Erica Sakura's Game World (エリカさくらのゲームワールド, Erika Sakura no Gēmu Wārudo), sometimes shortened to Game World, is a video game-based crossover fan game. It stars Sonic fan character Erica Sakura. It is rated T for mild suggestive themes, cartoon violence, mild crude humor, and mild language. The game is for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.
Erica Sakura's Game World

The logo for the game, created by Nikki-Kaji.


Erica Sakura is a fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog character living with her other Sonic FC roomates. Unfortunately, she's about to be in a serious predicament; some of the most notorius, infamous video game villains have joined forces to try to take over Game World and ruin the lives of their enemies. Now, Erica must team up with the greatest heroes, anti-heroes, and neutral characters in gaming! Can she take down the video game villains?



Sonic Fan Characters

Official Sonic Characters

Mario Characters

Zelda Characters

Crash Bandicoot Characters

MySims Characters

EarthBound Characters

Kirby Characters

Sly Cooper Characters

Pokemon Characters

Other Characters

(Nikki and Neo Tranquil do not belong to YoungOtakuNerd; they belong to Nikki-Kaji and Neoexlucky. They can only be accessed via code (see below) when the "Code" option is selected.)



  • Video Square (Main District)
  • Green Hill Zone (Sonic District)
  • Peach's Castle (Mario District)
  • Hylian Forest (Zelda District)
  • Wumpa Island (Crash Bandicoot District)
  • Sim Town (MySims District)
  • Fourside (EarthBound District)
  • Cappy Town (Kirby District)
  • PaRappa Town (PaRappa District)
  • Decaying Video Square (Main District)

Boss Battles

Dr. Eggman

  • Area: Green Hill Zone-Act 2
  • Assists: Mephiles the Dark
  • Best Character to Use: Erica, Punk, Aqua, Veil, Palette, Pixel, Nikki, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Tails, Amy

Dr. Wily

  • Area: Video Square-Act 2
  • Assists: N/A
  • Best Character to Use: Erica, Punk, Veil, Nikki, Mega Man


  • Area: Sim Town-Act 2
  • Assists: Morcubus
  • Best Character to Use: Erica, Palette, Pixel, Nikki, Buddy, Goth Boy, Yuki, Vic

Uka Uka

  • Area: Wumpa Island-Act 2
  • Assists: Dr. Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex
  • Best Character to Use: Aqua, Nikki, Crash, Coco, PaRappa


  • Area: Hylian Forest-Act 2
  • Assists: N/A
  • Best Character to Use: Erica, Punk, Veil, Nikki, Link, Zelda, Meta Knight


  • Area: Peach's Castle-Act 2
  • Assists: Bowser Jr., Koopalings
  • Best Character to Use: Erica, Punk, Nikki, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Geno, DK, Yoshi

Ultimate Mecha

  • Area: Fourside-Act 2, Cappy Town-Act 2, PaRappa Town-Act 2, Decaying Video Square-Acts 2 and 3
  • Assists: N/A
  • Best Character to Use: Any Character


Video Square

  • Right There, Ride On-Act 1
  • Simple and Clean (Rising Sun Rock Remix)-Act 2

Green Hill Zone

  • Knight of the Wind-Act 1
  • Endless Possibilities-Act 2

Peach's Castle

  • Super Mario Bros. Theme-Act 1
  • Mona Pizza's Song-Act 2

Hylian Forest

  • Midna's Lament-Act 1
  • Kakoriko Village-Act 2

Wumpa Island

  • Crash Bandicoot Theme (Japanese/English)-Both Acts

Sim Town

  • MySims Agents Theme-Both Acts


  • Mother 3 Love Theme-Act 1
  • Wisdom of the World-Act 2

Cappy Town

  • Gourmet Race-Act 1
  • Butter Building-Act 2

PaRappa Town

  • PaRappa the Rapper Theme-Act 1
  • School Girl-Act 2

Decaying Video Square

  • Seven Rings in Hand-Act 1
  • Fight the Knight-Act 2
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl Theme-Act 3


Currency (Extra Points)

  • Dream Coins-Video Square, Wumpa Island, Cappy Town, and Decaying Video Square
  • Rings-Green Hill Zone
  • Coins-Peach's Castle
  • Rupees-Hylian Forest
  • Simolians-Sim Town
  • Dollars-Fourside and PaRappa Town

Health Regeneration

  • Food-Video Square, Green Hill Zone, Peach's Castle, Sim Town, Fourside, Cappy Town, PaRappa Town, and Decaying Video Square
  • Hearts/Heart Containers-Hylian Forest
  • Wumpa Fruit-Wumpa Island

1-Up Central

At 1-Up Central, you can use the types of currency you come across to buy various video games. Here's how currency coresponds with the games you can purchase.:

  • Dream Coins-Crash Bandicoot, Crash Tag Team Racing, Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby Superstar Ultra, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Colossem, Digimon Rumble Arena
  • Rings-Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations
  • Coins-Super Mario Strikers, Mario Kart 7, Super Princess Peach, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • Rupees-Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Simolians-MySims, MySims Party, MySims Kingdom, MySims Agents
  • Dollars-EarthBound, PaRappa the Rapper, PaRappa the Rapper 2, UmJammer Lammy

When you buy a game, you can view it in your collection. When viewing a game, you will be given a gist of game, and the systems in which the game can be played on will be listed. Each game must be purchased in order to achieve 100% completion.

You can also interact with other characters, who will be hanging out in the store, in the back room, and outside of the building.


During Gameplay

As you progress, various characters will be unlocked. The will be unlocked based on the upcoming playable areas. You will also be able to unlock various games that can be bought at 1-Up Central. You can also replay various cutscenes.

After Gameplay

After finishing the game, you will be given a personal message of Erica and co. that (from Erica's point of view) says "Thanks for playing my game!". You will also be able to play each stage, however each character will have an equal chance of success instead of just the recommended characters.

If you finish the game with 100% (meaning that you played the whole game with all characters, as well as purchased all of the video games), you will be given the chance to recieve a free copy of Erica Sakura's Game World at 1-Up Central. Receiving this game will allow you to see two previews of the game, as well as a video of Erica telling more about herself (all three of these videos can be viewed in the "Cutscenes" option).


At the start screen, if you select the "Code" option and type in the code "NIKKELL", you will be able to play as Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog. If you type in the code "TRANQUIL", you will unlock Neo Tranquil the Fox. (Unlocking Nikki and Neo Tranquil is a requirement for achieving 100% completion.)


New Game

You can start a new game and save it to 1 of 6 slots.

Load Game

You can pick up where you left off in a saved game.


You can choose which language you want the game's dialogue to be in, as well as the language of the subtitles. You can choose between Japanese, English, and the language coresponding with the country in which the game is obtained. If the country is Japan or an English-speaking country, you will choose between English and Japanese only.


You can view various cutscenes and other videos after they are unlocked.


You can type in codes to unlock secret characters.


  • Porky Minch, King Dedede, Escargoon, and Team Rocket (Jessie, James, and Meowth), despite being antagonists in their own games, are protagonists in this game. This is mostly because some people, including YoungOtakuNerd, don't see them as true villains.
  • The two Main District areas (Video Square and Decaying Video Square) use music from other games. This is because, being the neutral area amongst the others in Game World, it doesn't relate to any specific game.
    • Most of the music in these areas comes from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, as Erica and co. are Sonic fan characters that live in the Main District.
  • Decaying Video Square is the only area to have three acts.
  • Some characters come from the anime of their respective games rather than the games themselves.
  • PaRappa is the only character (other than Erica and her friends) who is considered one of the best characters to use in an area other than his own (not counting the Main District areas).
  • Some characters are only considered the best to use during the Ultimate Mecha boss battles.
  • The only area in which Erica is not considered one of the best characters to use is Wumpa Island.
  • The Ultimate Mecha has a total of four boss battles, giving it the most boss battles out of any boss.
  • The Food power-up is the most commonly found health regeneration power-up.
    • Dream Coins are the most commonly found currency power-up.
  • The fact that you can receive a copy of Erica Sakura's Game World within the game itself is a nod to Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door; at one point, a Toad in Petalsburg will tell you that he's played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
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