Erica Sakura: Code Cherry (エリカさくら:コードチェリー, Erika Sakura: Kōdo Cherī) is a Sonic fan character-based fan game starring Erica Sakura and company. It is rated T for mild suggestive themes, fantasy violence, and mild language. It is for Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation 3.


Professor Tesla Anima, a highly revered teenage scientist, was once trying to create the perfect hero; someone noble and pure who can understand a villain's motives and mindset. In the experiment, however, an error caused the "hero" to become defective. This "hero", codenamed "Project: Pandora", was not a hero, but rather a hybrid hero and villain; a girl torn between right and wrong. Her good side would warn people of her evil side, while said evil side would terrorize people with her creator's defective robots.

During this madness, Tesla knew she needed to put an end to her creation's corruption. Luckily, she knew who to summon to catch up with Project: Pandora.

Tesla asked of Erica Sakura to hunt down and contain Project: Pandora, so that Tesla can proceed with her research before trying again.



(*The whole game must be played through to unlock Tesla)


Level Descriptions

Main Square Madness

  • Mission-Save citizens from the defective robots
  • Boss Battle-N/A
  • Acts-2

Rooftop Rampage

  • Mission-Follow Pandora to the end of the level
  • Boss Battle-N/A
  • Acts-2

Underground Brawl

  • Mission-Fight off Ultimate Hunter 284
  • Boss Battle-Ultimate Hunter 284
  • Acts-3

Anima Lab Attack

  • Mission-Gather clues to see why Tesla's experiment failed (4 clues total)
  • Boss Battle-N/A
  • Acts-2

Research Rumble

  • Mission-Use grind rails to get to Professor Tesla without falling (the player gets 6 chances)
  • Boss Battle-N/A
  • Acts-2

Time to Escape

  • Mission-Escape the lab and beat Mega Mecha 735
  • Boss Battle-Mega Mecha 735
  • Acts-3

City Chase

  • Mission-Chase Pandora and save citizens along the way
  • Boss Battle-N/A
  • Acts-2

Back to Main Square

  • Mission-Use grind rails to chase Pandora; falling too many times results in failure (the player gets 4 chances)
  • Boss Battle-N/A
  • Acts-2

Downfall of Pandora

  • Mission-Defeat and capture Pandora
  • Boss Battle-Pandora
  • Acts-3

Items and Power-Ups

Dream Coins

Dream Coins allow you to buy power-ups from 1-Up Central.

1-Up Central Power-Ups

Dream Coins can be used to buy these power-ups.:

  • Amulets-Boost defense
  • Cherries-Increases health capacity
  • Braclet-Boosts strength
  • Strategy Guide-Boosts skill



It's possible to unlock alternate outfits for each character. (Outfits with an asterisk are interchangable; outfits with two asterisks are only interchangable amongst characters of the same gender.):

  • Erica-WereSeedrian Form
  • Punk-Classic Pikachu Palette Swap
  • Aqua-Mermaid Costume*
  • Veil-Meta Knight Cosplay*
  • Eric-PaRappa Cosplay*
  • Maroon-Spy Catsuit and Headset*
  • Sara-Sepia Tone Palette Swap
  • Maxine-Monochrome Palette Swap
  • Pixel-Keldeo Cosplay*
  • Palette-Mega Man Cosplay*
  • Allison-Kimono*
  • Spark-Tank Top and Swim Trunks**
  • Ichigo-Blue, Gold, and White Palette Swap
  • Ursa-Elegant Dress**
  • Tesla-Green and Purple Palette Swap


After completing the game once, the player can play the levels again as Professor Tesla.


New Game

Start a new game and save it in one of six slots.

Load Game

Continue one of your saved games. The player can choose one of the previous levels they've already played, or continue where they left off.


You can watch cutscenes from levels you've already played.


  • Many of the citizens featured in some stages are characters from other video games, some of which were featured in Erica Sakura's Game World.
  • Many "Cosplay" outfits are references based on the character they're for:
    • Veil's color scheme is based off of Meta Knight.
    • Eric's Japanese voice actor is Miyu Irino, who also voiced PaRappa in the PaRappa the Rapper anime.
    • Pixel is a horse, and Keldeo is described as the "Colt Pokemon".
    • Palette's name and color scheme is based on the reason why Mega Man is blue.
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