This is an article about Erisa, a fan-character created by Chica Nunnally!

This is an article about Erisa, a fan-character co- created by Julia Finitevus!

Cquote1 Maybe we were never supposed to exist. Maybe we were just an accident. A mistake. Oh, Hallelujah! Do we even deserve our ranks?! Our titles?! Suppose we were just at the wrong place at the wrong time?! Maybe... Maybe we don't deserve any of this. At all. Cquote2
Erisa speaking to Aurora

Erisa Taweih
Number of Lives Lived
Unknown (appears to be in early twenties)
Date of Creation
Guardian of the Passed
Kitsune Goddess
Anyone questioning her judgment, cruelty
Intellectual things, good, her friends
Voice Actress
Susan Egan

Erisa is a goddess in ancient kitsune culture. Created by another god whose name is unknown virtually unknown, even to her, she was separated from him due to a great treason she committed in the past. Erisa was later given the task of guarding those who have passed away, all their names kept in a scroll - which has been kept a secret ever since the first day of its creation.


Erisa has always been a high-strung, anxious girl. She is always on her guard, no matter what. She can become rather annoyed if anyone questions her judgment about anything. Erisa is always confused by other cultures, not understanding their concepts.

Erisa often yearns to rejoin with her creator and help him create new works. She is often somewhat competitive to a degree and is also interested in intellectual things.


Erisa is a beige furred kitsune goddess with dark green eyes and auburn hair tipped in burgundy. She has bangs hanging over her forehead and her hair, which is about knee length, is in a long braid. She typically wears an earpiece similar to that of a Bajoran's (as a tribute to Star Trek). Her clothes are a mixture of Greek and Native American. Her white robe is reminiscent of Greek culture, with patterns of gold cloth woven on it. Her footwear is a cross between boots and sandals, the toes being visible while the rest of the foot is covered. Erisa typically wears a necklace similar to that of a Native American's- it has teal and violet beads with the teeth of other animals attached to it.


(Warning!: Spoiler Alert!)

Erisa was created centuries ago by a god whose name remains a mystery to this day. After a great treason she committed, Erisa was separated from her creator and eventually given the task of "Guardian of the Passed" - essentially being the caretaker of a scroll that contains every one of the deceased's names.  To pass the time, Erisa studies other cultures, constantly getting more and more puzzled. At one point, when studying the culture of her own people, she discovers the something called a Lunar Phoenix. Curious about this creature, she attempts to gather more information.

Erisa had recorded all her findings about the Lunar Phoenix as she gathered more information. She eventually wrote the legend of the Lunar Phoenix, which told of a dark and mysterious tyrant who would someday unleash the creature upon Mobius. She told also of a female Echidna who would sacrifice herself to save the world from annihilation. Thousands of years later, the Super Genesis Wave occurs, nearly erasing Erisa from existence. But she manages to survive with her memories intact, trying to figure out whether or not the universe is better off after the Genesis Wave.

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  • Despite having been created very late into the story Hikaru the Kitsune: A Future Hope, Erisa's existence seems to have been hinted at for some time.
  • Erisa wears an earpiece similar to that of a Bajoran's as a minor Star Trek reference. Her having lived multiple lives is a reference to Doctor Who.
  • Erisa is named for the dwarf planet Eris.
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