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Erica Sakura: Ultimate Warriors, known in Japan as Erica and Company Great Tournament (エリカと当社グレート'トーナメント, Erika to Tōsha Gurēto Tōnamento), is a fighting game starring Erica Sakura and other fan characters made by YoungOtakuNerd. It is avaliable for thw Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS. The game is rated T for cartoon violence, mild suggestive themes, and mild language.


Name Type Finishing Move Selection Quote
Erica Sakura All-Around "Cheat Code": Erica pulls out a Wii U gamepad/PS3 controller/3DS, inputs a code, and uses this code to K.O. her opponent with one punch. "Excellent choice!"
Punk the Pikachu Power "Thunder Bolt": Punk unleashes a powerful wave of electricity. "Looks like fun!"
Aqua the Guinea Pig Technique "Wonder Whirlpool": Aqua summons a giant wave to wash opponents away. "Let's do this."
Veil Indigo All-Around "Going Viral": Veil turns into her mutant form, using her shadow-manipulating powers to throw opponents far distances, knocking them out in the process. "I won't go easy on you."
Eric Hasu Speed "Releasing the Lotus": Eric uses a lotus to stun, and thus K.O., the opponent. "Let's get this show on the road!"
Maroon Kokoro Technique "Sneak Attack": Maroon sneaks in from behind for a surprise attack. "Better watch your back."
Sara the Tanuki Power "Bringing 'Em to Justice": Sara uses a defective taser to summon a thunder storm. "Looks like we've got a case!"
Maxine the Hybrid Speed "Interrogation": Maxine pins the opponent down and gives them a cartoon-style beat-down. "Let's bring the pain!"
Pixel the Horse Speed "Better Improvise": Pixel unleashes many powerful kicks. "Gotta stay cool..."
Palette the Pig All-Around "Blue Bomb": Palette hands the opponent a blue, cartoon-like bomb, then clears out as it explodes. "Can't wait!"
Allison the Cheshire Cat Technique "Cheshire Chomp": Allison bites down on the opponent, and then proceeds to throw them using her teeth. "Better watch out!..."
Spark the Jellyfish Power "Electro Wave": Spark scares a wave of both water and electricity, combining the powers of Punk and Aqua's finishing moves. "Time to do this!"
Ichigo the Ladybug All-Around "Sky Rocket": Ichigo grabs the opponent, fly upward, tosses them up, and then punches them, sending them flying. "I'll finish 'em off!"
Ursa the Doll Speed "Ribbon Dance": Ursa ribbon dances around the opponent, then uses the ribbon as a lasso to tie up and throw the opponent. "This will be fun!"
Tesla Anima Technique "Experiment Gone Wrong": Tesla accidentally creates a highly volatile chemical, hands it to the opponent, then runs off screaming as it explodes. "How intriguing."


1-Up Central

The top floor of 1-Up Central. Best types: All-Around, Power.

Video Square Streets

The streets of Video Square. Best types: All-Around, Speed, Technique.

Tesla Anima Labs

The base of Tesla's operations. Best types: Speed, Technique.

Apartment Rooftop

The rooftop of Starman Apartments. Best types: Power, Speed.


A stadium patterned after the stadium in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (in Subspace Emmisary). All types have an equal chance on this stage.


A beach patterned after the beach-themed levels throught the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. Best types: Speed, Power, All-Around.

Maroon's Penthouse

Maroon's penthouse at Starman Apartments. Best types: Technique, Power, Speed.

Video Square at Night

Much like the Video Square Streets, but at night and with more hazards. Best types: All-Around, Technique, Power.

Green Hill Zone

Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. Best types: All-Around, Speed.

Eggman Empire

Eggman Empire from the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. Best types: All-Around, Technique.

Knothole Village

Knothole village from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics. Best types: Power, Technique.

Alternate Costumes


  • Ash Ketchum Cosplay
  • WereSeedrian
  • J.P. Shibayama Cosplay


  • Classic Pikachu Palette Swap
  • Gi and Black Belt
  • Team Rocket Uniform


  • Misty Cosplay
  • Mermaid Costume
  • Bathing Suit


  • Rayman Cosplay
  • Meta Knight Cosplay
  • Pink and Red Palette Swap


  • PaRappa the Rapper Cosplay
  • Toon Link Cosplay
  • Wild West Costume


  • Spy Catsuit
  • Cupid Costume
  • Ninja Costume


  • Red Agent Tuxedo
  • Tom Nook Cosplay
  • Grey and Pink Palette Swap


  • Blue Agent Tuxedo
  • K.K. Slider Cosplay
  • Yellow and Green Palette Swap


  • Keldeo Cosplay
  • Blue and Green Palette Swap
  • Sonic the Hedgehog T-Shirt


  • Mega Man Cosplay
  • Purple Dress
  • Green Jumpsuit


  • Queen of Hearts Costume
  • Orange and Purple Palette Swap
  • Kimono


  • Bathing Suit
  • Pirate Costume
  • Samurai Costume


  • Pit Cosplay
  • Kimono
  • Cupid Costume


  • Fancy Dress
  • T-Shirt and Capris
  • Pirate Costume

Tesla Anima

  • Green and Purple Palette Swap
  • Doctor Costume
  • Mad Scientist Costume


  • Many of the alternate costumes involve cosplay or palette swaps.
  • The game is inspired by games such as Super Smash Bros., Tekken, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Sonic the Fighters.
  • Other than cosplay outfits and other references, no characters from other game franchises appear in the game; the only characters in the game are Sonic fan characters.
  • Palette's finishing move, "Blue Bomb", is a reference to Mega Man, as the titular protagonist is sometimes referred to as the "Blue Bomber".
  • Erica's selection quote breaks the fourth wall by saying that the player made an "excellent choice".