Erisis is a blue hedgehog who stands at an average height, and her weight is equivalent to a feather, being made of energy made her weighless and not solid. Her build has muscular tones and she seems to very lean and almost lanky. She has a peach patch on her stomach, muzzle, and arms. She also has two piercings on her ears, the earings being silver spheres. She has multicolored eyes that turn a solid color depending on her mood. Her tips of her ears and quills are purple.

Her attire consists of a short red top that is sleeveles, and short, ripped jean shorts. She wears fish net leggings and fingerless gloves. She wears white gloves over the fishnet and a purple bracelet over the glove. Her shoes are thigh length black boots that are laced in the back.


Erisis is a very free spirited young lady who doesn't care what other people think. She also is the very embodiment of chaos, so she is very unpredictable, in not just her battle style. She also hates confinement and control, and despises any type of rules. Because of that, she will bend and break any rules given to her, and defy all authority. She also has mood swings and a very eradic behavior.

Her more human, or, Mobian side, is very kind and caring, though she will not hesitate to attack when provoked. Due to having lived for thousands if not millions of years, she has grown quite patient, though she still does not like to wait. She also enjoys interacting with others, and is more of an extrovert, even though she has had little contact with actual people, besides Sonic, and prior to him, Tikal.

She also has a fondness to nature, and should someone destroy it, she will became murderous, to say the least. Her love stems from the fact that Chao have a strong connection to the Chaos Force.


Erisis was born so that Chaos Energy could communicate to the mortal realm. Unfortunately, because the species of Hedgehogs were wiped out, and they were the only ones able to squire the Chaos Sense, they could no longer use this form.

Eventually, they decided to use her to be able to observe the Mobians and learn as much as they could do that when the prophesied was born, they could communicate with him well and understand him. So she then spent her time learning and soaking in as much as she can, and developed a personality, after the emeralds had watched people and decided that she would be more believable if she squired one.

Fast forward many millenniums later, Erisis became Sonic's "guardian" when he was born, and even manipulated people to deliver the Drak Chaos Emerald to Queen Aleena so that Sonic will not die. She then watched over him to make sure that no harm came over him so that the prophesy can come true...


Her powers rely upon the Chaos Force, so any ability that is used from Chaos Energy is a power that she can use. She also can tell whether someone is lying or telling the truth.

The Chaos Energy in her also gives her many kinetic abilities as well, such as phycokinieces, pyrokinetics, and aerokinisis. The reason being is because according to the research of Gerald Robotnik, Chaos Energy flows through everything, therefore that allows her to be able to control the energy in the object, and bend it to her will. Because of that, it makes her one of the strongest characters, but because she is not quite solid, and it requires all seven emeralds to make her solid, she can not attack people because, technically, she exists in between the void where people go through when they Chaos Control. Therefore, she can't attack anyone, making her power utterly useless.


Erisis has superior senses to those of the average Mobian. She has even develop that of the mythical "sixth sense", and can sense people sneaking up on her, making it impossible to surprise her.

Erisis also seems to be able to harden her spines when attacking, as they look soft and rubbery, but when she fights they become hard and stuff. She also seems to be able to harden her body as well; to the point were her body becomes as hard as a diamond, which is a great defensive play.


Like all hedgehogs, she is able to preform basic and some advanced techniques like Sonic, and can preform Spindashes and Homing Attacks. She also can preform a variety of hand to hand combat.

Although it isn't as powerful nor damaging, Erisis can play multiple instruments, with her favorite being the classic violin. She also seems to be able to sing fairly well, though she doesn't do this often.

Erisis can communicate to Chao and can understand what they are saying. She learned this from observing their behavior and help from Chaos. She is also fluent in many other comman languages, whether it be French or what another animal species speak.


Being made of pure energy can have its drawbacks. She is not a solid form, so she can disperse into the air if solidi for to long. She also can not be seen to people who have very little connection to the Chaos Force, and it requires much knowledge of the Chaos Sense to see her.

She also will not hesitate to kill, though she can be merciful if the attacked can defend their injust actions.


Being constructed entirely out of Chaos Energy, she has access to multiple forms. The are listed below:

Pure Form

Her pure form is similar to Tikal when she be causes a small ball of energy. Erisis does this, but she glows brighter and blue, though her color may flicker depending on her mood.

Attack Form/Ceremonial

Whenever Erisis attacks people, her outfit changes. Her gloves become longer and nearly reach her armpit, and the become white with cyan and navy blue diamond pattern on the top and palm of it. Her top stays the same but becomes white, and her jeans morph into a long, flowing white skirt. A green fabric belt wraps around her waist with a ruby colored gem connecting it to the skirt. The front part of the skirt is very short. She wears white leggings tha replace her boots and go mid thigh. She wears no shoes, and purple brackets are on her ankles. She also wields a gold staf adorned with a green emerald.

Her eye color remains multicolored and and she gains three black almost sequin like dots on her lower eyes. Her hair is no longer pulled in a ponytail and goes down to her waist. It still looks flimsy.


  • "I am Erisis the Hedgehog, the living soul and embodiment of the energy that surrounds us: Chais Energy."
  • "Finally, a being that can see me. Oh how long I have waited for this!"
  • "Oh Sonic, son of Chaos and born of the Wind that breathes life into death... If only I could tell you of your fate..."
  • "Shadow was genetically engineered to manipulate the Chaos Force. You, on the other hand... You were chosen. You were saved from death for a reason, and that was not to harm, but to protect the weak and those who can not protect themselves."
  • "Doubt is a weakness that the enemy can exploit and manipulate to their advantage. But, it can be a voice of reason. And reason may save your life one day."
  • "I already know your fate. I am not to interfere, but to watch. It is unfortunately not my place to help you. Time will tell if you will succeed, and that will be because you did it without me..."
  • "Another day... Another night... How many must I endure before the day will finally come...?"


  • Erisis name stems from Eris, the God of Chaos.
  • Though immortal, she can technically die. This requires her to be pulled back into the emeralds and her energy to be dispersed. She can and will come back though.
  • She loves music, and is said to listen to Sonic when he sings. She is proof that Sonic does sing, and said that he had a beautiful voice.
  • Erisis as originally going to be pink.
  • Erisis is voiced by her creator.
  • Erisis eventually revealed that her form was based off of Sonic, but as the emeralds can not see, they couldn't quite mold her to look like Sonic.
  • She was actually the voice in Sonic's head when Sonic was debating on whether he should flee his friends, as he was fearful he would end up harming them.
  • She does not like Shadow because he abuses the Chaos Force and is connected unnaturally.
  • At one point, she even cut off him from the Chaos Force, making him unable to tap into it and draw power from it.
  • In the comic, she plays a very small role and only appears a few times.
  • She is also the only fan character in the comic.
  • There is also a version in which she is not present, so in case people who hate fan characters won't hate on the comic.
  • Her role in the anime version is dramatized and made to last longer, thus, giving her more time and appearances than the comic.
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