Erica Sakura's Sweet Adventures, known in Japan as Erica Sakura! Kid of the Toons (エリカさくら!トゥーンズの'キッド, Erika Sakura! To~ūnzu no Kiddo) and Erica Sakura: Adventures in Cartoons in Europe, is a Japanese-American cartoon about Erica Sakura, a fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog character. The show is rated TV-PG and premiered in 2014. It is primarily an animated comedy. Most areas air the show on Cartoon Network.


Erica Sakura, a Sonic fan character, lives in a city devoted to animation and games. She lives with her best friends/roommates Aqua and Punk, and has an enemy named Dr. Scavenger who uses robo-minions to do her bidding. She also likes visiting the worlds of other cartoons that are located in Toon City. The shows features Erica visiting these places, as well as foiling the plans of Scavenger and her minions...If they don't foil themselves, that is.

Main Cast



Voice Cast

Character English Japanese
Erica Sakura Veronica Taylor Mayumi Tanaka
Punk the Pikachu Lisa Ortiz Megumi Ogata
Aqua the Guinea Pig Rachael Lillis Keiko Toda
Ichigo the Ladybug Melissa Fahn Rica Matsumoto
Tesla Anima Candi Milo Mayumi Tanaka
Dr. Janice Scavenger Jaleel White Kujira
Veronica Vulture Rob Paulsen Akeno Watanabe
Bruno Cree Summer Romi Park
Gogo Lee Tockar Kappei Yamaguchi
Sheldon Lisa Ortiz Ikue Ohtani

Program History

United States

  • Cartoon Network


  • Cartoon Network


  • YTV


  • Cartoon Network


  • Canal 13

United Kingdom

  • Cartoon Network


  • Cartoon Network

New Zealand

  • TV 2


  • K-2
  • Rai 1

South Korea

  • JEI


  • 2x2

Hong Kong

  • TVB Jade


  • Cartoon Network


  • Cartoon Network


  • Neox
  • Disney XD


  • CCTV-1

Theme Songs

  • English Opening-"Erica Sakura Theme" by Veronica Taylor
  • English Ending-"Erica Sakura Theme (Reprise)" by Veronica Taylor
  • Japanese Opening-"Urei" by Puffy AmiYumi
  • Japanese Ending-"Laugh After Pain" by Motoko Kumai


  • The songs "Urei" and "Laugh After Pain" were reused from the Erica Sakura anime for the Japanese release.
  • Unlike the Erica Sakura anime, this series is a cartoon made primarily in America, but with some collaberation with Japan.
  • The show airs on Cartoon Network in most areas; most characters from actual western cartoons will be from Cartoon Network, and references involving western animation will allude to Cartoon Network cartoons.
    • Some spoken references may be altered depending on the area, although visual references and cameos will remain.
    • One of the recurring Cartoon Network-based gags is Erica laughing in the same pattern as Mandark when being mischievous. She also tends to use the word "yo" in a manner similar to Irwin.
  • Unlike the anime, the voices of Tesla, Veronica, and Spark remain the same in the British version of the show.
  • Other fan characters created by YoungOtakuNerd appear in the series, but are not counted as major characters.
  • Both the main protagonists and antagonists seem to invoke a "Reverse Smurfette Principle"; whereas the Smurfette Principle refers to a team or cast consisting mostly of male characters with few females, both the sides of good and evil in this series consists of mostly female teams, with Ichigo (a protagonist), Gogo (an antagonist), and Sheldon (another antagonist) as the "token guys" (not including minor male characters).
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