Team Sweet

Erica the Seedrian, a speed type, with her friends/teammates Aqua the Guinea Pig (flight type, left) and Punk the Lucario (power type, right). Image shown is a recreation drawn by Disgustedorite to replace the original, as the original was in violation of this wiki's guidelines for being a recolor.

Here are some of Erica's relationships

Inside the Sonic Fanon

Official Sonic Characters

Erica doesn't associate with the official characters often. Most of her friends are Sonic fan characters or not in the Sonic fandom.

Fan Characters

Team Sweet

Team Sweet is Erica's team. They consist of her, Punk the Lucario, and Aqua the Guinea Pig. She is Punk's best friend, but Aqua sometimes has a hard time getting along with either of them.

Team Canine

Team Canine contains Akira the Chihuahua, Dale the Pug, and Brok the Husky. She is thought to have somewhat a crush on Dale, but this is not fully proven. Until then, she is considered single.

Team Fantasy

Team Fantasy is M.G. the Goose, Cow the Hedgehog, and Serenity the Mew. Erica is very close to Serenity and M.G.

Other's Fan Characters

Erica's favorite fan characters who do NOT belong to me are Nora Kouba, Spike the Fox and Friends, Jess the Echidna and Friends and Kay the Lion. They are some of the most creative and funniest people she's ever seen.

Outside the Fandom

Erica is a fan of other games, too. She is even a fangirl of some characters (don't worry, she's not actually dating them, she's just being a fan). She is also good at helping her friends outside of the fandom.


Erica is a friend of Buddy from the MS series. She's been acquainted to Yuki, Goth Boy, and Treona (my FC). She is somewhat of a Buddy fangirl.

Legend of Zelda

Erica is one of Link's best friends. While in Hyrule, Erica is very loyal to Princess Zelda. She's also fond of Midna. Link is sometimes used as a test dummy for some situations (such as a made-up show called Lie Detectors, where she and her crew figure out the truths and lies of video games, in a style similar to Myth Busters). She thinks Toon Link is cute.


Erica is friends with Ash Ketchum, as well of three anthropomorphic Pokémon: Mona the Hitmonchan, Starla the Jynx, and Sparkle the Vaporeon (the "Poke-Anthros" are NOT Sonic style). Erica is a bit of an Ash Ketchum fangirl.

PaRappa the Rapper

Erica is PaRappa's friend. She also sings backup for him sometimes. She thinks PaRappa's cute.

Normal Boots Reviewers

They aren't really VG characters, nor is Erica really their friend, but Erica is a fan of PeanutButterGamer and The Completionist. She would be a fan of Did You Know Gaming?, if there were more videos.

(Please Note: Please refrian from calling Erica a "Mary-Sue", "Ripoff", "Copycat", "Indecisive", or anything offensive involving her role, physical appearance, originality, or personality. It's MY character, and if I want her to be a low-maintenance, fandom-traveling, butt-kicking, not-very-girly-at-all Seedrian, then that's what she'll be!! Also, try to refrain from using cuss words. I REALLY don't like cuss words.)

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