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Erik Scarlet closely resembles that of a normal human; having formal, dirty-blonde hair, and skin as pale as winter snow. What betrays his true nature however is his blood-red irises, his sharp fangs, and his large bat wings. He typically wears a victorian style noble's outfit with cloak and a jeweled cane. On the rare occasions in which he comes out in daylight, he wears a robe and cowl to shield himself from the sun.


On the surface, he appears to be a social man. He enjoys going to dinner parties with the upper class to improve relations. However, his true nature is rather dark, having little to no care for mortals, save for a select few. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty as he believes that the ends justify the means. The only people that he truly loves are his family, and he will do anything to keep them safe. In times of war, his mindset changes to that of a tactician, constantly weighing the outcomes of a battle and the consequences of each move.


Early Life




Erik Scarlet main form of magic is ancient yet deadly. Hemomancy or Blood Magic is a forbidden form of magic, in which the user controls the blood of himself, or those around him. This form of magic can be extremely brutal, in which the user can literally rend the blood out of his victim with his own will, and then use that blood to heal himself. A Hemomancer can also control the density of blood, from as light as a cloud, to harder than diamond. He can utilize this ability to create weapons, even armor from his own blood, although the armor requires a substantial amount of energy and concentration to maintain. Unlike most forms of magic, which require a magical resource pool like mana or runes, Hemomancy draws on the user's own life force, making this form of magic a Double-Edged Sword.

1. Transfusion: Rends the blood from a single target, dealing damage and healing himself for 20% of damage dealt

2. Crimson Pool: Sinks into a pool of blood, rendering him untargetable for a short period of time. He loses some of his own blood in the process, dealing 15% of his current health to himself

3. Sanguine Sacrifice: Erik intentionally sacrifices a portion of his own health deal damage to surrounding enemies, and improve the damage and healing of transfusion. Damage dealt, healing, and health cost increases with each use up to a cap. This effect stacks up to 4 times

4. Scarlet Arms: Changes the density of the blood currently in use to be as hard as steel, and changes it's form into any weapon he can think of. Daggers are fast but deal less damage, swords deal moderate damage and have a moderate swing speed, and Battleaxe for heavy damage, but slow swing speed.

5. Tides of Red: Deals heavy damage to all enemies surrounding him, healing him for 50% of the damage dealt. Can only be used twice per day due to the amount of energy needed to use the ability.

6. Bloody Resurrection: Whenever Erik's takes lethal damage, and his body is completely destroyed, (turned to ash, melted, etc.) If even a single drop of blood is still intact, Erik can force the cells within that drop to multiply rapidly, effectively reconstructing his body with all memories intact. This ability can only be used once a month, and leaves the user badly weakened for a couple days after use.


With the cursed blood running through his veins, Erik is granted many abilities that no ordinary mortal can have. Being a Vampire, Erik has a heightened intellect, allowing him to perform complex tasks with ease. As an escape mechanic, Erik can transform into a swarm of bats, allowing him to escape the scene of a fight intact. He also has an acute sense of smell and superhuman hearing as well as superhuman speed and strength at night. He can deliver a devastating bite attack to crippled enemies, dealing catastrophic amounts of damage and healing him for a massive amount. Finally, if he takes lethal damage, his body goes into a comatose


Erik Scarlet's giant wings allow him to fly from place to place at a breakneck speed; however it can tire him out if he flies like this constantly for an certain period of time. He can also use his wings to create a strong gust of wind, knocking enemies off balance, if not completely off their feet.


Whenever he is in a pinch, Erik is adept in close range combat. He prefers to use rapiers and great-swords whenever dealing with enemies within their reach. As a last resort, Erik can use his claws as an effective weapon. As for non-combat related skills, Erik is skilled at playing the pipe organ, and creating paintings. He is also highly charismatic, able to sway anyone with a feeble willpower. Creatures with higher willpower, such as Dragons, are immune to this effect.


Being a vampire, Erik loses his superhuman senses, movement, and strength in sunlight. His vision in daylight is under 20/20 and needs to either wear spectacles or contacts in order to see properly. He also needs to feed on blood regularly. Not feeding for an extended period of time will weaken him and can potentially kill him. He is also weak to silver weapons, and holy magics. Garlic isn't lethal to Erik, but it will make him Nauseous.

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