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Ernest is a gray bat, with black wings, and small glasses. His hair parts into five different sections, it flowing down into separate sections below his neck, like a normal bat. His wings have black outsides, and tan insides. He he wears little spectacles, a white lab coat, and black shirt. He wears blue jeans, and he wears tennis shoes.


Ernest is a bit psychotic. He likes to torture people, and is completely evil. He makes good plans, and is smart, but is psychotic. He seems nice at first, until he becomes obsessed with a person and begins to torture them. He is much of a sadist, and is completely insane, saying odd things at the oddest of times.



When Ernest was young, he lived in a trailer park with his father. His mother died when he was young, and him and his father lived a poor life. Ernest couldn't get anything he wanted, or anything he needed besides food and necessities to live. His father would occasionally beat him. Ernest disliked his father very much. His father worked long hours, and was rarely ever around. Ernest discovered he liked hurting living things when he started hurting the animals that would roam into the park. He brushed the thrill of hurting off, but one day, he felt the need to actually kill. He one day took his father's gun with him to school, and began to shoot the kids who bullied him. He then shot several of his friends, getting a thrill from it. He was later convicted of the school shooting, and locked up in juvy, until he was eighteen, where he was released on good behavior.

Later life

He also fell in love with Auburn, and they accidentally had a kid. Her name was Alia, and Ernest began to beat them, so Auburn left with Alia. Alia was sent to live with Ernest's sane father. Auburn grew to hate Ernest, as did her sisters. Ernest kidnapped them all once and tortured them. He also asked Auburn where Alia was. Auburn said with a smile,"Not with me," and he let them go. He began to be obsessive with Alia and with finding her. The first time he met her, he made advances torwards her, and Alia began to be disgusted by him and hate him. He then tried to commit suicide many times, and failed. He began to try to ruin Auburn and Alia's lives, as Auburn's sisters' lives as well. He then became Robotnik's ally, and was promised all the money he could get.

Mental Institute

After he became Robotnik's ally, Robotnik betrayed him and had him put in a mental institute where he currently is staying.


Ernest then escaped the mental institute using an elobarote scheme, which then he hired two cats to do his bidding in the RP, Birthday Crash!


Ernest is very smart, but also psychotic. He is a master at chemistry, and can hand make his own ammunition and bombs.


Ernest does not like his own tactics being used against him. He also does not like his own plans being revealed to others, and is very secretive about them.



Lucinda the Angelfox

Ernest completely despises Luce, and wishes to rid the world of her, simply because she was the one that made Auburn promise to never go back. He also despises her for keeping Alia and Auburn away from him. He has almost killed Luce several times, and wishes to kill her and make her feel pain, but it is impossible to kill her unless he has a special ivory gun in possession, and all of them have been destroyed in the RP, Into the Future.

Auburn the Fox

Ernest's relationship with Auburn is complicated. Ernest loves Auburn, but yet wishes her to be dead. Luce constantly keeps protecting her sister from him, and it makes him still love her even more, but wishing to kill her for running away.

Crymson the Cat

Ernest in the present has not yet met Crymson, but in the RP, Into the Future, he wishes her dead along with the rest of the Resistance. He wishes to destroy the Resistance, and more specifically, Luce, Crymson, Static, Twilight, Valencia, Zorovar, and the others.

Twilight the Lycalo

Ernest hates the lycalo for protecting Luce when he constantly is trying to eradicate her, and despises him for being an ally to Luce.


Darth the Wolf

Ernest and Darth are friends, although Ernest can be a bit controlling, but he teaches Darth all of his evil tactics, and sort of thinks of Darth as a brother or son, and wishes Darth to be as great of a villain as himself.

Lulu the Demon

Ernest has a very complicated relationship with Lulu. He places some romantic feelings for her, which she does not return. Ernest and Lulu are a very lethal combo, often causing destruction when they are allies. In the RP, Into the Future, Ernest's feelings for Lulu are stronger, but he hides them now.

Static Nega

Static Nega works for Ernest in the RP, Into the Future. It is shown that Ernest trusts Static Nega very much, as he does all of his allies.

Byrnette the Cat

Byrnette works for Ernest in the RP, Into the Future. Ernest trusts Byrnette as one of his top employees within the government.

Romantic Interests:

Auburn the Fox

Ernest and Auburn briefly dated, and during that relationship, had a daughter, Alia. Ernest began to beat them both, and Luce kept them apart, ending the relationship.

Lulu the Demon

Ernest has very strong romantic feelings towards Lulu, but she currently does not return them, and Lulu even wants to kill him, as he has done too much harm to everyone around him.


  • Ernest and Auburn were once in love, but all that was left of their relationship after they had their kid, was Alia.
  • Ernest hates being lonely
  • Ernest also dislikes women after Auburn and Alia.
  • His real name is Robert, and his middle name is Ernest, and he prefers to be called that.
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