Erica Sakura: Sonic Adventures, known in Japan as Erica Featuring Sonic Team (エリカはソニックチームをフィーチャー, Erika wa Sonikku Chīmu o Fīchā), is a fan-made game featuring Erica Sakura and the other members of Team Sweet. In this, the team fights alongside Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters from the games, Sonic X, Sonic Underground, and the Archie comics. The game is for PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS, and is rated E10+ for mild language, fantasy violence, and mild suggestive themes.


Erica Sakura has traveled throughout many different video game lands, but this time, she gets in touch with her roots; Erica, along with Punk and Aqua, tag along with Sonic's crew to be temporary Freedom Fighters.


Fan Characters

Official Characters


Archie Comics

Sonic X

Sonic Underground


  • The gameplay and major cutscenes are mostly like Sonic Heroes, but some cutscenes are like Sonic Rush Adventure.
  • The Sonic X and Sonic Underground categories tie for the least amount of characters, having only two characters each.
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