power to heal people at the cost of her own life force and also the power to will people to fight for her


Esmeralda is very skilled at fencing and is her greatest asset. She can also make herbs and potions. Esmeralda, being raised in a family with ESP can sense a person's emotions and use it to her advantage.


Poison is extremely hazardous to her since, she's the representation of plants and life. Esmeralda also can't stand people calling her Emerald as calling her true name weakens her ability to heal.


The idea for Esmeralda's weapon came from my love for the RWBY villain, Neo even down to her sword hidden in the parasol

The character in retrospect was based from Neo and Emerald, with Esme's height being based on Neo's height and they both carry a parasol to fight and block and both don't speak when they're introduced. Esmeralda's name though, came from Emerald and her hair is based on Emerald's too (Both have green, short hair)

Her battle theme is Aria of the Soul from Persona 4

Her character theme is Can't give up now by Mary Mary

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