Emerald Trophy3 Voted Creepiest Character for Spring 2012!
Erika Furudo
Unknown (estimated 18)
Blue fur, hair, and eyes
Victorian stryle white shirt and pink skirt.
3 ft., 3 in.
about 80 pounds
None as of yet
Puzzles, problems, sharpshooting.

Erika the Fox (full name Erika Furudo) is a detective from unknown origins. Believed to be around 18, she is characterized as being very intelligent as well as possessing an excellent memory. She acts very kind when she first meets someone, and has a great facination with puzzles, but in truth she is ruthless and cruel. The only reason she likes problems and mysteries is to show off her own intilect to others. She does however have a severe inferiority complex, and breaks down when she looses or doesn't get her way.


Umineko no Naku koro ni Asymetric Cry

Umineko no Naku koro ni Asymetric Cry

Erika's theme, Asymetric Cry.

Erika is a blue fox, around Sonic's height, and is believed to be around 18. She wears her blue hair in two ponytails, allowing two strands of hair to hang from either side of her face. Her eyes are also a calm blue and she also has long lashes. For attire she wears an elaborate, Victorian style skirt. Her pink dress is ruffled, and splits at the midsection like a corset. Under her pink skirt is a second, dark red dress consisting of several layers. Her shirt is a long sort of sweater, with several puffy shoulders and layers of openings at the wrists. The shirt has a large bow between her chest as well as more ruffles near the opening. Around her neck is a collar, and in her hair she wears an elaborate hat of roses, ruffles and bows.


Umineko Usan no Kaori

Umineko Usan no Kaori

Erika's strange, secong theme.

Erika is kind at first. She's very polite and willing to help anyone who asks for it. She has a great love of puzzles, and is always seen reading mystery books. This is actually a way of boasting her intilect. Erika loves to feel she's the smartest and doesn't care who she hurts to have that feeling. For this reason she's cold and malicious.

If Erika does, however, loose and feel inferior, she'll break down and go virtually insane.

She's also prone to drift into fantasies at seemingly random moments, usually brought on my a single word or phrase that reminds her of the fantasy.


Erika is a skilled detective, and as such has a trained eye. She's also quite smart, and can solve several puzzles and problems. Although she prefers to harass her enemy with riddles and other ways that makes full use of her mind, she uses a gun when push comes to shove, as well as any other convinient weapons.


When it's revealed Erika is a Witch, she summons several powerful Furniture. Because she considers herself a troll, her Furniture are trolls too.

Miley the Cat

A Mobian version of Miley Cyrus, she's Erika's maid. She constantly tries to seduce male characters and sings at random times. Her weakness is her singing, which keeps her distracted long enough for anyone to attack her. Aside from that, she has no powers.


The furniture Erika uses in battle, the Mannschaft are four very powerful Trolls. The Mannschaft (German for "team") are described as "a team of four girls, very powerful and very unstable. They serve Erika with eternal loyalty".

Nicole "Snookie" the Leopard

The Mannschaft leader, Snookie's a Troll and even more volatile that Erika. Her ruthless battle style can match most opponents, however she can only battle after having "drink' (which is actually just flavored water). After fighting hundreds of girls, she's perfected her strategies and created hundreds of new

She goes crazy only when someone knocks over the martini glass of water she always carries, touches her hair, or comments on her orange skin.

Other than that, she has the ability to create a replacement of herself, which is just a traffic cone with a wig.


  • Erika is a Mobian verion of this character from Umineko.
  • Erika considers herself a Troll (because of her cruelty and harassment of other characters), but isn't considered an official Troll.
  • Her full name is Erika Bernkastle Furudo.
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